Al Gore Countdown – Are you fried yet?

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Ten years ago today, Al Gore said that we had ten years to save the planet, according to Rush Limbaugh. If we didn’t, “life on earth would be totally unlike it was ten years ago.”

“Well, here we are ten years later, and nothing’s changed,” says Rush. “It isn’t any hotter than it was.”

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14 thoughts on “Al Gore Countdown – Are you fried yet?”

  1. Al Gore has a sophisticated means of proving himself an *ssh*le. By comparison, Joe Biden is very mundane.

  2. Robert, stick to ICE AGE phenomena because Independents and some democrats don’t subscribe to global warming…how ever we are against pollution. Thanks

    1. CO2 isn’t a pollutant, its a by product of the chemical reaction of the majority of life on this planet, where O2 is burnt with Sugars to produce energy, and has been for most life on this world since it gained an atmosphere with a significant O2 content.

      The real pollutant is the corruption of science by a Gaia belief system, which doesn’t accept that our variable star plays a much more significant role in the climate of the World. Instead it has hoodwinked the world into crashing the economy back into the Bronze Age well before the next Ice age starts for real.

      Hopefully, the world will warm another 2C, because I’m fed up of freezing my nuts off in the UK at a miserable cloudy wet 12C for most of the year.

  3. It may be as warm in the tropical regions, subject to careful editing of the land based temperature sensors, and even more careful exclusion of satellite records.
    But, the Polar and Temperate zones are cooling rapidly as the climate effects of the Solar Minimum progress over the next 20 years. The IPCC is wrong, the Sun plays a massive role with Solar Forcing of the worlds climate, with Geo Thermal providing the rest, man’s emissions are simply being mopped up as planet food.

    You cannot have a verifiable worldwide average temperature for the whole of the planet, which has six separate temperature zones, a 23 degree seasonal tilt and two day- light/night zones in a 24 hrs period, and major climate heat transfer engines like El Nino, La Nina, PDO, NAO, and the ocean temperature conveyor and many others.

    1. This summer here in south east Queensland has not had any unusual daytime maximum temperatures – in fact I’d say the daytime maximums are down if not average.

      But 27 C at midnight last night is a bit more like Singapore than here.

      Despite this we’ve hardly run our air conditioners – only to cool down inside to sleep. 27 plus humidity isn’t really comfortable for night.

  4. NOAA says the average global temp is now about 60.4 degrees, whopping hot. It’s warmed about 1 degree since 1880, and NOAA projects 1.13 degrees warming by 2115, it’s expected to hit a sweltering high of 61.5 degrees by then! . . . catastrophic global warming at the alarming rate of 0.01 degree per year!

    Usually when it drops to 61 degrees in the house I turn on the heater.

  5. But of course it hasn’t changed. Al Gore just got rich off the hysteria that the alarmists just as himself created.

  6. Yeaugh Gore the idiot the world over. Doesn’t look like the planet is hot enough to melt steal!! On the contrary, it’s snowing in Vietnam and tropical latitudes now lol

  7. Be fair to Al Gore !!
    He can’t get out of his mansion’s snowbound front door in Nashville , Tennessee , to do media interviews, at the moment ……………..BECAUSE POLAR BEARS ARE CIRCLING OUTSIDE HIS DOOR !!

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