Record snowfall in South Dakota and Nevada

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The snowstorm that disrupted travel across the Upper Midwest this week had already shattered records farther to the west.

The Rapid City Regional Airport, S.D., recorded a total of 12.4 inches. However, 7.7 inches of that snow fell before midnight, shattering Friday’s daily snowfall record of 4.1 inches set in 1985.

East Rapid City, S.D., set two daily snowfall records. The first on Friday when the 4.8 inches that fell exceeded the previous record of 3.7 inches from 1930.

Today’s record of 3.1 inches was surpassed by 12:45 p.m. when 4.5 inches was measured.

Farther to the west, the 3.4 inches that fell on Winnemucca, Nevada late Friday exceeded the previous daily snowfall record of 1.5 inches set in 1971.

See oOther snowfall totals from the storm here:

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One thought on “Record snowfall in South Dakota and Nevada”

  1. I visited the Rapid City area in early October. While there, I noticed that some of the major roads, including interstate 90, had crossing gates. They were similar to what you see at railroad crossings, but without any actual railroad tracks. The gates were accompanied by signs that said something like “If the gate is closed, exit the highway.” Having never seen anything like this in the eastern U.S., I wondered what their purpose could be, and eventually realized that the roads could become closed down due to snow. Looks like I might have been correct.

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