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As of 12:30 p.m. Monday, 32 inches of snow had fallen in the city, clogging roads and forcing city officials to declare a snow emergency. No unnecessary travel and no parking on roads so city crews can plow the streets.


Snow total map:

National Weather Service Totals:
   FULTON                32.5  1230 PM  1/30  CO-OP OBSERVER
   MINETTO               19.4   300 PM  1/30  COCORAHS
   SCRIBA                10.5   500 PM  1/30  TRAINED SPOTTER
   WEST MONROE            9.0   400 PM  1/30  TRAINED SPOTTER


Thanks to Ralph Fato for these links

An unconfirmed source told Jim Cantore at the Weather Channel that the snow was falling at the rate of 7 inches per hour, says Ralph.


3 Responses to Almost 3 Feet of snow in Fulton, NY in 24hrs

  1. Kyle says:

    Did they close schools and if so how long?

    How much snow does it take to close schools in the rural areas verses the city?

    I was shocked to find out on a forum that in the MidWest when it comes to snow emergencies there is a huge difference between being in a city vs rural community where the latter has blowing snow.

    In fact in the rural areas they have 100s of miles to plow and the snow will fall right on back to where they just plowed where in the cities I think there isn’t that wind issue.

  2. Kenneth Lund says:

    looks like the Gore Effect must be working pretty well ^_^

  3. Brad says:

    Lake effect snow on Steroids!!!

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