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Under -40 grader: Ekstrem kulde i Canada

Although Canadians are accustomed to cold winter weather, temperatures below -40 degrees are far from commonplace, says this Danish website.

Hendrickson Creek, Alberta, dropped to -41.4 degrees, a new cold record.

The coldest place in Canada over the past days was Teslin in the Yukon, which dropped to -44.0 degrees. The normal day tempoeratur in Teslin in January is -24 degrees.

See entire article (in Danish):

Thanks to Flemming Kjemtrup Sørensen in Denmark for this link


6 Responses to Record cold in Canada

  1. Loquamur says:

    Please note that -40 Celsius is identical to -40 Fahrenheit. Minus forty degrees is the same in degrees-F and degrees-C. The two scales happen to match precisely at that point…and only at that single value.

  2. Kenneth Lund says:

    is that in Celsius or Fahrenheit ? Thanks

  3. C. Peter Davis says:

    That would be Celsius. Canada went to the metric system way back in the 70’s.

  4. Jeff Anderson says:

    It is celsius. Denmark, as well as Canada, use the metric system.

  5. ES says:

    The temperatures in Canada are in Celsius.

    There were colder temperatures then -44. Watson Lake was -48, but it was that cold last year also. That temperature is still 10 degrees from it’s all time low. It’s cold but nothing unusual.

  6. Robert the Philippino says:

    I have lived through -65C in the middle of the night in Fort Francis, Ont, Canada. That was in 1995.
    In day time it was -45C and sunny at noon time for three days in the row!

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