European death toll rises to 480 – and counting

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150 cattle killed when roofs collapse under the weight of the snow. “It seems more like a war in Europe,” says Italian geologist Mirco Poletto.

Mirco sent the following information.

Rose to more than 480 death toll of the last ten days of bad weather in Europe, with Italy and the Balkans among the worst affected areas.

In Ukraine were 136 victims of the cold and the situation is getting worse with temperatures over the weekend expected to fall to 30 degrees below zero. 74 people have died in Poland, 24 in the Czech Republic, 23 in Lithuania, 10 in Latvia, 3 in Slovakia and one in Estonia. In Russia, where temperatures range from -22 to -34 degrees in Moscow in Yakut in eastern Siberia, the cold has killed at least 110 people since the beginning of the year, 46 in February.

Twenty-three victims in the southern Balkans, with over 70 000 people isolated in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro. In Romania, 41 people have died, while in Bulgaria there were eight deaths in the village of Bisser. The count of the dead rose to 16 in Hungary, Austria and France 5, Germany 4. In the western part of the continent, the most damage have occurred in Italy, with 40 deaths since Feb. 1.

At Forli, never so much snow in the last 100 years.

Even today fell short of the required gas supplies from Russia. At Tarvisio entry point of the pipeline that carries Russian gas to Italy, imports coming marked a decline of 13% over demand

The lack of domestic gas has blocked the paper mills of Lucca, fifteen companies with over 1,400 employees.

In Basilicata, the situation continues to worsen by the hour.

Serious disruption in the Vulture-Melfi, where the army is coming.

It snows without interruption in Potenza where school will reopen only next Monday.

In Calabria still inconvenience to the road communications and the lack of electricity and water.

In Cosentino there are some villages without electricity for four days as Mandatoriccio where the mayor has called for the dispatch of generators.

At Paludi, in the province of Cosenza, slaughter of cattle and sheep under the snow for the collapse of roofs of six warehouses. 150 heads of cattle have died.

Thanks to Mirco Poletto for this link

17 thoughts on “European death toll rises to 480 – and counting”

  1. We have had a very warm winter here in southern Ontario, several degrees above normal. Probably where the panic mongers say we will be in 50-100 years, it is quite pleasant, no heat deaths, less cold deaths.I think I like global warming better when it brings warmth, not cold.

  2. Just, checked the World weather clouds and Jetstreams map. There “maybe” a vortex forming in Hudson bay Canada! it appears to be sinking south in the lower 48 there is a Artic front Coming south,how strong,how far south,how cold,and how snowy it is “yet to be seen! Stay warm!!

  3. QuentinF says:
    February 9, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    The northern winters seem to be getting more cold. I guess the solar changes have really shifted those jet streams.

    Very true, I have posted a table of the atmospheric metrics that have influenced the “Great Winter Freeze of 2012” at the end of the following link.

  4. It ocurred to me while reading about the death toll
    in Europe, if the liberals here in America manage
    to raise the price of heating our homes to the
    point that many people cant afford and – die. Who
    is gonna be left to work and pay taxes to support
    all the welfare leeches????

    1. can I suggest a LOT of the dead are people who used to have jobs and homes, not tents and cars and vans, and their need for assistance to survive does NOT make all of them Leeches! The highest sufferers of cold may if lucky have a rented ROOM to heat not a home. Might be better to remember who IS NOT Paying fair Taxes…and it isnt the poor or the blue collar workers..its folks like Romney and the rest, Gates, the rest of the billionaires and all the banksters, who by the way are the ones profiting from high oil gas and food costs via shares or ownership of sales or supply.
      same mongrels invested heavily in all the green ecocarbon crap companies which just happen to be the reason fuel and coal etc is rising too.
      and then Sotero and his war machine, see it was ok to pay some stupid sum like 130 a gallon to get fuel INTO afghanistan when Pakis told em to rack off…
      but at home, hes using the EPA and over riding laws declaring Carbon a pollutant and admitting he fully intends to keep cutting your fuel supply.,

      1. Hey Exbuckeye, haven’t you heard? Obbummer is planning to take over ALL 401ks, IRA’s and other retirement monies, to bring up our global standing (credit rating ) up to #1 again. Check it out, I think I saw it on, or http://www.citizens for But don’t worry, it has a government gaurantee(sp) on it. Have a good day!

  5. Robert;

    Thanks for staying on top of this very important story. I doubt that the death count includes pensioners and the old and infirm who must choose between “eating or heating.” When it is cold you need calories of both kinds to stay healthy. I doubt this story is getting much play in the MSM, but I don’t know for sure since I stopped watching it years ago.

  6. The northern winters seem to be getting more cold. I guess the solar changes have really shifted those jet streams.

    1. I think its combination of low solar activity and volcanic gases .If we get too many volcanoes going off its gonna get “alot >colder” and many more lives will be stake worldwide!not just Europe.

      1. I agree. The solar activity drop is large, and overwhelms ocean heating caused by the increase in worldwide (mostly undersea) volcanic unrest. A Pinitabo class eruption now would drastically enhance the cold shift.

        What puzzles me is: What is causing the internal activity? If we have a worldwide increase in plate boundary earthquakes and volcanic activity, WHY?

        1. I can only <speculate' the earths increase in activity i.e earthquakes and volcanoes,has something to do with poleshifts or excursions.The dearth in of activity on the sun seems to increase on earth for reasons not 100% sure of.I can assume inactivty on the sun weakens our magnetic field,leaving it to be more influence when the sun briefly acts up with solar flares that skirt or hit our magnetosphere and tranfer the disturbance to the earths magnetic core,thus stirring up the upper mantle causing tectonic shifts and upheavals.

        2. I don’t know much either, but I had this idea a few weeks ago, while thinking about the increased volcanic activity, that a weakening of the Magnetosphere- as has been reported recently along with the drift of the north magnetic pole- could release some pressure that normally exists on the Mantle due its the interaction with Earth’s magnetic field.
          Then, the mantle which is normally forced (to some extent) to go around with the magnetic field due to Earth’s movement, would be left to go more “outward”, ie. in the radial direction, thus causing higher pressure on the plates in all directions… *and* more volcanic activity *everywhere* at the same time.
          The inspiration for this idea came from the following very interesting paper (“THE SOLAR WOLF-GLEISSBERG CYCLE AND ITS INFLUENCE ON THE

          EARTH”-Shahinaz M. Yousef-2000)

          where Yousef shows the existence of a correlation between periods of low irradiance from the Sun and *increased speed of the Sun’s photosphere*.
          I believe this makes sense because these magnetic fields and the plasma associated with them coexist in a self-consistent way (both creating each other at the same time). Then, a lesser field would imply less constraint to the motion of the plasma or manttle. In the case of Earth this would allow the mattle to “expand” due to centrifugal force.
          If this is at least partially correct the weakening of the magnetic fields of Earth and the Sun *simultaneously* could trigger the new Ice Age.

  7. I am wondering what the Weathermen were predicting before the onslaught of this cold and snow,and how long they expected it to last? They are forcasting a artic blast to hit the us in the lower 48 this weekend but they say it will be gone by midweek,nextweek!wonder if they are gonna be wrong!just like Europes original forcast!

    1. Hangin out at his ocean side home in San Diego. Ocean side home. Thought we were supposed to be inundated by now. Goes to show just how much he believes his own line of bull. He bought the home 3 years ago.

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