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“Romanian farmers – faced with up to 15 feet of snow in some areas this week – are concerned about their sheep, goats, horses and cows,” says this article in the Telegraph.

“One farmer said he dug his pigs out of the snow and brought them into his home.”

More than 650 people have died during record-breaking cold in Eastern Europe, as officials in the Czech Republic blamed a 100-car pile-up on blinding snow.

The “heaviest blizzards in recent memory” have pounded the region since the end of January, leaving “tens of thousands trapped in often-freezing homes and villages by walls of snow and unpassable roads.”

Residents worry that”their houses could collapse under the heavy snow as authorities struggle to bring them food, water, medicine and wood.”

In Romania, “some 23,000 people remain isolated in 225 eastern communities where more than one week of heavy snow has blocked roads and wreaked havoc on the rail network.”

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Note that the original headline – “Europe cold snap death toll tops 650 as 100-car pile-up is blamed on snow” – contains the words cold snap.”


14 Responses to European death toll tops 650 – Farmers concerned about their animals

  1. A “snap” is very, very quick. They don’t want us to realize that this weather has been here for many days, and will continue for a long time.

  2. TomO says:

    I don’t agree with the bandied definition of “cold snap.” Get over the choice of words, will you? I lived in Maine most of my life and a “cold snap” merely refers to an unusually quick cold change in the weather and really didn’t reflect duration. The “snap” is not like snapping your fingers, it’s like a significant change in the weather. So please leave the phrase alone. Concentrate on what is happening and don’t worry about the choice of words as they are legitimate in the way they are used.

    What we should be concentrating on here is the fact that this abrupt change in the weather caught thousands of people unprepared due to the bullshit they read in the media regarding global warming. This is merely the first wave! Wait to we see how many are found dead when they finally are able to dig all these poor people out! In the meantime, keep reading about the cold snap, it is real and it is happening, and it doesn’t matter how long it lasts, it matters how quick it happened – and how devastating it is to the people involved.

    • Laurel says:

      we are NOT being pedantic on the “cold snap”
      it is being used ON Purpose! to downplay and dismiss a real ongoing- near a month and to continue -(looking at Piers Corbyns excellent forecats services.)
      the verbiage used IS extremely important in this.
      its like the No Precedent claims made every warm week in summer by agw devouts.

      This too DOES have precedent, it was called the Maunder minimum( or the onset of it from the looks)
      yes it IS winter in the Nth hem, so cold and snow would be expected.(but not this degree of it)
      and yes as you say misleading claims by the no more snow fools is a Big Part of the UNpreparedness..and to cover their asses and explain the LACK of serious coverage anywhere BUT Europe, that coldsnap label is seriously misleading AND intended to be so!

  3. Mirco Poletto says:

    Just think some years ago world was concerned about S.A.R.S.. Pandemy killed about 916 people worldwide. Now only in Europe we have 650 deaths due to COLD!

    What’s worst?

  4. John Knowles says:

    For me the pattern of jet-stream blocking is the important part. If these convolutions are to become regular episodes of winter around the north we need to take steps to negate the effects of them.
    The cold in itself isn’t too much of an issue but when these super cold tongues of air push out of the polar regions deep into the moist Mid-Latitude Cell we see phenomenal snowfall along the front that forms between the two air masses.
    The snowfall is further S and deeper and more persistent than the 20ieth C norm.
    Interesting times.

  5. Robertvdl says:

    Queen Beatrix will have a lot of privacy this time during the winter holiday. The Queen arrived Saturday at the Austrian village of Lech and since then the roads became impassable because of heavy snowfall.


    Stupid, she knew what was coming. Global Cooling

    The 58th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Sitges, Spain 3 – 6 June 2010. The Conference will deal mainly with Financial Reform, Security, Cyber Technology, Energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, World Food Problem, Global Cooling, Social Networking, Medical Science, EU-US relations

    And it was not the first time.
    Royal family snowed in at Lech, Austria

  6. Robertvdl says:

    America also has problems with snow blizzards

    By now, it is clear that the Maine caucuses were a complete mess.

    Evidence is mounting that Mitt Romney’s 194-vote victory over Ron Paul was prematurely announced, if not totally wrong. Washington County canceled their caucus on Saturday on account of three inches of snow (hardly a blizzard by Maine standards), and other towns that scheduled their caucuses for this week have been left out of the vote count. Now, it looks like caucuses that did take place before Feb. 11 have also been left out of final tally.

    Land of the Free and Home of the Brave ?

  7. D-man says:

    There are entire gov’t agencies assigned to the titles of agencies, military missions, rescue missions, etc. Perception management is big business…don’t be fooled for a minute that “cold snap” is just a convenient word choice.

  8. william dugan says:

    Northern Britain to get a quick cold four two days that what cold snap is I agree are climate is going into big extremes of cold but look at Canada and Ireland still above normaly temps and us in Ireland is expecting to its warmest temperatures of 15c so at least not all the northern areas are effected by the dangerous extreme cold poor Europe yeah the is cooling but it must on hold here in Ireland and Canada my heart goes for every one who is trapped the extreme snow and ice

    • Igor says:

      Surprise,don’t think Canada is locked in an extreme winter this year,from west to eastcoast not even close,great lakes areas have micro climates,fruit belts,carolinian forests(trees) that should be hundreds of kms south of Canada. If this was last year I’d be icefishing 12kms out with my snowmobile on my favorite lake but not this year…using my boat still! Next year could be different,that’s climate…no doubt back to winter next year.

  9. Robertvdl says:

    UPDATE Dutch Royal family

    Prince Friso critically ill after being hit by avalanche while skiing

    The prince and three others were skiing off piste when they were hit by the avalanche

  10. Steven Rowlandson says:

    In Barrie ,Ontario people are for the most part blissfully unaware of all the bad weather in europe.. Does it take 4 to 6 meters of snow in a week to wake them up?

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