People cutting tunnels through 15 feet of snow to get out of their homes

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Romanian military has to rescue entire towns from deep freeze.

“Military planes and police helicopters flew in tons of emergency food to snowbound villages and ships in the Balkans on Monday, after blizzards so fierce that some people had to cut tunnels through 15 feet (4 meters) of snow to get out of their homes,” says this AP article.

Fifteen feet of snow! Stop and think about that. Fifteen feet of snow would bury the typical one-story house completely – including the roof. All you’d see is the chimney.

I just went outside and measured. Fifteen feet of snow would come almost to the top of the windows on the second floor of my house.

That would bury a train. That would bury a trailer truck on the freeway. How do you survive such an onslaught?

How many houses have collapsed and are now buried beneath that snow, along with the people inside?

How many barns have collapsed and are now buried beneath that snow, along with the animals inside?

I fear what we’ll discover when the snow melts.

“Since the end of January,” the article continues, “Eastern Europe has been pummeled by a record-breaking cold snap and the heaviest snowfall in recent memory. Hundreds of people have died in the bitter cold and tens of thousands have been trapped by blocked roads inside homes with little heat.”

“Cold snap”? Record-breaking cold is a “cold snap“?

I fear that the death toll could reach into the thousands.

I hope I’m wrong.

See entire article, originally entitled “Emergency food flown into stranded European towns”

Thanks to William Sellers for this link

“What’s stunning about all these European stories is the absolute mute silence of the American mainstream media,” says William.  “Their credibility’s at stake and they don’t even realize it; maybe if Whitney Houston had died in a snowdrift or such we’d hear more.”

15 thoughts on “People cutting tunnels through 15 feet of snow to get out of their homes”

  1. Chaps,
    i’m living in south western part of germany and we’ve seen a usual mild winter with now two weeks of temperature in two digits below zero. one inch of snow in total. Nothing I would declare as too cold or too warm.
    BUT YOU’RE ALL RIGHT, ALL MEDIA IS IGNORING THE (let’s call it) WEATHER SITUATION IN RUMANIA IS AS IT DOES NOT FIT IN THEIR “WARMING STRATEGY”. They’re in bed with the richest global families and its their strategies to make all our lives more expensive with the CO2 HOAX to expand their richness and power – unbelieveable.

  2. Wonder how the US would react to such snows? Denver getting 15 feet in 3 or 4 days. Salt Lake City snowed under. Seattle crushed under 2 meters of snow. Wonder if that would finally put the stake in the monster’s heart?

  3. may be they think they can ignore all this global warming(I mean snow) and keep us in the dark by continuing to talk about how warm the southeast is they think we are only watching them, thats all I can figure.

  4. Once again– it seems as if you’re not really important in this world if English is not your native language… Only Anglophone countries are worth reporting about…

      1. No, it just states that unless it deals with anglo climate it is irrelevant. Last year 20 million Pakistanis were homeless after floods. It was a tiny news story. Go figure.

    1. I suspect that it is not the language that the Western media are avoiding, but rather the conitive dissonance of people snowbound by “global warming”. Rest assured, if it was a heat wave they’d be all over this like ants on a lollypop!

  5. What they will report however is the massive floods when this snow melts – see look global warming again!

  6. I hurt thinking about all the people caught in this weather. I too fear death toll will be high. Few in the press have given this any attention. Americans are too busy texting across the table, facebooking, uploading new apps, and watching the Grammy’s to really care about disasters a “world” away. And yes, when something like this hits home, few will understand.

    1. I don’t know Calvin. I think alot of US citizens now get their news from the internet foreign websites. Of course. Newspaper sales are down in the US and most people I know do not watch TV. The MSM wants everyone to believe that we are watching American Idol, Super Bowl and the Kardashians but I don’t know anyone that even turns on the TV except my 87 year old father who watches Westerns all day long. No one trusts the MSM only the liberal sheeple. Praying for you and your country.

  7. In Australia there has been some mention of this but not as much as I would have expected – the photos of the frozen Venetian canals or the Danube are highly newsworthy but haven’t been shown much.

    If it had been fires during a heatwave the coverage would have been everywhere.

    We’ve had our own problems though – a cool summer with little resemblance to the summers of mosy of the 2000’s – ie cool and very wet as opposed to hot and dry.

    Flooding for at least the second year running though not as widespread as 2010/2011. However the flash flooding that has occurred has been dramatic.

    Just as that clown Viner said English children would not know what snow was in the near future we had our own “experts” saying our water storage dams would never be full again. We wasted billions on infrastructure that will likely never be used unless we have another decade or more of severe drought – a small percentage of that money could have flood proofed the towns west of Brisbane that have again been flooded and evacuated at least twice in 12 months.

    If La Nina conditions predominate over the coming decades as some solar scientists predict flooding rains will become the norm for Australia according to the historical record.

    1. In the same way that you do not hear about the cold in Europe, we hear nothing about the cold in Australia and New Zealand.
      Even China and Japan are not mentioned.
      They don’t even talk of Europe in Europe. Cold weather is silenced.

    2. Rosco, reading yesterday in SA news online.
      Adelaides so called bad tasting water???
      hell I remember whn you had to wait for the sedimen and bits to settle to drink it and if you made ice cubes they stank so bad you threw the drink away if you inhaled the pong before sipping it, its now heavy chem and crystal clear!
      SA and all other sates BUT Victoria have all had reasonable summer rains Vic. has had near Zip since before xmas. and thats supposed? to be a wetter state.
      they need to justify using the late- over budget and now UN Needed Desal plant thats cost multimillions and caused huge price hikes to everyone in the state regardless of it not even supplying most of said state!
      the blurb said how sth aussies could finally? have nice water.
      and the running cost of it?
      never ever mentioned either.

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