Tragedy unfolding in Europe – Is U.S. media trying to ignore it?

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“The cold snap in Europe, which began in late January, has killed hundreds and brought deep snow where it hasn’t been seen in decades,” says this article in the Seattle Times.

This should be front page news. Instead, the article doesn’t appear until page eight. And the title, “At least 3 killed in avalanche in Kosovo,” belies the seriousness of the situation. (The print version carries a different headline: “Cold snap, snow lock down Europe.”)

How about a headline that tells it like it is?

140,000 trapped by snow – Death toll rises past 550.

That headline would give readers a glimpse of what’s really happening in Europe, where snow drifts reaching above the rooftops have kept tens of thousands of villagers prisoners in their own homes.

Now, I’ll admit that once you get past the ho-hum headline and down to the third paragraph, the Seattle Times article gets to the harsh truth.

You learn that in Montenegro, “the heaviest snow in 63 years sealed off hundreds of villages, shut down roads and railways and closed the main airport.” And you learn that “It was the biggest snowfall in the capital since 1949.”

You also learn that “boat traffic on the frozen Danube river — one of Europe’s key waterways — has been unable to move for the longest time in recent memory.” (Italics added.)

The rest of the article is quite informative, and I appreciate that.

But it’s that “cold snap” thing that bugs me.

Did all of the world’s journalists go to “cold snap” school?

If temperatures go up by a hundredth of a degree they scream “global warming.” But if, heaven forbid, it’s record cold and record snow? “Well, let’s just call it a cold snap.”

Would you call it a “cold snap” when more than 100 vessels become trapped in icy waters of the Sea of Azov? That’s what Reuters called it. “A fierce cold snap with temperatures of about -25C (-13 F) caused large parts of the Azov Sea to freeze,” said Reuters.

Would you call it a “cold snap” when more than 2,000 roads in Turkey are blocked by heavy snows? That’s what the Google News headline announced. The article itself was very good, speaking of brutal cold and record low temperatures, but – “cold snap”?

Would you call it a “cold snap” when people have to cut tunnels through 15 feet of snow to get out of their homes? “Eastern Europe has been pummeled by a record-breaking cold snap,” says this otherwise great AP article.

Look at these headlines. Are these the result of a “cold snap”?

No, this is no mere cold snap. There’s a tragedy unfolding in Europe, and the world needs to know.

Please forward this article to everyone you can.

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  1. read edgar casey you might just find he might have hit a few nails on the head just not 100 percent accurate. he predicted this. I think it just like he saw.

  2. Give us all a break you “Global Warming” religion cranks! Trying to convince us that record cold is really global warming is just a sick joke. Go and do something useful, help someone who is suffering from the extreme cold.

  3. The cessation of the Loop Current brought on the ‘chill for Europe’ condition. Review last year’s and and for scientifically based analysis considering data instead of esoteric words to predict this disaster. Homework, kids. Blowing up that oilwell was a stupid thing to do, and it still leaks badly. Time to dump the queen’s wizards.

    1. Just for the record. I think that B.P. oil spill was horrible. I also think it has nothing to do with the record low temperatures and record snowfall in Europe. That’s just another way to blame humans for a natural occurrence. It’s a cycle, it’s a cycle, it’s a cycle.

  4. Of course Obama is brown nosing the CFRtv and its master, the Rothschild/British royal alliance. Obama’s only skill is brown nosing nd following orders. The oil well in the GoM at the maconda Prospect was not supposed to jam up the Loop Current, which feeds temperature and velocity into the Gulfstream, which inturn warms the North Atlantic Current and thus, western Europe. Obama brown nosed the perps and now is covering for them after the weather change is freezing Europe. Obama is total puppet, without any identity beyond his calling himself the president.

  5. some bad information here.The reason for the warm and snowless winter if the Eastern third of the Conusa this winter isnt because of global warming.But is in fact caused by natrul phases such as the NAO,AO and the MJO.All of these phases which were in the faver phase for major cold and snows the last few winters.Were completey in the oppersite phases this winter.And in turn was the causes for the None winter like pattern for most of the conusa this winter.Even in an over all cold periold there will be some winters like this year that tend to be warm and not very snowey in the conusa.Perhaps the winter inbetween the cold and snowey winters of the last few years and the winters that our upcoming.The year to year exstreams that Robert has talked about when your in the mist of a changeing state of a climate trend.

  6. Could these colder winters (and they seem to be getting worse each year) in the Northern Hemisphere be caused by a breakdown of the thermohaline circulation? Isn’t such a breakdown a direct result of global warming?

    1. To: Le blogeur gai
      Fm: PJ Clarke
      Subj: Slowdown of the thermohaline circulation.
      Memo: The breakdown of the thermohaline circulation is caused by a slowdown of the gulf stream, which causes a slow down of the North Atlantic Drift Current. A slowdown of this current by itself can cause the begining of a new ice age. With the PDO and the NAO both entering their multi-decadal cooling phase, the increase of high level volcanic activity and the decrease of solar activity we may have the elements of a climatic perfect storm brewing, evidenced by the severe cold Europe is experiencing at this time. The four major factors controling climate on earth are: The Sun, cloud cover, ocean currents, and high level volcanic activity. Co2 accounts for just 1/10th of one per-cent of the earth’s atmosphere, water vapor compromising about 90 per-cent. Will have to see how the climate scenario plays out over the next few years, but I predict that it will get colder not warmer, as the nature of weather/climate change is cyclical, and not driven by man made scenarios. Read the Manhattan Declaration for further enlightenment.

  7. Lots of trolls on your website lately Robert, a sure sign your message is getting out there. Keep up the good work!

  8. Jeez, the nuthouse was let out and a lot of them came here to comment!
    (Hope you don’t mind, I reposted and linked to this article for the AGW idjits on another site).

    1. Complete and utter rubbish.

      Climate change denial is simply an unwillingness to compromise one’s currently excessive lifestyle, preferring instead to rob the future of current and future generations to pay for today’s excesses.

      It’s also referred to as GREED!

  9. This was all foretold. Personally, I began to notice the changes in both earth and moon orbits back in 2006/2007.

    Google: Huge Media Blackout

    Click on the first link and see what is REALLY going on. Below the article towards the bottom of the comments section you will see I have posted various links that are a drop in the bucket compared to the growing avalanche (pun intended) of data which proves both earth and the moon’s orbits have changed.

    Read Luke 21:25-28

    Christ is not far away!

    Blessings dear readers, in Christ!

    1. In orbital mechanics this phenomenon is called precession of the equinoxes,types of motions that deal with torque,earths axis position,gravity of our sun and moon tugging on earth,its just physics. Stranger yet planet venus rotates opposite direction of other planets and neptune seems like its been tipped over,Saturns rings now that’s something. How about this info…pre internet(1970s)britanica brain candy…planet X! Long story short,something many masses our outer planets…seems to effect orbits of pluto,neptune and last, halleys comet!If ya want more brain candy read up on Comets(electric universe theory)They don’t know what the frig they are!A dirty ball of ice,absolute B.S.!

        1. Forgot to edit,was aware of my misprint thx glad my reply post was read. Whatever?messed up uranus axis and tugs on neptune and pluto,if at all is a bigger mystery than a earth,moon orbital anomoly. Have read that South Pole Telescope was built in a short time after the mention of a possible brown dwarf(plant x)lurking outer regions of our system!

  10. I do really think we have TWO to FOUR different things going on!
    1- is the North Atlantic current effected by the B.P.OIL SPILL which I hear is STILL FLOWING!

    1. Cindy has it right. The droughts, the floods, etc. There are other factors, but the oil in the Gulf is the primary cause of all the climate changes. This vid will explain it much better than I. It has 3 parts, please watch them all, then go to his site and see in real time what has happened to the Gulf current that USED to warm Europe. The absence of the warm Gulf Stream has effected the jet stream.. Just watch the vids.

    2. 1. No, the B.P. oil spill is not still flowing, if it were, there would still be a bunch of FRESH oil floating around in the Gulf of Mexico, and there isn’t. Furthermore, the effects of an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have little to no chance of changing any conditions whatsoever in the North Atlantic.

      2. We can’t even figure out what all of the variables are which control weather and climate, and we certainly cannot control 99.999% of those variables, so good luck with weather as a weapon.

      3. The ozone hole in the arctic is not new. The Arctic ozone hole is very small when the AMO is positive (as it has been for the last 30 years) and it grows when the AMO is negative (as it is now). Nothing new here. Think back to 1978 or so with the -50C Temperatures in large swaths of North America and in parts of Europe and Asia.

      4. Possible weather experiments of what nature? Do you have any details or is this merely speculation backed up by a complete lack of any facts or evidence?

  11. Went back to school to get a good paying job. Wrote a paper on Global warming . No conclsive evidence from carbon emmisions that it is causing global warming. The earth has gone through many heating and cooling cycles throughout it history. By the way 5 books 5 scholarly journals and 5 journals of opinion for my sources. bogus info from far left social engineers.

  12. As an ex-professional weatherman, can I say that the current European cold spell is no more an aspect of unusual climatic events than was the exceptionally warm winter experienced in Canada, Greenland and the Arctic in 2009-10. ( see global monthly temperature anomalies – ). But, merely “normal” climatic seasonal variation.
    Warming of the Earth’s climate ( for whatever reason ) will make the jet stream weaker/more meandering in general – allowing tropical air further north and polar air further south ( in the NH ). That coupled with large land masses, will occasionally give extreme cold in winter when the Polar vortex becomes disrupted ( less west-east ) movement air. So despite a mild Dec & Jan this winter in northern Europe – Siberian air did feed west under a large high eventually. This is not the film “The day after tomorrow” – there’s only so much heat/cold in reservoir around the globe and added together there’s barely any anomally. In short 10 inches of snow in your back garden is no more indicative of no warming than is a steaming summer of 2003 in Europe of it. The clue is in the word “Global”. Even “Europe” and “Canada” are only local to the Earth. The oceans amount to 70% of it and temps there must also be added in.
    The media like any extreme, be it hot or cold, and I have personally been aware from them early on that there was severe cold weather over the other side of the North Sea.

  13. Did we all forget about the BP oil spill??? And the oil that made it’s way up our eastern coast of the U.S.

  14. Regarding wheatgrowing in the drought in the SW US and Texas. There has been so little rain in Arizona that I have seen cactus shrivel and die. In Texas the blazing heat has been coupled with far less than the 10-12 inches of rain needed to grow wheat or anything else. In the US we do grow wheat with 10-12 inches of rain a year, but we don’t when it is .10-.12 inches of rain.

  15. For years a large proportion of climate scientists have warned that warming of the earth’s atmosphere will cause more extremes more often, both warm extremes and cold extremes. It’s a normal occurrence when additional energy is added or retained by a chaotic system (such as earth’s atmosphere). Why is that so difficult for most media and people to understand?

    1. Grinx – It looks like you’ve bought into the lie. If global warming can cause global cooling, does it work the other way? Can global cooling cause global warming?

    2. Grinx, adding the inert gas CO2 to the system doesn’t “add energy” to the system in any way whatsoever. That would violate the laws of thermodynamics.

  16. How about weather warfare being waged on Europe by Russia. It would also tie up NATO ground forces if a conventional attact and takeover began. Remember, Russian and Chinese built their military equipment to function and maneuver under extreme conditions. Russia has deployed a task force naval fleet to the soft underbelly of Europe to supposedly intervene in Syria., etc. Russia is well along in their planning!

  17. It is the photo journalists who are capturing the magnitude of the severe weather in Europe and the human suffering. LA Times has excellent pics. NY Times. Most folks take their info thru pics and video with short captions. Guess that is how it will finally drift around. It’s more than ruining one’s travel plans, as we well know.

  18. You don’t get it. We don’t care about a few people (550) dying of cold or related structural problems. We just don’t care so get over it. If the radiation problem in Japan, the worst in the history of the planet, is not making headlines, then don’t expect cold weather to do so. We’re too busy admiring Newt’s plastic wife.

  19. So why are you reading/watching “mainstream” media news? It’s TOTALLY WORTHLESS. Nothing but LIE piled upon LIE. Their favorite trick is to IGNORE or bury a story THEY don’t want to be heard. Like Ron Paul.

    It’s the JEWISH/ZIONIST view of the world that bears little resemblance to reality.

  20. Pat Mitchell hit on it. The gulf stream in the Gulf of Mexico has broken & stalled. This gulf stream used to go up the east coast of the U.S. and the moved nort-east and became the Alantic Drift which kept northern Europe warm. -“The concern now is whether or not natural processes can re-establish the stalled Loop Current. If not, we could begin to see global crop failures as early as 2011.” Just Google “Gul;f Stream Stalled”. You won’t find anything more about it after 2010.

  21. You guys don’t understand what ‘global warming’ really means: “catastrophic climate change”. Some places will have unbearable heat (Texas, Arizona) , other places , like Europe now, will have catastrophic cold and snow.

    1. That is exactly NOT what we were all told it meant. Enough with the disinformation. We were told “warming” meant “warming” as in melted polar ice caps, island nations under water (stayed in a Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha skyscraper on the Gulf, lately?), glaciers worldwide gone, no rainfall for any agriculture, vast forest-fires & deserts taking over Tucson, Phoenix, etc (been to Hemosillo, Mex lately?)

      Enough with the semantics, we’ve all read Orwell.

    2. Drew,

      You don’t understand natural, chaotic, cyclical systems such as climate at all, do you? What do they teach people in school these days? Obviously not anything resembling actual science. As the world grows steadily more scientifically illiterate, we will descend back into the dark ages. That is FAR more scary than any supposed influence we have on climate!

  22. The people of Europe should realize anywhere near a flood zone they better haul arse as soon as they can, because you just know lower parts will flood. Dams will break and take out whole towns.
    When this Summer is hot and no rain and crops are not grown, then you could realize that they are controlling the weather. They could make it a drought in the NOrthern hemisphere and crops will not be harvested.

  23. 550? Huh! It’s probably killed in the many thousands. I mean, come on! Not that we’ll ever know the real total.

  24. If the story doesn’t fit the “we must create a global bureaucracy to tax us for the fight against global warming” -then it won’t be reported.
    If Europe was suffereing under higher than average temps, the media (and AL Gore) would hyperventilate how it mst be global warming.

  25. Crooked governments spending billions promoting and “preventing” the fraud that is global warming, so-called scientists falsifying data to prop up the same baseless claim, and slick environmentalistas pocketing cash like a drug dealer on a busy corner. Money that should be spent on preparation and awareness of the coming and much more deasdly cold is being stolen by those with the nefarious agenda of one world socialism. It’s happenning in Europe now, people are dying, it will get worse…

    1. Brian,
      Do yourself a favor and stop reading and listening to the bs that FoxNews spits out.
      By the way, I’m a life-long libertarian conservative. I just know bs when I see it. Global warming is a definite fact. The Artic ice recession in the last 50 years in now measured in hundreds of miles. No lies from fruitcake commenators can change that.

      1. Rick, it isn’t a liberal/conservative issue it’s a fraud/fact issue. I happen to believe the facts I have studied (I DONT watch TV news, any of it)and disbelieve the fantasy coming out of the IPCC. Please do yourself a favor and study the history of this planet, because the history tells us what will happen next. Its a cycle, a cycle, a cycle. So perhaps Rick you choose to believe those who say the slight trace of a trace atmospheric gas that humans create as a byproduct of simply being alive is going to wildly change the climate of the planet, I do not. Look to the history Rick, see the passing of ice ages dating through the millennia. There has never been runaway global warming on the Earth Rick, not once. Had there been we would be Venus, a world doomed to its fate because it was just a little too close to that massive ball of gas that drives ALL activity in this solar system, yes even including the Earth’s ice ages. 98% of all life that has ever lived on this planet has gone extinct, and so will we puny humans…

          1. I know, Venus has always been hot, I was referring to it being hot there because of its orbit being too close to the sun. There is no runaway warming on Earth either…

      2. Brian, you claim to recognize lies so easily, and then you write a bunch of your own down… clearly without recognizing them as such!

        No sane person argues that from 1979 to 2007 arctic ice area got significantly smaller… I would certainly have expected it to! In 1979, the AMO and PDO went positive after a long duration of being negative. Solar activity, which was fairly low in the 1960s and 1970s increased in the 1980s and increased dramatically in the 1990s. Apparently you would expect with all of those changes, global temperatures should have remained CONSTANT? Gee, I hope you have more sense than that! More solar activity, positive PDO and AMO, ALWAYS results in higher temperatures, period.

        Oh, and by the way, solar activity is now on a down-trend, and projections show a Dalton or Maunder type minimum coming within the next 50-60 years. The AMO and PDO have turned negative again as well.

        Enjoy the warmth while you can, it may be 30-50 years or more before it comes back!

        1. Sorry, Brian was one of the ones being logical. I meant to single out Rick as the one who needed to be corrected. My apologies Brian!

    2. Al Gore and many of the CAGW Tycoons are buying up equatorial land in South America and Africa. Why? Because when the “cold snap” comes (next little or big ice age) comes, and they know it is coming soon, THEY will own what will be the best farmland, and THEY will be able to set food prices for the world!

      They know good and well global warming is (and has always been) part of a perfectly natural cyclical process, and they also know that the next Dalton or Maunder type event is on the horizon, so they are preparing by trying to form global government and control the global food supply. Shouldn’t surprise anyone, but should scare the hell out of any of us who are smart enough to see what they are doing.

  26. I live in the northern climes, and a “cold snap” is a 3-7 day event with temps well below freezing. It might freeze our lakes, but the rivers keep flowing.

    As for the US media, it is a sad joke. Catering to permanently indebted mediots swiping their plastic on pointless entertainment.

    I actually long for a catastrophic event. It will prove Darwin right. The Mediots will be the first to go. I will not miss their annoying presence.

    1. Is the U.S. government (and most governments on Earth) not an ongoing catastrophic event? Dem. and Rep.

      1. Yes,

        The vast majority of governments of the world are currently the biggest disaster to ever befall the populace, no doubt about that one!!

  27. I have never once tried to bash your blog as I love your information on cold weather the media refuses to tell which I stated on my last post about the ignorance of both sides of the coin.

    Seriously: The first long record heat this year and your comment form will suddenly drop like the temps are this winter (and possibly early spring)

    Now please excuse me while I go collect pins to drop when the silence falls.

    I told the Witch Doctor I was in love with you: I told the Witch Doctor I was in love with you:
    And he told me what to do:
    he said: “Ohh eee ahh aha ahh ting tang walla walla bang bang!

  28. I am trying to post this in parts.


    I don’t agree to either ice age OR manmade Global Warming as it’s both BS and people need to stop throwing mud at each other.

    You really think complaining is going to solve anything magically? ??????


    You should look up for intresting threads about HARRP and China’s equilvant of and it’s actually funny in a way that they can steer hurricanes and cause droughts.
    I personally believe HARRP is at a beta-stage and are testing out how long they can maintain high and low pressure systems.


    We are just going thru phases in climate right now.

    A month later when the temps warm and Europe has record heat for weeks on end I bet this blog will be so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

    I better get my pins ready for the record warm spring when mother nature’s wonderful balance kicks in.

    Then summer will be some where sort of in the middle.
    Or would it be summer that has the extreme to make up for cold this winter and spring?

    Whenever it warms up Europe is going to cook and have BIG time flooding.

    I actually laugh every time someone on here says the ice age comeths.
    I wonder every day how the litle hyper monkeys are being allowed computers in their cages.

    That’s what these poss remind me of though a FEW are actually intelligent with actual points then just doom and gloom.

  29. This winter in Canada is the warmest ever. It seems to me that the Gulf stream has shifted as Europe appears to be getting ‘our’ winter.

    Right now it is -5c when normally at this time of year we would be in the -30s. The high for casted today is 0.

  30. It is even worse in Sweden. In the two largest newspapers and in the public radio, they do not mention with one word the snowy and cold situation in southern and eastern Europe.

  31. To date, no snow at all has fallen in Ireland at sea- level this winter. Much of the cold has been to the east and south of the country. The media in the UK has largely ignored the severity of the weather in places like the Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and even Italy. Parts of eastern Turkey have seen temperatures below -30C.

  32. Cold snap, huh? Next time we have a really hot summer, I’ll look for a headline that uses the words “warm spell.” I won’t hold my breath, though.

  33. The Weather Channel has been reporting it more regularly lately and have been admitting over 550 dead. They have even shown video. Probably the only media outlet showing it. I am surprised at Fox as they tend to be anti global warming while The Weather Channel tends to be pro global warming. GO FIGURE.

  34. Of course the fly-by media is ignoring this situation. If they began to report on it, then they would have to explain how all this cold, snow, and ice is caused by their beloved ‘global warming.’

    Since they can not realistically explain to the public how ‘global warming’ is causing people to freeze to death, they would rather pretend that it isn’t happening. The Lame Stream Media is comprised of ‘Plastic People’ who live in a ‘Plastic World.’ There is nothing real about who they are, how they live, or what they believe.

    1. Frank, you are truly educated by the media, and it shows. If you are going to post things for the world to read, then at least do some research and have some backing for your claims. The American public has become the poster children for ignorance and intolerance. Shocking.

    1. This is probably a direct result of the spill in the gulf and the Gulf Stream isn’t warming the North. If the gulf stream didn’t do it’s job you can see the consequences. It will make Europe like Siberia and basically they’ll have to hibernate the Winter. That really causes problems, because nobody can do any work and grow food. Compare that to Mexico that doesn’t need heat, snow removal and they don’t have to prepare for Winter. They can grow food all year. So much easier to live in Mexico. The people of the North should abandon their homes and move SOuth.

  35. Yes is the answer to your question. But Tim Blair can provide an out for these brainwashed, programmed journos. It is EXTREME weather caused by global warming. We now wait for the hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions or anything else that’s EXTREME.

  36. Cold snap eh? take your pick of what it means:
    Cold snap is used in two ways to describe climate:

    1) in meteorology, a period of intensely cold and dry weather, often occurring during an Ice Age
    2)an unseasonally cold period in spring.

    or… cold snap from macmillandictionary:
    a sudden short period of very cold weather

    Since it’s not spring, and has lasted longer that a ‘short period’ there is only one option left? Dare I say (little) ICE AGE?

  37. Where is Al Gore now? I believe the world is headed for a Ice Age. It se3ems like a old program on CoasttoCoastAM radio show about a coming Freeze ans Ice Age in England is coming true except it is going to be all of Europe. What the media isn’t talking about is the coming food shortage caused by all of this weather.

    But the bad weather is not just in Europe what about the freeze weather down under in Australia and the snow in New Zealand. It is summer in the southern hemisphere. What is there winter going to be like.

    1. Bill our winter wont be anywhere near what usa and eu and point nth hem cop.
      with luck we will have another decent rainy winter like the last one, it wasnt that cold I was out in it herding sheep and lambing etc, the mornings were nippy but even the frosts I was used to of 1/2 inch or more ice on the ducks water etc werent happening. the high hills got good snows.
      and some parts here have La Nina flooding again which is bad for those in it, but fantastic for the artesian basin recharge and our river systems after 10!! years of real drought over most of the nation.

  38. Folks might find it interesting to note that at the same time Europe is setting records for cold weather. The American Southwest is currently setting records for the hottest, and dryest drought ever.
    The significance of that fact is lost on most people. But here’s a little Paleoclimate note: The Anastazi people (Ancestors of the Pueblo Indians) are thought to have been done in by a 50 year drought around 1130 or so. And at the same time, western Europe was begininng a general cooling trend that lasted for centuries, and culminated in the ‘Little Ice Age’.

    1. A quick search of U.S.midwest drought first we have Texas-99percent parched land, crop failure 5 billion$ loses last year. Oklahoma driest on record 100a. Kansas needs half foot of rain just for wheat to even sprout. If this is what ended the S.W.states natives,then our Canadian Inuit(Eskimo)who live and thrive in a current iceage, stand to gain…the colder it gets,more game. Seal population exploding now in Canadas far north(millions)of em. Inuit won’t starve,there are ways to survive if one has the needed knowledge and huntin skills in killer cold.

      1. Texas etc had less than a full 12 mths of drought and folded badly.
        it amazes me how much water you guys seem to need while we Aussies can grow great wheat crops in areas that average a paltry 10 to 12 inches of rain in the season. when you cop weeks of 40C days and 30c night with no humidity and 10 years of real drought…then by all means cry foul weather…but otherwise its a matter of waking up and learning to farm better and plan ahead. you never sell off all the hay or grain, and if the season starts crappy then you destock or agist stock to better areas. and you put rain tanks on every shed, and collect any rain in any container thats clean for home use, you learn to wash clothes in tiny water volumes you dont shower every day, you dont flush the loo very often, and oddly enough:-) people dont die of bugs from rainwater( you boil it if youre a worry wart) or less frequent bathing.

    2. Very interesting. What we are witnessing is not unpresedented, as the media and alarmists will claim. Extreme cold winters have happened in Europe before and just about everywhere else in the world at 45 degrees latitude or higher. There is nothing new under the sun.

  39. I have always read that when the Gulf Stream slows down Europe shivers, so—what is the Gulf Stream doing these days?

  40. Fox reported a story about the rescue of a little girl buried in her home under 30 feet of snow. The story was presented at the end of the first 30 minutes of their 5:00 p.m. broadcast this evening. The girl was said to have been trapped by an avalanche in Kosovo. Nothing was said about the unusual amounts of snow and cold in Eastern Europe or about the fact that there are unknown thousands of people trapped in their homes and villages in Romania and elsewhere.

    I’ve noticed that sometimes you can gauge the importance of a story by how much it is ignored these days. By comparison to the snow story, more than 20 minutes have been granted to the Whitney Huston death during the Shepard Smith news hour.

    1. The MSM is a business like any other. If Whitney Huston sells more Tide and Budwieser, then Whitney Huston gets 20 minutes.

    2. Good point! I don’t think they should be spending 20 minutes of primetime news on the death of an entertainer. The big name entertainers have it pretty cushy – they probably don’t even know the meaning of “wind chill” or “dewpoint”. Their world is so plastic! Yet, they can’t get by without taking all kinds of meds, legal or illegal. If they want to do their memorial pieces, they should just post them on their web sites and give a link.

    3. Great point Jay Curtis. I saw that on Fox news as well. The funny thing is that my 13 year old daughter asked me this question, “why are they spending so much time talking about Whitney Houston?” I told her that unfortunately… that’s all people care about anymore. Drama Drama Drama… not real fact! They are simply catering to the masses. ALL media outlets do the same thing. God help us all.

  41. Yes, I noticed the same thing a few years ago with the uk media about uk winters, even as the winters were breaking records, and were long in duration, they’d still refer to them as ‘cold snaps’.
    I wouldn’t define a snap any longer than 48hrs, and i could tolerate 72hrs. But the mass media usage of the term : months long record cold winter = cold snap ; is just silly and is a clear and shameless signature of a manipulated media.

  42. Huffington Report has a nonchalant article with pictures of your favorite travel places under snow. Blumberg Report has short article. Yahoo has 49 excellent photos w/ comments.

  43. I was just on’s international page, and the only article that mentioned the weather in eastern Europe was the “do you know where this is” picture from Ukraine. According to the article, “probably the worst hit by the weather” is Ukraine. Granted that they have had some snow and cold, but I DO believe they are probably better equipted to handle it then, say, the Balkans or Italy or Turkey. What a farce. However, if you want to know about the US instigated Syrian uprising, you have pages of information telling how poorly the insurgents are being treated. Funny, that. In Syria they are insurgents while in Afghanistan they are terrorists.

      1. If we are using them to destabilize a region for “regime change”, they are insurgents. If they are resisting our occupation or policies, they are terrorists.

        1. So most Americans posting on this blog could be labeled terrorists. Remember there is a new law that gives the military the power to secretly arrest you. But don’t worry your president would NEVER use that power.

  44. I suspect the US media are not getting the news feeds they need from places like the AP in order to cover this story.

    If you go over to the AP website and check “Top Stories” there is nothing there on this topic. If you check “World” on the AP site there is still nothing. If you search “Europe winter” or “Europe snow” on the AP site using their search engine you get the following story from one week back:

    “STOSIKOVICE NA LOUCE, Czech Republic (AP) — In a vineyard in Moravia, the Arctic chill striking Europe at least has some people jumping with joy.

    Winemakers in southeast Czech Republic, waiting for a dip in temperatures during an unusually warm winter, finally got the deep chill they needed to harvest grapes for the most prestigious part of their business – ice wine.”

    Notice how the story was spun as a “dip in temperatures” following an “unusually warm winter” which now has people “jumping for joy.” What kind of impression will the readers of this story come away with?

    I’ve been asking a lot of friends and acquaintances if they are aware of what is happening in Europe, and no one knows much about it. There has been some limited coverage, but it doesn’t amount to much.

    Don’t tell me that this story isn’t purposely being ignored.

    1. yup, just two tiny mention in the sth aus news as well, its being Purposefully Avoided by ALL msm.
      we however are also copping drivel about a has been hollywood druggie, and a lot of faff about nothing. our govt is playing idiot as usual over our economy and playing down eu collapse.
      real news is not on the agenda.

  45. Always appreciate your valuable information. I really haven’t seen it anywhere else? Seems it should be of more concern?
    Keep up your good work and yes I shared the article as you requested.

  46. I noticed it too that the media is reporting very little, if anything at all.
    I noticed that the German TV news is painting it positive. They show people ice skating on lakes and everyone is happy about it.

  47. We “AGW climate heretics” have a powerful ally, our ally is the Truth! The evil Red Dragon of “climate change” already lost this battle! The Sun itself is revolting, he is getting cold! Even the Earth´s climate is having fun with the C02-Trolls. Ever heard about the “Gore-effect phenomenon”, hahahaaa!!! It doesn´t matter if the massmedia of the US of A is ignoring the Global Cooling, they will get the Ice Age anyway!

  48. I did find it in the Huffington Report under travel and told nonchalantly. Blumburg also reported it with a short article.

  49. Thanks much to Robert Felix and others keeping us informed of what’s exactly going on in Europe.
    We wouldn’t find this anywhere else. Too bad the agenda driven media in this country couldn’t care less when we have hundreds or thousands dead in record shattering snow and/or record shattering cold.
    Many thanks to Robert Felix and Keep up the fantastic work Bob !

    1. I agree,the media favors VIP’s and headlines that sell.Dirty laundry and the bodycount of the dead seems to pay their bills. The honesty swept under the rug,in favor of $$$interests like a world tax on carbon emissions…there are people that control the media…spilling their guts on the fact that the world is cooling starves the wolves who control us sheeple!

      1. Some of these Lone Wolves need to start ventilating our enemies. Enough talk. You have your freedom now and have access to things, but in a few months you will have martial law and no way to do anything.

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