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The huge beast was supposedly filmed wading through icy waters in the wilds of Siberia.

See video and judge for yourself:


25 Responses to Is woolly mammoth video a hoax?

  1. Bill says:

    Didn’t a few years back they find enough genetic material in a frozen one in Siberia to clone a bunch of ‘em?

    Would they have any natural predators, other than wolf packs, that would come after ‘em? If this is real, it gives new meaning to the term, “reintroduce into the wild”. Ah, those wily Russians, something they can charge rich Arab sheiks & Asians a boatload of money to hunt.

  2. Steve Stone says:

    Another oddity appears to be the vegetation around the area. I thought that most of the uninhabited, unexplored areas of Siberia were nearly tundra, north of the tree line, or so cold that tree growth is stunted. These trees all appear too large to be in the uneplored regions. And, if there are areas of Siberia with larger trees such as these, it seems there would also be greater human activity nearby such as logging.

  3. peter lamb says:

    Its a Cat with a trunk

    Al Gore.

  4. John the 1st says:

    maybe bear carrying fish?

  5. dw says:

    This is definitely a bear with a fish in its mouth.
    Siberia, as a whole, remains largely unexplored. From all accounts I’ve read and heard, it’s a pretty nasty place to be. Brutally cold in the winter and a mosquito infested swamp in the summer.

  6. Mike says:

    It looks like a bear with a fish hanging from its mouth.

  7. juan says:

    In a couple of other websites and forums people agree is a bear carrying a big fish. The news says this was filmed in the Summer, so the guy took almost 6 months to put this up on the net?

    I get to film a living Mammoth in the wild and I’ll move heaven and earth to get my name all over the news in a flash.

    So I vote hoax

    And Siberia does have last tracks of forest

  8. Phillip says:

    Your stupid flash snow, (is it flash? Animated gif? whatever…) is spiking my CPU. It’s silly and doesn’t add to the site.

    • Robert says:

      Sorry about that. I didn’t realize that the snow was causing such problems. I will deactivate that feature right now.

  9. QuentinF says:

    Thats hilarious! To stupid for words and so obvious a bear. Well some idiots tried this trick some years ago in New Zealand claiming they had filmed a Moa! (NZ’s now extinct large flightless bird similar in size to an emu). That fell over too, same thing just out of focus and not quite clear enough. Funny how these films are so “blurry” as when we see real wilderness films over more distance there are perfectly clear! (also includes ‘UFO’ films that are always ‘blurry’.)

  10. kenneth lund says:

    wow – I thought that was a bear.

  11. reezeh says:

    nope; no mammoth. It’s a gore’d mutant with a snorkel nose so it can breathe when the sea levels rise this February the 30th!
    Seriously now, even Siberia isn’t totally deserted of people so if there were hairy elephants there I think we would know about them by now. Not as if they can climb a tree like Bigfoot is it?

  12. caliboy says:

    HOAX… although a fun one. did any of you guys hear about how a bunch of crazy scientist want to clone a modern elephant with mammoth DNA? I guess a ice age version of jurassic park would be fun. Here is a link to the story http://www.rense.com/ufo6/mam.htm

  13. Gail says:

    Could be. Back in 1993, I took a train ride from Switzerland to China. A good portion of it was thru Siberia. The Russians were insistent that wooly mammoths are still there.

  14. Steve Hollar says:

    That’s just plain silly. Of course it’s a bear with a fish in it’s mouth. Even blurry it is easily identified.

  15. Mirco Poletto says:

    Yes, it could be a bear with a fish in mouth. I think all video was slowed down to make the movements more like those of a big animal. Even looking at the dimension of the beast and the background it seems more like a BIG bear.

  16. John McCullough says:

    The lighter colour of the ‘trunk’ suggests its not a mammoth but a bear with a fish. Like so many UFO hoaxes, the picture is so blurred that it could be almost anything. How about a bigfoot wading through deep water, head bent forward away from the camera, with a fish in its right hand?

  17. Joseph says:

    Huge Bear having a nice feed of fish,mmmmmmmmmm

  18. There might be a group of wooly mammoths still alive today, siberia is enormous. It might be known to the government but if they told the world about it, thousands after thousands would go there to see them and stress them to death. Or worse, poachers might kill them for money. I wouldn´t be surprised if this is a true footage.

  19. Eric says:

    Like others have said. It is a bear.
    You will also note. No tusks.

  20. Bjorn says:

    a bear with a large fish, moving slowly….or that mammoth has flexing tusks! lOL

  21. John P says:

    Not a mammoth, or a bear… This is obviously a fake video, and when I say fake I mean someone took time to edit the video, and insert the footage of a common elephant in there…
    I there was a real anything crossing that river, you would notice it in the water around it… but you see the elephant crossing, and the water doesn’t even know it (no movement, no flow deviation, or anything)… stupid video

  22. Mike says:

    It’s a bear with a fish. I grabbed an image of a brown bear from the internet from a similar angle and overlaid it on the image from the video. The shape of the head is almost identical. I also found drawings of mammoths on the internet and compared the shape of the head to the image on the video. Not even close. A big, big difference. Also, at certain points, the “trunk” looks like it would have to be either silver in color (like a fish) or nearly transparent. If it was faked, I think the creator would have done a better job with the trunk.

  23. Eve says:

    well the original footage is even more disappointing than the hoax. There wasn’t even a bear there. It’s just 4:29 minutes of this beautiful river and it’s in focus to boot.


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