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And this is just those beginning with the letter “A”

Avalanches reduced, avalanches increased, Antarctic ice grows, Antarctic ice shrinks, Atlantic less salty, Atlantic more salty,

Afghan poppies destroyed, also poppies more potent, African holocaust, aged deaths, Africa devastated, Africa in conflict, African aid threatened, aggressive weeds,

Air France crash, air pockets, air pressure changes, airport farewells virtual, airport malaria, Agulhas current, Alaskan towns slowly destroyed,

Al Qaeda and Taliban Being Helped, allergy increase, allergy season longer, alligators in the Thames, Alps melting, Amazon a desert, American dream end,

amphibians breeding earlier (or not), anaphylactic reactions to bee stings, ancient forests dramatically changed, animals head for the hills, animals shrink, animals grow,

Antarctic grass flourishesAntarctic sea life at risk, anxiety treatment, algal blooms, archaeological sites threatened, Arctic bogs melt, Arctic in bloom, Arctic ice free,

Arctic ice melt faster, Arctic lakes disappear, Arctic tundra lost, Arctic warming (not), a rose by any other name smells of nothing, asteroid strike risk, asthmaatmospheric circulation modified, attack of the killer jellyfish,

See complete list from A to Z of things caused by global warming (complete until the next crazy idea comes along):

Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link


10 Responses to List of things caused by global warming

  1. Steve Stone says:

    This is absolutely delightful. I can’t wait to read the entire list. Thanks for posting this Robert!!

  2. HF says:

    In midwest U.S. we’ve already had over 300 tornadoes. This year will surely be crazy.


  3. Steven Rowlandson says:

    Before they get destroyed they go cuckoo!

  4. Marcus says:

    Truthfully, I was expecting a blank page, but I see it is just full of crackpot ideas!

  5. John the 1st says:

    I first saw this list 3 or 4 years ago. It was much shorter back then. Guess the crazies haven’t given up yet.

  6. Bjorn says:

    not to talk about the GW causing more people to be without jobs!

    and….causing Al Gore to disappear (not a bad thing)


  7. jim b says:

    ok, where do i apply for a grant to research the effect of global warming on scientist’s stupidity?

  8. Byron says:

    Prof. John Brignell`s books “Sorry, Wrong Number” and “The Epidemiologists” are sitting on My bookshelf alongside “Not by Fire but by Ice” and “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps”

    To quote from John Brignell`s essay “How do We know they are lying ?”

    “Intermission – a short quiz

    You have made some observations and calculations, which show that humanity is doomed unless it changes its ways. You have total belief in the accuracy of your predictions. Do you:

    (a) Announce your results, but keep your workings secret for fear that someone will criticise them.

    (b) Announce your results, but set up a group of companies to make yourself mega-rich on the back of the scare you have created.

    (c) Drop everything, including secrecy and profit, and devote yourself to saving the human race. ”

    Says it all really .

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