Study blames obesity on rising CO2 levels

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Where do they come up with these “scientists”?

When Danish researcher Lars-Georg Hersoug examined 22 years worth of data on weight gain in Denmark, he found that skinny people gained proportionately as much weight as those who were already overweight. This, of course, led him to blame CO2.

Why CO2? “Hersoug notes that atmospheric levels of the gas have risen during the same period and that in the United States, obesity has increased most rapidly on the East Coast, where CO2 concentrations are highest.”

Hersoug also  conducted a test – count ‘em, one entire test! – of his hypothesis, a 7-hour experiment in which six young men were given the opportunity to eat as much as they wanted. Those who had been exposed to increased CO2 levels ate six percent more than those who had not.

“Hersoug believes that hormones in the brain are affected by CO2 and may in turn alter our appetite and metabolism. He also suggests that CO2 in beer may be to blame for beer bellies.”

Uh huh. I don’t suppose it has anything to do with the calories.

I’m guessing that Mr Hersoug wants a ride the global-warming gravy train.

Oh, but wait!

What about that study that came out in 2009 showing that obesity causes global warming?

Talk about having it both ways!

See entire story by Muriel Kane

Thanks to William Sellers and David Williams for this link

Or what about this article?

“Slimming down could save the world”

The world’s obese people could help stop global warming by going on a diet,” says this article in the Daily Mail.

Experts from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, who published their findings in the International Journal of Obesity, “did not include methane gas emissions from flatulent large people, despite evidence about cows contributing to greenhouse gases.

So which is it? Does global warming  cause obesity? Or does obesity cause global warming?

Heavens! You don’t suppose we’re being conned, do you?

See entire article:

Thanks to Emma Corry for this link

“Global warming went down the toilet so now they’re using it as the reason for obesity,” says Emma.

32 thoughts on “Study blames obesity on rising CO2 levels”

  1. Now, Hersoug, repeat after me: “Correlation is not causation”, and then go and write it 200 times after school.

    After all, we know that it is the global decline in pirates that responsible :-)

  2. We need to focus on the real culprit of all this insanity, and that is the media. They publish findings of fringe “Scientists” because they believe it makes for more interesting reading but unfortunately this creates a false reality.
    You could argue that the rise in obesity is due to comfort eating from reading an ever increasing amount of hysterical nonsense from the media.

  3. Its all very interesting. CO2 makes plants grow faster, maybe it affects people, too. Raising cattle for meat to eat does raise methane & CO2. Feeding cattle bovine growth hormone that people eat in the meat or drink in the milk also causes people to grow (fat).

  4. Sounds like a cause and effect malfunction. I hate when people skip the scientific method and theorize based solely on perceived or biased guessing. I fell out of my chair laughing when I read the part about C02 in the beer causing beer belly. It’s the carbohydrates, Lars, not C02 that causes stores of fat around the waistline. Potatoes will do the trick too, and I don’t think there is any C02 in potatoes.

  5. Geez Lew Eeeeeze …! Stop this pathetic, mind numbing insanity ..! Global Warming causes Global Cooling … Global Warming causes Global Heating…. Global Warming causes Polar Bears to die… Global Warming causes Obesity…!
    OMG …Global Warming causes Everything..!!! STOP Already..!

    The ONLY Thing caused by Global Warming is MASS HYSTERIA ..!

  6. These people are truly stupid !!

    CO2 is a waste product of our metabolism – in fact it is CO2 that controls our involuntary breathing reflex – more CO2 in your blood results in more effort to remove it hence panting while exercising.

    We depend on passive gas exchange at the surfaces of our lungs – we do not have a “pump”.

    The low levels of CO2 in the atmosphere cannot have any metabolic effect because the levels in our blood are many orders of magnitude higher in order for passive gas exchange to work.

    What morons they are to ignore this.

  7. “Are cows the cause of global warming?
    A cow does on overage release between 70 and 120 kg of Methane per year. Methane is a greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide (CO2). But the negative effect on the climate of Methane is 23 times higher than the effect of CO2. Therefore the release of about 100 kg Methane per year for each cow is equivalent to about 2’300 kg CO2 per year….”

    So, if extrapolate to fat people and thin people, the logic become simple: big farts causes big global warming, small farts causes small global warming !

  8. As a science teacher, it amazes me that people forget one of the most fundamental principles of science – CORRELATION does not prove CAUSATION!

    Here is an example I use with my students. Each summer ice cream sales go up. At the same time boating accidents also increase. The two variables correlate almost perfectly. So, OBVIOUSLY ICE CREAM CAUSES BOATING ACCIDENTS!

  9. That is illogical!
    Fat people are carbon sinks that sequester carbon in their fat. The greenies shouldn’t critisize fat people ,they should praise then instead.
    Infact all fat people should get carbon credits for free based on excess weight and it should be payable anually. Al Gore and his buddies can pay for it.

  10. of drivers involved in serious accidents; 25% were above legal alcohol limit, 36% were driving above the speed limit, but a whpping 97% were wearing underwear. what more proof do you need that underwear is the main cause of accidents?

  11. LOL. You know this whole scam is evaporating when you start to see these kinds of studies being published.

  12. Scientific study reveals that listening to Rock music is causing the polar ice to melt, all ice will be gone next year. Save the planet, don´t listen to Rock music.

  13. Thats funny because I thought that bear bellies were caused by just eating too much not by drinking bear. God I hate bear haters. Just realised is he trying to say that bear casues global warming.

  14. It’s a vicious cycle! People get fat from eating “brats” and drinking beer. This causes more CO2 which makes people hungry so they eat more “brats” and drink more beer. Soon, the world will be overpopulated with beer drinking Jabbas that need larger automobiles that create obnoxious amounts of CO2. This is not to mention the likelihood of increased methane production (I won’t go into that!). We are all doomed!

  15. I have to wonder if, in fact, one requires any scientific background to be a “researcher.” In fact, I am beginning to believe that the average “researcher” appears to have a far more devoted “agricultural” background rather than a “scientific” background. After all, nearly every carbon dioxide “post” seems to have a “researcher” with letters after their name, but what does that mean? The “letters” can have been purchased from a diploma mill – for all I can tell – since the “research” tends not to show methodology, data, or substance, but only hypothesis and conclusion. It appears that in most cases, the BS, MS and PHDs behind their names truly do mean BullShit, MoreShit, and Piled Higher and Deeper.

  16. Wow, a real tipping point in vincinity …


    “Hersoug believes that hormones in the brain are affected by CO2 and may in turn alter our appetite and metabolism. He also suggests that CO2 in beer may be to blame for beer bellies.”

    Nowadays more and more articles present a lot of believe.

    My own experience lead to a different believe.

    Drinking alcohol stimulates appetite. Appetite stimulates hunger. Hunger throngs us to eat. Since alcohol reduces reasonable thinking we tend to get us “fast food”. In fast food or snacks fat is often more abundant than in regular meals. Fat is easily stored by our body if we take in too much. The forefront of our body is the best place to store fat since the muscles are least used and thus the fat depots are least disturbed.

    Do you like my theory?

  17. This why I don’t trust info put out by experts. Here So Cal they are saying that freeways cause autism in children. How can you trust them when they are putting out such hogwash. It is as if they are grasping at anything to prove global warming. When the evidence is point to a ice age,

  18. Obesity is caused by the current low fat food craze. Period. The human body needs animal fat to function properly. When it receives enough fat, the body stops craving food. When it doesn’t get enough fat, the craving keeps on coming.

  19. Define a “scientist” ?
    Someone working in a Lab?
    Someone taking readings?
    Someone working in the weather station?

    This is how they come up with….”scientist says..”

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