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Major hailstorm shuts down highway US 287 on Texas panhandle.

Potter County Fire Department via NWS

Three to four feet of hail was reported near the Canadian River. Watch the video below from Storm Search 7 Storm Chaser Doug Blach. It was shot at Lahey Creek.

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) said crews will work throughout Thursday to remove ice buildup.


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Thanks to Stewart Hedger, Bill Sellers, Robert Stom, Gem 3 in Tucson and Stephanie Relfe for these links

“This video is testament to the fact a great deal of ice can be magically materialized by Mother Nature, in all contradiction to the sober, learned opinions of so-called “climate experts”,” says Bill.


9 Responses to 4 feet of hail in Texas

  1. John the 1st says:

    Outside of the Bible, I have never heard of accumlations of hail stones like this. Of course there is more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in my humble philosphy but still. Amazing.

  2. John says:

    What the hail!!!!

  3. Leon says:

    Wow. That is one scary scene.

  4. Joe Banks says:

    I was caught in hail similar to this about 25 years ago in the same basic area. We were storm chasing in a rent car. We had to kick the windshield out to drive the few miles to the nearest town to get towed. You could not put your finger down between dents. It was up over the fenders and we were stuck for 10-12 hours.

  5. Frank says:

    Oh Hail Yeah!

  6. Mike Hohmann says:

    Anyone know how Amarillo fared? Went to highschool there 52/53… Fond memories of being hosted by Dixie Dice and Bob Watson of KGNC, not forgetting downtown Kiwanis…

  7. Laurel says:

    WOW, thats stunning!
    got caught in a bad hail storm in aus once but at best we copped maybe 6 to 8 inches depth.
    nothing like this one.
    watching it flowing is amazing.

  8. Rhys Jaggar says:

    Hope Texas has good water collection technology: they could use all that water after the drought.

  9. Billsocal says:

    Yep the weather this spring and summer is going to be freaky in the Northern Hemisphere. Welcome to the start of the new ice age.

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