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Not only a new record, this means that four of  Alaska’s five iciest years have occurred in the past five years.

Certainly looks like the makings of an ice age to me.

Bering Sea Ice Extent -March 2012


“Look for the mainstream media to respond by publishing stories about drowning Polar Bears who can’t find any ice,” says Steve Goddard of Real-Science.com.
See larger chart from University of Illinois – Cryosphere Today:

See Real-Science.com:

Thanks to Kirk Myers for this link

“The spin put on it is that there is a record amount of “thin fragile first year ice” and the ratio to first year ice to multi year ice is the highest ever – all designed to make you think that there is warming,” says reader Kevin Koffey. “More first year ice = more cold recently than before!”


17 Responses to Alaska – Most Sea Ice in Recorded History

  1. John the 1st says:

    What’s going to happen to the agw folks when the evidence just gets to overwhelming to be ignored?

    • Vinny says:

      That’s easy, every anomaly is caused by global warming and if you don’t believe that your just a flat Earther.

    • David Thomas Bronzich says:

      The cynical leaders of AGW will change gears to AGC, then find ways to tax us to death anyway. The hard core rank and file? Who knows….

    • Laurel says:

      they had…planned to have us all obedient and cowed into submission before the FACTS managed to become blindingly obvious.m fry and die outcomes…thereby earning themselves more undeserved paraise cash and awards.
      pity for them:-)
      we are NOT so stupid and didn’t roll over..
      so now they will simply look like the Liars Fools and Charlatans they are!

    • FRANK says:

      Ask Kari Norgaard… She told Obama to Round Up ALL AGW/AGCC Deniers and send them to “Re-Education Camps” for “Treatment of Mental Disorder.” She isn’t the only one suggesting it either..!

      It’s a good bet that they aren’t building and staffing all those FEMA Camps just for the fun of it.

  2. frank says:

    god, it is nice to hear a voice of sanity…

  3. kenneth lund says:

    Got that right ! This is an ice age in the making !! PERIOD !!

  4. KellyJ says:

    This is also going to be shown on this seasons Deadliest Catch on Discovery. The ice came down really far and fast and caught the crab fleet off guard.
    Waiting to see if/how Discovery tries to spin it to “Climate Change.”

  5. alex says:

    record ice in the Arctic + cold summers in south = new ice age

  6. Bob Knows says:

    Algore told us that Arctic sea ice is the bellweather indicator of “global warming.” Now that we are having record ice, the fraudulent scammers will tell us its not important, or ice means warm.

    • FRANK says:

      Yes, the “Warmist Theory” says that when the Earth heats up we will have more ice and snow..! Just How STUPID Do you Have To Be To Believe THAT ????

  7. Joyang says:

    Well, the mainstream media are too late to publish stories about drowning polar bears who cannot find any ice because a recent Canadian study has shown that the polar bear population is the highest so far!

  8. FRANK says:

    According to the “Warmist Theory” I should be able to make ice in my Toaster Oven..! LoL

    Perhaps THAT is why there is soooo much New Ice and Snow in Alaska…. The World is Heating Up.! ROFLMBO

  9. Paul Latham says:

    We seem to be getting contradictory stories from media such as the BBC TV in documentaries that purport to show that the Arctic ice is retreating to historically low minimums in summer.

    Is this purely for the consumption and benefit of a British audience or is the same conclusion being reached by broadcasters elsewhere around the globe?

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