April blizzards close roads in Romania

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“Meteorologists issued Code Yellow for rain, blizzard and snow in 20 Romanian counties from Sunday (April 8 ), 18,00, until Monday (April 9 ), 15,00.

“Some local roads were closed in the northern area of Romania on Sunday evening… Drivers in Romania are already required to use summer tires on their cars, so traffic was canceled on some roads to prevent accidents due to the lack of winter tires.

“The swift change in weather … comes after a beginning of the year with extreme weather. It snowed heavily in Romania and in other countries in the Central and Eastern Europe in February, blocking people in their villages in some areas of the country, which were trapped under thick layers of snow for several weeks.”


Thanks to Alex Tanase for this link

3 thoughts on “April blizzards close roads in Romania”

  1. I just sent Robert an aussie news report where the reporters etc are complaining over cold in autumn:-)
    it feels worse because we have had rather warm weather lately. ie last week daytime 28C overnight was 17C..then next day was 18C and overnight was 6C
    not really icy but the sudden drop made it feel worse.
    my comment to the said paper will not be printed as I slammed the carbon tax warmists etc, and pointed out global temps are falling:-)

  2. When will the “Huns” (e.g. certain peoples in the most inland parts of Eurasia) be driven by climate change (to ice agish conditions) into the heart of Europe? Will history repeat?

    1. Maybe they would prefer nice warm places like Israel and its neighbors? Europe would be too cold and crowded.

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