Global warming a national security threat warns Panetta

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“Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declared global warming a national security threat yesterday during a speech before an environmentalist group in Washington, D.C.,” says this article in the Washington Examiner.

“The area of climate change has a dramatic impact on national security,” Panetta told the Environmental Defense Fund last night. “Rising sea levels, severe droughts, the melting of the polar caps, the more frequent and devastating natural disasters all raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.”

The Defense Secretary must have missed the fact that the symbols of global warming aren’t working out the way environmentalists predicted . . .

See entire article:

Thanks to John V. Kampen, Marc Morano and George Fitzsimmons for this link

Pentagon goes full stupid, responds Climate Depot’s Marc Morano

18 thoughts on “Global warming a national security threat warns Panetta”

  1. Panetta is part of the Leftist machine. He will give voice to the party line and sing the party song as long as they tell him to do it..!

    Nothing new in this… Just another Fascist drumming up support in order to rob us of more of our money and our freedom.

  2. You have to realize that the Defense Department thinks in terms of its share of the budget and how much wealth it can transfer to the warned of military-industrial complex. It doesn’t mean he is concerned with climate change, he is only concerned with the possibility that it might in some manner affect the trillions of dollars that he plans to spend over the next 4 years. Mitigating natural disasters, in a time of shrinking economy and tax base means he “might” have to give ups some super useless weapon system.

  3. He will now adopt the classic US defense strategy against a threat, take the high (hockey stick) ground and throw missiles at that naughty Global Warming .

  4. Panetta, when global cooling is established as happening, you are going to be publically humiliated along with the other over paid, Ivy College trained and egotistical elitists pushing global warming nonsense. SCRUB AWAY ON THE INTERNET! Your words, deeds are all backed up on thumb drives and that information will never go away, try as you may.

    1. No he won’t… They are already blaming the cooling on the Chinese burning Sulfer rich coal which has blanketed the Earth causing Solar Radiation to be bounced off the atmosphere.

      Never mind that this is the same Sulfer Rich coal they said was causing Global Warming.

  5. full Stupid:-)
    nice turn of phrase:-)
    sums him and the rest up very well indeed.
    Steven R

    1. I’ve heard of “fix stupid”, but I don’t get “full stupid”…

      What am I missing?…

  6. Where do they get these clowns from?
    If someone believes in something like global warming he sure must have reason to believe in it? But they don’t, they are like sheep running all together!! It’s like people believing, they went to the moon? They have no proof, no research they just believe because they are all brainwashed! But for us who do some research and read websites like this, it has opened my eyes!

  7. Warmist people like Panetta are a national security threat, not the non-existent global “warming”. The C02-fantasy is the biggest deception ever!

  8. This one can’t be laughed off. This is not just some crazy haired prof pulling the wool over some appropriation board fibbing a little to get another grant. This is a man that has his fingers on the strings of power. Whether or not he believes in what he is saying is immaterial.
    Pray congress can hold him and his master in check until Nov.

  9. OPB radio here in Oregon had a “science news story” yesterday about the joyful news that the glaciers surging forward in Greenland do not surge at the same high rate of speed all the time and so the 6 meter projection for sea level rise is possibly only going to be 1 meter by the end of the century. These glaciers are MELTING and contributing to the sea rise as they reach the ocean and calve off. Did no one ever tell them that glaciers that are melting shrink and do NOT surge forward at a rapid rate? How much money does it take for a “scientist” to allow himself to publicaly make a fool of himself in that fashion? If they paid me a whole lot of money I would do that too – as it is, I am a candidate for reeducation and drugs is some gulag – heavy sigh.

    1. Most of us will see you there. So, you’ll be in good company.

      But I for one won’t go quietly into the night…

  10. The biggest threat to this country is anyone trying to stop the natural occurrences called “Climate Change”.

    The climate will always change, and disasters such as: Flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes will continue with or without human presence. These are nothing new, for they have been written in human history and embedded in Earth’s rocks and soil.

    The real disaster to “Nation Security” is that too many fail to recognize that Global Cooling is pending, for history will repeat itself. We are close to the end of the warm period between the Ice Ages that have been verified over and over.

    1. The people who came up with this Global Warming nonsense know perfectly well that it is nonsense. They preach it for the money … Not because they believe it.

      Hucksters are everywhere … they sell you cheap garbage on TV and at the mall. Does anyone really think that the Hucksters believe the hype they use to sell their can openers, knives, storage bags, magic putty, spray can rubber, Ka-Powie Kleaner, etc. ad nauseum???? REALLY???

      The Proponents of Global Warming are just HUCKSTERS on a Grand Scale…. This is THE BIG SCORE for them.

      Everything is ALWAYS about the Money..!

  11. History repeats, and government is once again the biggest national security threat to its people.

  12. Someone please find that man a straight jacket , a rubber room and thorazine before he hurts someone.

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