28 thoughts on “Hadley-Crut graph shows temperature trending DOWN.”

  1. Hey ho ;o) I wonder how much friction all these axis altering earthquakes have created? I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist ( though ipcc members would still have a lot of difficulty lol) to realise thatthe heat created from tipping the axis will set off every volcano on the planet…we’re screwed…may as well get drunk!!!

  2. I don’t think that a drop of about 0.08 degrees over a 12 year period is significant – YET!

    1. Has anyone been watching the Weather Channel lately? They’re almost giddy with their exceptionally hot forecast for many parts of the US. Most of which includes a more than 20 degree above normal increase in temps for this upcoming week.

  3. Yup! It is happening. Stock up can goods and ice fishing gear! The world will not be so much a generous place in years to come.

    Ice age a coming

    1. And yet, here in southeast Texas, at 6:45 am its 79 degrees outside, looking forward to a high of 90+ degrees- as usual… I’ve heard it said that this is the warmest year in history as far as the first 5 months go in the lower 48 due to the year without a winter, and a much warmer that average spring. I don’t think we need to worry about those snow shoes just yet…

      1. And over here on the left coast we are shivering. My cucumbers packed it in and my tomatoes are barely hanging on. And there is snow forecast for tomorrow.

  4. The response of the ‘MacWarmists’ in Scotland, so far, is that the data period is too short to say anything significant at a statistical level

  5. Note that they have doctored their data with “revision 4”. Your graph shows revision 3, but their latest revision shows a flatter (but still not increasing) trend. One might ask how you can go back to 1998 and lower the temperature 14 years later…my guess is to get ready for the new IPCC report. Declining temperatures would be too embarrassing.

  6. Real Science did a post: http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/unprecedented-catastrophic-warming-but-we-didnt-notice-it-until-they-made-adjustments/. My comment:
    It’s hotter than heck out there, but we don’t notice squat. The “data” says it’s hotter than it’s ever been, but we don’t notice squat. As far as the areas I know, it’s colder than it’s ever been. Southern California summers used to be hot, but the last 4 summers in a row have been cool… seriously, cooler than it’s ever been.
    It’s always somewhere else. Yes, it’s cold where you are, but it’s hot in the Arctic, in the South Pacific, in Timbuktu. Where you are is the only spot where the sea level has just stayed the same, it’s everywhere else that the sea is rising faster than ever, about to flood half the country.
    A fun 2 minute video, Minnesotans for Global Warming’s The Hottest Year Since 1863: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtWIzMY7Dqs&feature=player_embedded

  7. Ah! I have just had my Eureka moment! When they say the term “global warming,” they mean that more people around the globe are warming by their stoves as it gets colder outside! Now it all comes clear.

  8. That looks like a steep temperature drop since 2000. And now with all the increasing volcanic activity….that is sure to decrease further.

    1. Certainly would seem to be a logical conclusion. And, If a big rock tosser happens to spout off, we could tip into the abyss extremely rapidly … Perhaps within a few weeks or months after the event; especially if the event happens during Summer…

    2. I posted this in another area, but feel I should make this comment here. Now at the age of 65, all these facts and figures about climate change of one way or another is too mind boggling for me. Except for a few stents in the Navy to the Pacific and Vietnam during the late 60s, I’ve lived here in south east Texas all my life. All I’ve been wishing for is that the winters would get cold again like they used to during the 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s. Having no more winters and exceptionally hot summers down here has been a real drag. And I don’t think it’s really asking too much just to have a return to the type of cold winters that I and everyone else my age remember down here.

      1. Houston TX NWS warmest years 1962(71.9) 2011(71.8) 1933(71.7) coldest years 1976(65.8) 1983(66.5) 1979(66.5)

        1. Wow, that’s interesting Jeremy. But the information you posted here just about mirrors what Dale and I have been saying. The cold winters we’d become used to… say… 30 to 60 years ago have all but vanished and in the last two decades we’ve had almost no winters to speak of. And seeing that one of the warmest years was in 2011, just last year, sums up what Dale expressed earlier when he wrote, “I’ve heard that the first 5 months down here in the lower 48 have been the warmest in history. And this warmth was due to the fact that we had no winter and a much warmer than average spring”… So that’s what Dale and I have been talking about. Our winters have been nothing as of late and our summers ridiculous, as they continue to get hotter and dryer… So, I really do wish this would all change soon…

          1. I dont have the exact numbers on warmest winter because the NWS has took the seasonal records off the houston site,but anyway houston tx warmest winter is the winter of 1889 1890,way before the(UHI)effect came in to play,and the chattanooga tn warmest winter is also 1889 1890,and not by a pinch,but by a long shot,also before the large(UHI)effect started to skew the records.Now just think about how much warmer the record would indicate if the winter of 1889 1890 had the urban heat island that we see today!

  9. And Gee I just bet the BBC and our crappy ABC in aus will manage to NOT mention show or tell a damn thing about this result..even while they raved up the dodgy rising temp from the same buch of “approved” warmists.
    place bets on the timeframe they can supress the info anyone?

    1. Well the nice thing is at some point they will not be able to deny the cold. Call it schadenfreude but I can’t wait.

    2. Laurel,

      “Our” ABC sickens me. They are supposed to be the one place in our media that tells it like it is, without all the commercial spin of the commercial channels, but instead they are the source of the politically correct line for everything. I still use the ABC for my primary source of conventional news because it’s probably the best of a bad bunch, but I’ve long since learnt to take everything they say about climate with a hefty handful of salt.

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