Burt Rutan – Human-caused catastrophic global warming a big lie

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World-famous aircraft designer Burt Rutan finds “deception – even fraud – behind the assertions of global-warming alarmists,” says this article in the Coeur d’Alene Press.

Human-caused catastrophic global warming exposed as big lie

By Mike Satren

(Excerpts) –World-famous aircraft designer and North Idaho resident Burt Rutan looked at climate data and found deception – even fraud – behind the assertions of global-warming alarmists intent on implementing a world-wide climate fix that could bring about economic chaos.

“Rutan started his career working as a civilian flight test engineer for the U.S. Air Force where there was no room for error in interpreting data – all the data.

“If you want something to be, maybe a theory that you’ve modeled in a computer, you can ‘prove it’ with data and you can convince anybody who doesn’t really look at all the data,” Rutan said. “It’s really easy to convince somebody that this is true and I found out real early that it’s not true.

“I found out immediately that they weren’t being ethical.”

“If someone is aggressively selling a product, whether airplanes or carbon credits, based on complex experimental data, he is likely lying, Rutan contended.

“The amount of CO2 that we add to the atmosphere by our emissions is minuscule and it’s tiny compared to the amount of CO2 that used to be in the atmosphere,” he said.

“Earth had six to eight times as much CO2 in the atmosphere when dinosaurs roamed. That period also held the greatest diversity of species ever and the earth was green from pole to pole with no deserts.

“If you want a green planet, then you want our air to be like your green house where you pump CO2 into it,” he said. “CO2 is not a pollutant, it is the essence of life for plants.”

“Within the last several million years, earth’s atmosphere got down to only about 180 parts per million (PPM) of CO2. That was a severe threat, since below 150 PPM, all plants die. Now, we are being told we are at risk of catastrophe because we have a small increase of plant food in our atmosphere, even though the increase is beneficial.

“Rutan also found that we are currently at what could be the tail end of an unusually long and stable 11,000-year warm period between ice ages, which occurs every 80 to 100 thousand years.

Did you catch that? “We are currently at what could be the tail end of an unusually long and stable 11,000-year warm period between ice ages.”

“The recent previous warm periods were brief,” he said. “And they were all hotter than now.”

“It is during these warm periods when all the planet’s species proliferated but it’s during the ice ages when they die.

“Who is to say that the temperature is perfect and we’ve got to hold it right here?” he queried. “Our ability to feed the population will improve if the planet is warmer than present.”

“But then Rutan found out that the climate alarmists were even messing with the data that shows that we are warming.

“Rutan admits he’s not a climate scientist and doesn’t know the science that was used for these predictive models, but he does know a lot about processing data and plotting it to inform and he knows it can easily be plotted to deceive.

“For example, the famous hockey stick graph predicting unprecedented, drastic global warming leaves out the much warmer Medieval Warm Period (600-1100 a.d.) and the Little Ice Age (1450-1780 a.d.) temperature variations.

“Data also showed him that historically high periods of CO2 didn’t ’cause’ global warming, rather CO2 elevations followed warming by around 500 to 800 years.

“And then I got mad,” he said. “Nobody’s doing anything about this.”

“Actually some were, but because the government got scared it started pumping funding toward anyone who said he was working on global warming Rutan said.

“Worldwide funding for climate research increased by a factor of more than 30 since the early 1990s, all of the increase was driven by the false fear of climate disaster, Rutan said. The people who were really manipulating data falsely were rather small in number, Rutan found.

“The 2,500 scientists from IPCC do not support the predictions of catastrophe,” he said. “That is not a consensus at all, and never was.”

“The actual ‘consensus’ is that nearly all scientists agree that the planet has warmed in the last 50 years and that at least some of that warming was due to human emissions. Only a tiny faction – acting out of greed – showed that the warming was dangerous and that stopping human CO2 emissions was a critical need, he said. Now, after 15 years of no global warming while human CO2 emissions continue to increase, there is no consensus that we risk catastrophe.

“Rutan thought he could use his findings to convince some global warming alarmists online but instead he was personally attacked with brutal name calling.

“I found out real quickly that with these people, it’s their livelihood and it’s like a religion to them,” he said. “They don’t look at the facts.

“They call us deniers and it’s them that are denying the data.”

“He found every one of the global warming alarmists’ computer projections have been wrong.

“Because he has had some serious heart problems, Rutan decided he would forgo any of the political battles that will be necessary to turn the tide of efforts to change global weather. He makes his findings available to anyone who wants to pick up the ball, whether Rutan gets credit or not.

“I put it out there just because I think it’s the right thing to do,” he said. “I have no financial interest in this at all.”

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Thanks to Burt Rutan for this link

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24 thoughts on “Burt Rutan – Human-caused catastrophic global warming a big lie”

  1. Thank you, Mr. Rutan, for standing up and speaking out.

    Two items for readers to ponder:

    1) Why do I think Burt Rutan knows more about interpreting data and telling the truth than Albert Gore, Jr.? And why do I suspect that Mr. Rutan got better grades in math and science than Mr. Gore?

    2) Who is qualified to determine what the “correct” temperature for Earth’s climate should be? Who sets Earth’s thermostat?

    What a pity that the Nobel Committee honors politicians like Al Gore for doing nothing rather than acknowledging innovators like Burt Rutan whose remarkable achievements have made so much history.

  2. Dinuba, CA the 1950s: The Rutan family never went the way of the herd. They were independent thinkers. All through the model airplane phase of Burt and Dick’s lives, their little planes would wake us early on Sunday mornings. Burt wasn’t just hobbying, but testing new models that he developed. They also were bitingly honest in regards to serious topics. – a neighbor to the football field/test grounds.

  3. Rutan is right it is a scam of massive proportions. CO2 can not heat up the atmosphere beyond a few tenths of a degree C at atmospheric concentrations (200-3800 ppm). In order to get temperature increases in the ranges the AGW advocates claim you have to have an atmosphere with almost no O2 and 30-40% CO2. Government are scaming taxes, scientists are scaming grant money and finanical houses are scaming money for carbon credits in Europe.

  4. Dont worry Ann. Humans have virtually no impact on CO2 levels in the atmosphere. We can neither lower or raise it by a significant amount.
    Nature controls it so fear nature or God if you choose.

  5. I always use to ask climate zealots: ‘what brand of thermometers do you use and where are they placed?’ The answer, apart from astonishment, is always amusing… You’re not taken seriously when you ask promotors of global warming aka ‘climate change’ to reveal how they measure… temperatures!

  6. So much fraud and “adjusting” of original data and ‘heaven only knows’ how you can justify taking averages of averages in proper scientific calculations….When I went to school that was never allowed, but now it seems OK to justify your results.
    I looked at original temperature data for Darwin in Northern Australia and compared that to what global warming people listed. Their adjusted data was so far was it from the original measurements it is nothing but a joke ..a very expensive joke I am sure it will be for Australia with its crazy government.
    It is so easy to deceive….and so hard to correct deception when it is accepted as ‘fact’ by so many who never question what lies beneath!

  7. Curious – co2 makes plants grow. The co2 is actually at a lower concentration than normal. We are having all kinds of trouble with crops that are not growing well or simply not growing at all. Wheat production is low this year, whole areas are being decimated by army worms and other pests who take advantage of weakened plants anddrought is taking whole sections of the world’s growing capability.

    I hate to bring up the conspiracy theory of people pushing global warming to kill off the poppulation, but if you keep on removing the co2 and plants can’t grow and there isn’t enough to feed us and produce meats, then we die.

    What did Al Gore say a while back? Something about wanting millions of people to die off and leave the earth pristine?

    Every single person who falls for the global warming idiocy is also giving power to the people who want us dead. They’re smart, they’ve figured out a way to bring the co2 levels into critical deficits while convincing us that cutting back on co2 emissions is good for the environment and we all have to little greenies.

    1. I heard some population alarmists say that we need to reduce the human population to 1 billion. But you know, even if we actually somehow reduced the population to 1 billion, they’d still say that its too many and we have to reduce to to some new lower number. Its a never ending thing.

    1. Those sheeple almost won. If it weren’t for the US Senate voting it down a couple of years ago, the climate fraudsters would have won and we’d all be trading carbon on the Al Gore owned Chicago Climate Exchange. I say that single vote the Senate conducted against cap&Trade saved us all from tyrany of the sheeple.

  8. Slowly, but surely people are waking up to the fact that they have been, and still are, being lied to about “Man Made Global Warming.”

    As truth always penetrates and prevails over darkness, the truth always outshines a lie.

    1. I will agree that people ARE waking up to the fraud, but it appears governments aren’t composed of people. After all, look at Australia passing a carbon tax while disbanding its climate board basically. The truth will win out, provided there really is time enough. Inertial is a difficult thing to change, and the inertial on climate change is so entrenched that it most likely will carry over past the point of non-recovery from the damage it will do to the population and economy of the world if we truly are entering a new ice age.

      1. hhmm..yeah tell us about how we
        are leading the world” again juLIAR G!
        leading it nowhere..
        and ruining OUR economy crippling the remaining production we have left, depressing the few farmers left, taking our rights to land use for Kyoto was just the start..its all been a fast downhill from there.
        hearing her droning at the G20 today,
        saying the world could follow OUR example for fiscal and other?
        uh huh?
        this womans managed to rack up more debt for aus in her brief stint as dictator..than anyone here seems to realise(the sheepies)
        some 100 mil a DAY to our debtlevels,
        our banks ARE exposed to eu/usa bankster con mens deals derivatives etc, some 14 trillion worth.
        and shes determined to push carbon taxes to finish wiping us out.
        as well as handing heaps to Green NGO and other PROwarmist shills.
        Poor Fella my Country indeed :-(

    2. I used to be one of those climate alarmists, I’ve awoken to the scam. I’ll bet a major percentage of the readers of this blog were once climate alarmists.

      1. I was once, Klem. I even wrote a book about it.

        But I woke up quite a while ago, and the more I see the more awake I become. Not By Fire But By Ice was my awakening by the way. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, Robert, this is a great book!!

  9. I tend to concurr with most of what was said by Burt Rutan but I would suspect that in non glaciated and non tropical areas plant species might continue to exist in micro climates where possible. It is a bit chancy of course but I think it might be possible. That being said I think the top third of the USA will be ice sheet, the middle could be tundra and the southern states could wind up being a combination boreal and mixed forest and the gators and pythons will have to migrate to mexico. A bit of humor.

    1. Steven Rowlandson, with the winter that wasn’t this year in the lower 48, with the spring that is shattering high temperature records all over the lower 48, two tropical storms, one darn near a hurricane a week before the season even started, and most forecasts tending warmer that average for the forseeable future, how long will it be before “the top third of the USA will be ice sheet, the middle could be tundra and the southern states could wind up being a combination boreal and mixed forest”??? I contend that we really have nothing to be concerned about in regards to an ice age. I do wonder that the northwest seems to be tending cooler while the southeast and south seems to be tending warmer.

      1. Dale,

        You’re confusing weather with climate. Yes there have been some local contrary weather events, but world-wide the trend is cooler, and a return to a full-blown ice age would see the US and Canada buried in snow and ice, just as it has been in the past.

        There is no indication of it right now, because it’s still in the process of happening.

  10. Burt Rutan is a smart guy– he definitely does not have a reputation for “wild accusatory” statements. His healthy skepticism is refreshing among the “smart elite”– which means he will suddenly find himself uninvited to swanky parties among some of his peers– which I’m sure he won’t be found crying in his beer over.

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