Deformation of entire El Hierro Island due to rising magma

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Possible upcoming submarine eruption in the Canary Islands.

Since 12:40 UTC, a strong tremor signal and many stronger quakes have been recorded. A series of about 10 strong volcanic quakes (probably well >M2.5) occurred between about 13:00-13:10. Magma is moving again, but we have to wait to see the location of the quakes.

A new press release by the government admits that deformation of the island due to magma pressure is strong. It was kindly translated by Earthquake-Report:

“We have observed a deformation of the entire island. The center of the deformation originates in the present earthquakes area.

The energy release and ground deformation show an acceleration of the active magmatic process on the island of El Hierro, according to information forwarded by the National Geographic Institute at the direction of the Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic risk (PEVOLCA)

The total cumulative displacement from 24 June to 24 hours yesterday, is about 3-4 cm in the horizontal components and 4-5 cm in the vertical component.

See entire article:
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9 thoughts on “Deformation of entire El Hierro Island due to rising magma”

  1. El Hierro stopped dead today.

    The 4.2 I reported earlier was followed about 2 minutes later by a 2.5 and then nothing over 2.0 for the rest of this day.

    If you look at the seismogram for today you can see there are only very small quakes after that 4.2/2.5

  2. Note: as well as this..the incoming geomagmetic storm from M class solar flares- Two happened and more quite probable..isnt going to smooth things much, make it more probable in fact.
    I also noted a 6+ quake on the Kamchatka peninsula, and one near the pacific island yet again. yesterday/day before on USGS site.

  3. You mentioned waiting for the locations. I have been keeping a record of the Mag 2.0+ quakes from EMSC (I record all quakes worldwide) and I have compiled a Google Earth file of 2.0+ quakes up to 10:00 Hrs today 30th June if anyone is interested.

    El Hierro group kmz for Google Earth

    The quakes are split into days so you can switch days off and see how the movement progresses.

    So far there is very little submarine element. This all looks to be on land.

    I also keep a running page here which gets updated around 10:00 UTC daily.

    There is an animation of the quakes there as well. (Just off to update that now)

    1. And get ready to clear the coastlines of the other nearby islands. If we get a slide like St.Helens into the water it could generate quite a large tsunami.

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