Flat and declining temperature trend since 1998.

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This graph from NOAA, which NOAA provided to the Oregonian, shows a flat and declining temperature trend since 1998.

Of course they had to temper this information by saying that “the globe has still been relatively hot.” Maybe they hope their words will help them ignore the graph.


Thanks to Bill Gannon for this link

18 thoughts on “Flat and declining temperature trend since 1998.”

  1. I suspect that the Cordilleran is at the leading edge of change within the Quaternary. Something about the cryological behavior there may constitute a global trigger. If a “local” ice age starts in the Cordilleran, a global one may be sure to follow.

  2. CNN recently had an alarmist article with some scientists from NOAA saying we were near a “tipping point” for runaway warming. I posted a comment with a link to the UAH satellite data showing there has been no temperature increase since 1998. Comments were moderated, and they refused to post it.

  3. To get those “highest average temperatures,” the NASA/NOAA ouija board team manipulates historical temperature data, cooling the past and warming the present.

    The Global Historical Climatology Network is a joke. It manipulates raw data through a process of homogenization prior to its use by others.

    The data from many sites is skewed by the urban heat island effect. In many regions, there are no temperature-recording stations, so NASA/NCDC simply interpolates (i.e. invents) data based on the readings from stations hundreds of miles away.

    The Climategate emails reveal that climate scientists may have committed a felony using government funded money by skewing valid temperature readings to fabricate their desired result — a warming planet.

    1. Well so what if its been the warmest recorded 10 years, when the historical record only goes back to 1850? The entire enterprise is a joke.

  4. Have you considered the melting ice cold, carried South by Kuro-Shivo courrent? By the way its speed has increased lately.

  5. I see this as significant proof that the “Green House Theory” fails. Carbon Dioxide, the “All Tooted Green House Gas” continues to increase while the temperatures are decreasing. Obviously, other factors, such as the Sun, volcanoes, and the oceans have much more influence than the miniscule amounts of trace gases in our atmosphere. The sooner we spread the truth the sooner nations will stop wasting billions trying to stop a natural event.

  6. The long weekend of may 24 victoria day here,south ontario can,2002 and 2003 turned out to be the coldest near summer weekends in my lifetime,it was 0 to 1 degree ice pellets some wet snow,that was extremely cold for this part of canada…considering the lattitude is that of northern california and only 600feet above sea level,in the lower great lakes!!!

  7. Dont worry about Oregon, once the climatologists are finished adjusting the Oregon temps, 15 out of the last 13 years will be warmer than average.

    1. I don’t worry about Oregon, I live below the ice line from the last ice age and where 10 degrees warmer won’t kill anyone – talk about a great place to live!! I may survive whatever comes down the pike!

  8. But of course there will be no mention that world temps have been much colder and much warmer in Earth’s history with wild and rapid natural shifts in climate commonplace and therefore there is absolutely nothing alarming about current “climate change” except that the planet is due for an ice age, which is alarming especially since our so-called “leaders” have not planned for a colder climate whatsoever.

  9. Sharishark
    I believe that you will find that during previous little ice ages the temperatures fluctuated like a woman in menopause. Back to the books.

    1. I know that, I am just making fun of the AGW folks who say every cold temperature is just weather fluctuations and every warm temperature is AGW. The weather fluctuates all the time – here in Oregon we have a saying – “if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes”

  10. Yeah – but that only works for cooler temperatures – every one of those warm temperatures is global warming not weather!!

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