Mt Washington B.C. ski area open today and tomorrow

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In the middle of June! Happy Fathers Day!

“Mount Washington on Vancouver Island is open for skiing this week end and they have a 1.5 meter snow base, says reader Steven Rowlandson. Here is the link for anyone interested in checking it out.

Thanks to Steven Rowlandson for these links


5 thoughts on “Mt Washington B.C. ski area open today and tomorrow”

  1. So many people today mindlessly believe whatever the mainstream media, politicians and fraudster “scientists” such as Al Gore and David Suzuki tell them. They watch the weather report and believe it’s getting hotter in the world but pay no attention to the longer winters and cool rainy summers. They do no research of their own. I call them; “Climate Zombies.”

  2. Given that Mammoth Mountain, California has been open on the 4th of July several times in the past 40 years, I fail to understand quite how stunning this report is.

    Is this the first time ever?

    1. This in a world where children weren’t supposed to know what snow looked like? What’s stunning, is how many lies we’ve been told about so-called global warming.

    2. No Rhys this is the 3rd year its happened that I know of and last year It was open for skiing on Canada day or july 1st.
      I am trying to watch the situation to determine if there is a trend towards snow being present on the mountain through out the summer and in greater amounts. If it happens it could indicate the approach of an ice age. It may not be a perfect technique but one has to start some where. In the last 3 years the peak mid mountain snow base has been 701 cm, 711cm and 691 cm and last years record has never been exceeded in the 34 year history of the resort to that point.

  3. The snow melt has been very slow this year due to cold temperatures. They had frost at many locations in BC Friday morning, and snow on the highway west of Kelowna the week before:

    Meanwhile, Vancouver’s current temperatures are on track to make this June, the coldest on record.

    As of Wednesday, this month’s mean temperature — an average of the coldest and warmest temperatures each day — was 13.2 C. That’s a substantial drop from 2011’s mean temperature of 15.3 degrees.
    You have to go all the way back to 1971 to find a “Junuary” even close to being that chilly, when the mean temperature was 13.5 degrees. The mean June temperature has dipped below 14 degrees six times in Vancouver since records began in 1937.

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