Must See Video: Reporter’s Epic Anti-Global Warming Monologue

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“Should we stop living like man or start living again like cave-men? Or even like animals?”

Look, the debate is not settled…. The Earth warms and cools over time. Anyone whose heard of the ice ages, knows that’s true.”

“Normal people are not buying it…. People are sick of the propaganda, sick of being told what to think and sick of being told that we are in a perpetual crisis and I think people are sick of high energy prices, high gas prices for your car, high power prices at home. And we’re sick of the hypocrisy of David Suzuki with his 3 homes lecturing the rest of us to cut back.

“Is the Earth warming right now? Has it actually been cooling since 98? And if its warming or cooling, why? Was it really because you and I drove to work instead of bicycling or does it have to do with, oh, maybe the sun? Or are there natural processes that dwarf any impact that man could have?”

And even if the world is warming and even if we caused it, well what should we do about it? Should we de-industrialize? Should we stop living like man or start living again like cave-men? Or even like animals?

If the above video doesn’t work, you can see it here along with the full text:

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21 thoughts on “Must See Video: Reporter’s Epic Anti-Global Warming Monologue”

  1. AGW is a MASSIVE fraud cooked up over years by the likes of Paul Ehrlich & Enron/ALGORE. They have injected it subtlely & stealthily into the American education system til it dominated virtually EVERY element of academic thinking, from university physics to GARDENING for crying out loud. It makes otherwise-intelligent sounding folks sound like psychotic schizophrenics, with their voices echoing all the way down that “mental rabbit hole”. Folks like Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber are what’s found at the bottom of it.

  2. To Lemon: Name calling is beneath the sharing of ideas on this particular website, however I concur with your analysis of his diatribe. Or, he doesn’t understand the definition of psychopath or schizophrenic.

    To Neil Love: Where in the Bible was God ever called “she”??

  3. I Watched a John Lennon interview the other night what was interesting about it was the interviewer asked John what his thoughts were on over population. This was in 1972, 40 Years ago and they still bring up the same BS. We need more high profile people like Lennon and others alike to stand up and say what they belive and really think again and not give a s__t what others may say or think about them.

  4. Mr. Levant’s piece on global warming was superb. Part of the problem is how people who don’t possess the ambition to review geologic charts, quickly beleive politicians who want to offer more tax money which does not exist to solve an unsolveable proplem. They are doing a disservice to themselves and others.
    Those who follow the money thru academia, politicians and the unknowing, can easily sort out the nonsense in all of the global warming crisis by seeing who will benefit of from such a huge scam.
    Those who wish to pay more of what they earn to the AGW group or purchase carbon credits are free to cut a check anytime they wish. I choose not.


  5. Simple Facts, Heat=Energy & Energy=Life ~ Cold Kills and CO 2 is your Friend, if you are part of the Carbon Cycle, that is.

  6. Neil Love is a moron – which is not a psychiatric disorder, but an intellectual one. Unabomber material between his dumbo ears.

  7. If you are of the opinion that man is evil and needs to be extinct, why don’t you get on a plane to Alaska and go feed yourself to the polar bears! After all they are starving! Every time a see that poor bear stuck on the ice I want to cry! NOT!

  8. Does human activity effect climate? Yes. Urban islands have a great impact on local climate. So does deforestation cause local climate change, and probably a more extended area of change as well. Does an ox farting in the Himalayas REALLY intensify hurricanes in the Atlantic? You be the judge, I won’t waste my time.

    And speaking of the cry about Atlantic hurricanes, I keep hearing that there are more of them and more intense ones. Yet if you take out satellite data and go back to the patterns by which we found and tracked hurricanes, I am willing to bet there would be far less of each reported today. It isn’t about the increases of storms, it’s about the capability of spotting and tracking them. And even Katrina, with its power and financial impact, did not plow ashore with the same power that Camille did in the 60s, but because of where it hit and how much more densely we have built, coupled with the housing bubble’s inflated prices – I wonder what the assessed damage would have been in today’s housing market? – we are told it was so much worse. Let’s face it, they spot and track cat 5 hurricanes that don’t even approach the shipping lanes, much less landfall, and disippate before they do, and who knows how many happened in the 50s and 60s that would have bloated the numbers, had we had satellites back then.

    Yes, I am sick of the AGW cry and I am too aware the reason behind it is population reduction by stripping the middle class and below of resources to survive the oncoming cold age, be it an ice age or something less. Too bad we didn’t have governments that were more interested in supporting their people than supporting their big time campaign donators.

    1. To TomO: Re, in your first sentence: “Does human activity effect climate?”

      According to the dictionary, effect is a noun, “something that is produced by an agency or cause; result: consequence”.

      Affect is a transitive verb: a verb accompanied by a direct object and from which a passive can be formed, as deny, rectify, elect.”

      Grammatically, the sentence should have the word affect in place of “effect”.

      1. Ok, Annonymouse, you may be right. But does it really matter that much? Of course, you realize that you sound pedantic, but I like your name, and in truth I myself sometimes confuse effect / affect, if not cause / effect, so I appreciate the educational aspect of the point you made.

  9. Either one is a psychopath or one is a schizophrenic. One cannot be both. We are all either one or the other. If one is not a psychopath, then one is a schizophrenic. On the other hand if one is not a schizophrenic, then one is a psychopath. We all fall into one diagnosis or the other. No one escapes this bi-polar insanity. Insanity is ubiquitous. Insanity is the very essence of our human [neurosis] psychosis. Just being a human being is by its very nature utterly completely insane ! Now do you understand why it states in the Bible that when GOD created man she regretted doing so ? Indeed men are called “men” because they are obviously “mental”. Having such a large brain is without doubt the root of this insanity. In the longer term and in the broader perspective I suspect that human beings are not going to make the grade. We human are the disease that will end up causing the death of every living thing on this planet.

    1. Neil the problem might be worse than you think. Humanity might not be one species, but a variety of subspecies in competition for resources and dominance.
      If you do a search for Micheal Bradley and check out his website there are some essays on his thoughts on modern humans and neanderthals that you might find interesting.
      I don’t agree with everything he says but some things are food for thought.

      1. To Steven Rowlandson:

        Thank you very much for the link. This subject is one that is vitally important in interest to me. The two books, The Iceman Inheritance and Chosen People from the Caucasus, I had not seen offered anywhere else and look to be fascinating. I ordered both.

    2. … And, a carbon tax is the only cure for the disease Neil?

      Plants use carbon dioxide for respiration and release oxygen. Humans breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

      Unfortunately, like most taxes the call for a global warming tax is about control because the science story behind it just isn’t true. Most of the news concerning what humans should do next to fix global warming is from the politicians who WANT the carbon tax.

      If the global warming nazis arguments were true, then the Earth’s orbit along with all the other planets’ orbits don’t change. AND Galileo & Newton are then wrong. However, Jupiter’s orbit is currently bringing it closer to Earth’s. Its a cycle. Ice Ages come and go because of cyclic changes in the Sun’s output of solar radiation and changes in the planets’ orbits. However, human life spans are far too short to comprehend the extent and magnitude of how these cycles affect Earth.

      As the founder of the weather channel John Coleman stated regarding global warming; “It is the greatest scam in history.” Those going along with the IPCC’s agenda are drinking the kool-aid or part of the propaganda team; ie: Michael Mann.

      The bottom line is Statism as we know it is falling apart and only continued increases in taxation or austerity measures; regardless of the lies calling for them, is the only way Statism continues to survive. The elitist banking class starting with the Rothchilds has been destroying world economies to subjugate the masses under a one-world government. You can only accomplish this if enough of the populous is too poor to fight back. In Greece currently where the populous is TOO poor to fight back against the austerity they DON’T want and have not the military power to fight it either, they are being subjugated by not Government force, but by the Elite Banking Class. This is why Techocrats have been installed in positions in Greece’s government. Technocrat is a fancy name for banking executive.

      It was never about the environment, it was always about getting more of yours and my money and taking away liberties in the process.

      Propagandists shout to blur the truth. Why are they propagandists? Their funding comes from the State.

      Anyone who calls humans a disease is a narcissistic sociopath.

  10. “Should we stop living like man or start living again like cave-men? Or even like animals?”

    I think that if real estate prices don’t collapse or if we have an ice age quite a few of us might wind up living like cave men or animals.

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