Wind Power Fraud

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“Wind power facilities will consume more than 3 times the energy they will ever produce.”

“Everyone believes alternative energies are the answer to all our power problems, with wind power leading the way,” says professional engineer Charles S. Opalek.

“The truth is: Wind power is unsustainable and a total waste of resources.”

“Wind turbines have an embarrassingly low Energy Returned On Energy Invested value of 0.29. The manufacture, installation and operation of wind power facilities will consume more than 3 times the energy they will ever produce.”

“The dirty little secret about wind power is its Embodied Energy Analysis proves the Energy Returned On Energy Invested is not in the fantasy teens, but is less than one. Wind power is simply unsustainable.”

Nor is wind power is clean, says Charles. “It takes a lot of dirty energy to make the materials, manufacture and install a wind turbine facility.”

Charles S. Opalek is a registered Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been practicing engineering since 1965, and has been in private practice since 1987. Much of his background was in power generation. He is an active consulting engineer to architects, designing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems for industrial, commercial and residential projects.


17 thoughts on “Wind Power Fraud”

  1. Where did 0.29 come from? How was it calculated? Where is the reference for the peer-reviewed article this work comes from? If it is true, then these are very publishable results! I am quite happy to discuss these results in more detail if they were corroborated properly by fellow scientists/engineers. Scientific statements are not confirmed by short paragraphs about engineers professional credentials and 3-yr Bachelor degrees.

  2. Oh, you mean those raptor killing things? All they manage to do is mangle or large soaring birds. I happen to like birds of prey. So I hate those things!!

  3. For 1 Megawatt, windmills require 240 acres; solar, 20 acres, nuclear, 1 acre. Wind and solar are available 25% of the time; nuclear, 95%.

    Life cycle costs per kWhr: HYDRO – 3.3¢; NUCLEAR – 3.5¢; COAL – 4.1¢; Natural Gas – 5.2¢; WIND – 4.3¢; SOLAR – 7.7¢;

    Current lies by alarmists:
    Earlier lies by alarmists:

  4. like you said green energy is not effective on large scales so why does our govt.waste tax dollars on something that does not help us with our current problem’s It’s Nat gas and other investors & company’s that are making a difference taking the next step towards helping us & them meet our energy needs,job growth,cleaner energy & meeting our energy needs.I call it the natural progression of energy which I believe has been set behind in this country by at least ten years why because we insist on buying it over sea’s due to govt preventing us to explore our own resources.

  5. Simply announce on the weather forecast each evening how much electricity will be available from wind power that evening

    I suggest saying what you can have for tea ( dinner for those in the USA)

    So for example if there is no wind it will be a salad day

    Slightly more wind will be a boiled egg

    I suggest a simple set of 5 menus and in a howling gale you can have CHIPS ( French fries if your in USA)

    Salad will soon lose its attraction when it’s -5 outside

    Simple really

    Andrew greenough

  6. My father designed a wind turbine and did UK location studies back in the 1980s. His main objections were the lack of suitable wind (about 80% of the time) and the distance from population centres, causing big transmission losses.
    After the initial set-up cost by the tax-payer they then cost around 3X the unit price of power from conventional generators.
    As an engineer he said that wind had only limited remote area applications and was best suited to pump storage of water.

  7. Maybe they are not sighted correctly-if they are moved to parliament house all the hot air and B.S. will surely power these air mills.

  8. Wind power is not economically viable. Furthermore, “Smart Grids” now have to be built to utilize this overpriced, unreliable power source that will cost all of us billions more. Moreover, the amount of CO2 created manufacturing and constructing the “Statues of Man’s Stupidity” (Wind Machines) far exceeds the claimed reduction. Obviously, these “Green Baggers” can’t do math. Of course, the big “Kicker” is that most are foreign made, so the “Job Creation” is in other countries, not the USA!
    We need to control our “National Dept.” without wasting billions foolishly!
    Vote the bums out!

  9. In Washington state the government forced a man to not build his home on his own property because they thought the house “might” be visable to people visiting Columbia River Gorge. Today there are probably over 1000 of these obscenely ugly and promonently visible bird killing energy and tax money wasting wind turbines. What happened to the protection of the gorge???

  10. —the price for used metals is currently pretty high. It might do away with the financial crisis if all windmills were pulled down and sold!

  11. Don’t forget to add all the extra gas the load balancing stations need to use to smooth out this highly erratic input to the system.

    1. not factoring in the cost of manufacture & installation would yield a false result! even taking that approach, I’m sure there is maintenance involved. & it doesn’t happen for free!!

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