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Arctic supply ships stuck in “brutal” Bering Sea ice

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The ice is so thick that it’s closing in around icebreakers before other ships can follow.


Canadian Icebreaker - Courtesy CCG

“Brutal sea ice conditions that northwest Alaska battled all winter haven’t receded in parts of northern Canada,” says this article from CBC News.

“Two resupply ships are stuck waiting at the mouth of Frobisher Bay in Iqaluit because of tough ice conditions. Frobisher Bay is an inlet of the Labrador Sea.

“In June, winds and currents pushed heavy ice in to the area, CBC News reported on Wednesday.

“Now, two Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers are trying to punch a path through for the resupply vessels. However, the ice is so thick that it’s closing in around the icebreakers before the other ships can follow.”

This is mid-July!

Whatever happened to that “ice-free Arctic” that we keep hearing about?

See entire article:

Thanks to Bill Gissel for this link

“NASA reported that June was the fastest ice melt on record in the Arctic, but this seems to say otherwise,” says Bill.

“Flashback to 2008,” says reader Don Bishop. “Icebreaker stuck in ice; how ironic.” Funny, isn’t it, how icebreakers keep getting stuck in Arctic ice that doesn’t exist.

Cold Irony: Arctic Sea Ice Traps Climate Tour Icebreaker

Cashing in on the panic that has set in with the help of some climate alarmists, tour operators began offering polar expeditions catering to that “see it before it’s gone” travel worry. One of them was a trip though the Northwest Passage on a former Soviet Icebreaker called the Kapitan Khlebnikov,  a massive 24,000 horsepower Polar Class icebreaker capable of carrying 108 passengers in relative luxury through the arctic wilderness.

“What irony,” wrote a passenger. “ I am a passenger on one of the most powerful icebreakers in the world, travelling through the Northwest Passage – which is supposed to become almost ice-free in a time of global warming, the next shipping route across the top of the world – and here we are, stuck in the ice, engines shut down, bridge deserted. Only time and tide can free us.”

I originally posted this article on 27 May 2008:

Thanks to Don Bishop for reminding me of this

12 thoughts on “Arctic supply ships stuck in “brutal” Bering Sea ice”

  1. Robert,
    I have spent a number of years in the Artic, and a great deal of that time underway on Coast Guard vessels. It is very common that broken ice can surround an icebreaker at the stern.
    Most ocean vessels are not made for ice at all. Their framing is too weak, the bow plating is too thin, the hulls and props do not have the proper design, and their engines are too small.
    To put this situation in a relative view, it takes only a small of ice to stop their travel. They would risk damage and worse if any risky attempts were made to travel into this ice.

  2. frederik..more like a very self obsessed pschycopath working for noaa, and a lot of his agenda driven mates trying to keep the agw lie going to scare truly ignorant pollies like sotero and the Aus Liar G..
    and the sheepies who take as gospel(and it IS a religion) what they are served up on TV and media by talking heads with the collective IQ of a box of rocks!

  3. It’s the ice breaking and land use change that is a sensible explanation for the 1 c warming over the past 100 years. Knowing we added urban land use the size of France and Germany (or more) and use these ice breakers (get 2 tupperware containers and freeze the top layer a third of an inch. cut the ice in half in one and leave it alone in the other and watch it melt), that’s my opinion of where at least some of the warming is from

  4. Amazing. I didn’t think it is that bad when I read about a week ago that the SHELL oil drilling is delayed because of heavy ice.

  5. Please take a close look at the satellite pictures of the arctic ice at and notice a remarkeable difference netween the observed sea-ice by satellite and the calculations and maps of noaa plus the seasurface temperatures by unisys .
    Question : Are some overmotivated followers oF BarAck OBAMA trying to do him a favour by manipulating the records towards a favourable outcome for the warmistas ?

    1. What do you mean, you think that they are manipulating data. Our governments would never do that, they would never tell us a lie, never. And yes I believe in Santa Claus

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