EPA Gives Grants To China, Closes US Coal Plants – Short Video

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Rep. Morgan Griffith Questions EPA About Grants to China for Coal Production

“One of our concerns has been … with so many regulations coming from so many parts of the EPA and other agencies … that we’re actually sending lots of jobs overseas,” says Rep. Griffith.


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11 thoughts on “EPA Gives Grants To China, Closes US Coal Plants – Short Video”

  1. The corruption will rot itself out; a system based on destruction and not production can’t sustain itself. Don’t fear the looters – fight them with your minds. They are the immoral ones.

  2. The US company Caterpillar owns FG Wilson, the generator-making company in Northern Ireland. Today they announced 760 job losses which followed about 160 jobs lost in July. Next year hundreds of more jobs are to go at FG Wilson, to facilitate the transfer of much of their manufacturing capacity to China. This has been a devastating blow to our small private sector economy. Come Christmas people will discover that some 90% of the presents bought will have been manufactured in China.

    The way things are going, in a few years time, we’ll all be existing on government handouts.

  3. They see the hypocrisy. They are not stupid. They are duplicitous and disingenuous and they do have their own twisted agenda. Defund them. Turn their alleged responsibilities over to state agencies and do it today.
    Nov 6th. R&R. They ain’t perfect but they beats the pants off what we got now.

  4. America are already a Chinese colony, only thing left is to take over with their superior military power. Russia will probably strike at the same time, taking down northern EU as finland and sweden on their way to the northeastern USA. I think it all begins with Israel attacking Iran.

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