Photo Courtesy Nakiska Resort

Earliest opening of a ski resort in Canada ever

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Nakiska ski resort owes earliest open ever to massive early snowfall (Alberta).

Photo Courtesy Nakiska Resort

“In fact it’s never happened before in Canada,” said Matt Mosteler, a spokesman for the resort. “It’s the earliest opening of a ski resort in Canada ever.”

“Iit’s mid-winter like,” he added. “It’s incredibly amazing because it feels like January. You look around and the surrounding mountains are all white, the trees are loaded with snow — it’s just really cool.”

This is the second season in a row that Nakiska has been able to open its ski runs for the Halloween weekend, and the second year in a row that it was the first resort in Canada to open. This year’s announcement beat last year’s by just one day.

Alberta residents are digging out from 12 cm of snow reported at Calgary airport, between 5 and 15 cm of snow across all of Southern Alberta, and locally higher accumulations in some areas, around 20-25 cm.

Lets hear it for global warming

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6 thoughts on “Earliest opening of a ski resort in Canada ever”

    1. Snow here too in the central Grampians of Scotland, down to 140 metres. This is not by any means unprecedented, but it’s not frequent. We had this in 2009 and 2010 followed by cold winters. Indeed in 1981 it was followed by record cold.

      1. You see the trend here? 2009, 2010 and 2012. In three out of the past 4 years you have had early snow. The only other date you mention is 1981 that being a warning of what was to come.

  1. The “spokesman”–does he realize the portent of his statement? “Cool” he says! I wonder if he knows the definitions of “cold”, “real cold”, & “colder than hell.” I don’t know how old he is, but he may be looking them up in a year or two. Fiddlin

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