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“Albania has a “cold snap” now, too,” says reader Argiris Diamantis. “The first snow has fallen there quite early this year.”

The first snow has fallen in the district of Kukes. The snows covered the areas over 1500 meters above sea level, approaching the villages of Shishtavec, Kalis, Gryke, Cajë, Arrën, Topojan, Zapod and several others.


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands for this link

“The whole Northern Hemisphere is experiencing ‘cold snaps’ at the same time,” says Argiris. “Whatever happened to global warming?”


One Response to Early snow in Albania

  1. Rosco says:

    Snow in Europe over 1500 metres in October isn’t news.

    Snow in Australia in October where the highest mountain is less than 2300 metres is !!

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