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Up to 50 cm (19½ inches) of snow fell in some parts bringing power cuts to up to 50,000 households in the Isere region in the Alps.

“C’est l’hiver avant l’heure;” or ‘it is winter before it should be’, was one local person’s reaction to heavy snow falls which have hit eastern parts of France.

Authorities have issued an “Orange” warning, the second highest alert, and rescue services have been fully mobilised.

Of course the media labels it a “cold snap.”


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands for this link


3 Responses to France – ‘Winter before it should be’

  1. Perdavid says:

    This is not intersting! It’s all about Star Wars Hurricane Sandy and the Laser Saber fight between two candidates in the crumbling empire of USA. Bleh!

  2. N Jowsey says:

    I have family who live in France who said that on Thursday it was 21 degrees Celsius and by Saturday it was snowing and lying on the ground, and this is definately early for this type of weather in France.

  3. F. Guimaraes says:

    A “cold snap” over the entire N. Hemisphere, how funny is that? The snow over US is being called “Sandy snow”, hehe,
    but what about Europe and Asia? Sandy was not there.
    If I had to give a name I’d call it “Sun snow” because there is where the cause of our present climate change is.

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