Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy’s Message to America

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Ultimately, while millions of Americans light candles in the dark or hope their flashlight batteries hold out, we have to ask WHY the Obama administration has waged a war on the provision of electricity.

Hurricane Sandy’s Message to America

By Alan Caruba

When Mother Nature demonstrates her extraordinary power, I always hope that people will draw a lesson from it, but they never seem to. Hurricane Sandy is just the latest example of the futility and foolishness of thinking that humans can do anything about a hurricane or similar demonstration of who is really in charge. It is the planet. Not us.

This suspension of common sense is worsened when our President goes on television, as he did last Friday on MTV, to say “I believe the scientists, who say that we are putting too much carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and it is heating the planet and it is going to have a severe effect.” This is literally junk science, long since debunked by legions of scientists who know that carbon dioxide has nothing to do with the Earth’s temperature. The planet has been in a cooling cycle since 1998.

I keep hoping, too, that lacking the vital lifeblood of our nation–electricity—millions of people sitting around in the dark will ask themselves where it comes from, what generates it, how does it get to their home, and perhaps even why its cost keeps increasing even though the U.S. sits atop enough coal and natural gas to provide affordable power for two hundred years at current consumption rates.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) in March of this year electricity from coal has fallen from 50% production to less than 40% by the end of 2011. Other sources include natural gas at 26%, nuclear at 22%, hydroelectric at 7% and “other” was said to be 6%. It should be noted that oil is a transportation fuel and not used to generate electricity. I believe that the amount that solar and wind produces is more likely closer to three percent. It is unreliable and uncompetitive and requires a traditional plant as backup when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun is obscured by clouds and, of course, at night.

Not surprisingly, the environmental organizations such as Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club are already beating the drums about “climate change”, asserting “unpredictable, extreme weather.” The planet is always in a state of climate change if for no other reason that it is subject to the seasons. Blaming extreme weather on “climate change” is just a code for keeping the “global warming” hoax alive. The only reason President Obama talks about climate change is his hope that a carbon tax can be imposed to raise more money for the government to waste.

Electricity is not magic. Some form of energy must be burned to generate it and then it must be transmitted by a huge, very old grid to consumers.

In January of this year, The North American Electric Reliability Corporation warned that the reliability of the grid was in jeopardy. Thanks to the Obama administration’s (i.e. EPA) relentless attack on coal, the NERC noted that beyond the 38 gigawatts of electricity capacity that has already been announced to retire, it estimated that another 35 to 59 gigawatts will come off-line by 2018 depending on the “scope and timing” of EPA regulations. If you think the downed lines that Hurricane Sandy will produce are a problem, consider a future in which the electricity they are supposed to distribute will be significantly reduced.

What most Americans don’t know is that coal is the fuel of choice to generate electricity in many other nations of the world. Just five years ago it produced fifty percent of our electricity, but today it is less than forty percent, the lowest share since data began to be collected in 1949.  For example, China’s coal consumption grew 9.7% between 2010 and 2011. Last year China consumed 49% of the world’s coal supply. India’s coal consumption increased 9.2%

While the President blathers on MTV about CO2 emissions, my friend Dr. Jay Lehr, the Science Director of The Heartland Institute, dispatches that nonsense noting that “A simple volcanic eruption will cancel a decade of effort” to reduce emissions.

“Today,” says Dr. Lehr, “it is our government that is attempting to thwart our energy independence by blocking nearly every effort to develop our resources through completely unreasonable restrictions placed on us by the EPA and the Department of the Interior, and horrible policies of the Department of Energy which choose to throw unconscionable sums of money at renewable energy projects…”

Ultimately, while millions of Americans light candles in the dark or hope their flashlight batteries hold out, we have to ask WHY the Obama administration has waged a war on the provision of electricity.

This is a deliberate policy to weaken the nation’s capacity to function at every level and yet we are days away from an election where millions of Americans will vote to reelect Obama and send his Democratic Party minions to Congress.

It is in line with the Obama administration’s deliberate policy of reducing our military capacity on land, sea and air.

The only silver lining in the distress and disruption of Hurricane Sandy may be the awakening of voters to the critical need for more, not less, production of electricity, for improvements to the national grid, for more oil production for our transportation needs, and concurrent with this, the hundreds of thousands of jobs that such efforts would produce and billions it would generate to begin to reduce the national debt, now in excess of $16 trillion.

Long ago, the cartoon character, Pogo, famously said, “We have met the enemy and it is us.”

The enemy, I would suggest, is President Barack Hussein Obama, his many shadowy, unaccountable “czars” influencing energy policies, his Cabinet Secretaries of Energy and the Interior, and the rogue Environmental Protection Agency that is set to unleash regulations that will destroy the economy, aided and abetted by the nation’s environmental organizations.

That’s Hurricane Sandy’s message to America.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

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14 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy’s Message to America”

  1. What I do not understand is that America has wooden houses, all the electrical supply are on poles and overhead etc???
    I am from South Africa and the last time I saw overhead electrical supply was in the early 60’s and now everything underground. Our “real estate” is real and solid meaning brick and concrete. We also have electric trains crossing the country and this is where the “mighty america” falls short!!!!

  2. …solar output flat lining for the 3rd straight month.

    Gee, do ya think the Sun has anything to do with this? I do.
    If good ol’ Sol wasn’t flat lining, there would be less of a gradient between Sandy and N.A.’s latest strong cold front, and we wouldn’t be seeing the early and significant snows in association with these colliding systems.

  3. You know, in an ice age, there is more of a temperature contrast resulting in more devastating storms like this.

    I tried explaining this to the AGW idiots on Weather Underground, but they just yelled at me and said I knew nothing about weather.

  4. “Why the war on the provision of electricity”? Because there is a Marxist in the White House. Control is the real issue. Control of everything, and everyone by the government. Electricity will be rationed, but first, a shortage has to be established. This is what the EPA is doing right now by shutting down coal fired power plants. Hydro electric has been targeted so the rivers can flow freely to the sea. Nuclear and natural gas are also on the hit list. Unless someone steps in and stops the government’s war on it’s citizens, prospects for affordable abundant energy are looking dim. I mean that literally.

  5. Here we go again. When O was elected, I wrote my brother that he had one aim; Bring this country to its knees! Within three years, I’ve heard more and more folks finally agreeing with me. Now I’m a 74-yr.-old hillbilly, and I live in a deep coulee out in the hills, so if I could see this coming, couldn’t more people see it? I had an old friend that said the biggest percentage of the human race was stupid, & the fact that O was elected seems to legitimize his theory. Fiddlin

  6. Politicking like this is why I rarely read this blog anymore. The politicization of science–whether from the hyper-environmentalist Left or (as is the case here) the corporate Right–needs to end. Either that, or Robert should start another blog called “The Virtue of Slavery to Shell, GE and Goldman-Sachs.” Let IceAgeNow just present the facts and data–and let readers draw their own conclusions.

    1. The corporate right? Hardly. I’m just one person working alone. No employees. No outside funding. No corporate donations. No input from outside sources other than what you see right here on the website. I started this website to report on what I see as the coming ice age, so when I see politicians doing everything in their power to deny that such a possibility even exists, and see them creating ever more obstacles to surviving such a scenario, I feel obligated to report it.

      I think we have a Marxist in the White House who is doing everything in his power to destroy our energy-producing capabilities, and therefore our ability to survive a cooling climate … to say nothing of destroying a great country.

      1. I’m with you Robert, your site is not a shill for the corporate right! In fact, the phrase the corporate right has it’s origin undoubtedly from the looney left! It should be obvious that corporations per se are made up of individuals from all kinds of political persuasions, and are not necessarily Republican, or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, or what have you. Corporations are in business to make money, the decisions they make are based on the bottom line. They act as any normal person would: making decisions that are in their(and shareholders) best interests.

        Best not fall prey to the language used by one side or the other. “The corporate right” is an example of this kind of language. Marxist language!

      2. No offense, but if you think Obama is a Marxist, you really need to look up the definition of Marxism. Hugo Chavez is a Marxist. Obama is a centrist. And understand I’m no fan of Barack Obama.

        As for this blog, I think that when it presents facts and data, it’s quite valuable. Full disclosure: I believe in anthropogenic global warming, just not to the doomsaying extent of the computer models and the “looney Left.” Physicists always said CO2 emissions would likely result in a degree or two of warming over the next century or so–just not 4 or 6 or 11 like the doomsayers and the juiced computer models say. However, I have an open mind and my opinion is subject to revision in either direction.

        As for a coming Ice Age…maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. The answer, I think, to all of this is a new Manhattan Project to research and develop thermonuclear fusion as a cheap, scalable source of energy. This addresses CO2 levels, environmental concerns, scarcity, and having to garrison unstable places around the world to ensure our oil supply, all in one fell swoop. And if Robert here is right and an Ice Age does come, we’ll have all the energy to run our furnaces that we need.

        So please, keep blogging. Just try and lay off the political jeremiads. We can find those in the mainstream media, in overabundance. What we often can’t find is the other side to the global warming controversy. That’s what makes this blog a valuable resource.

  7. Unfortunately Obamma knows nothing and is lead by his nose. People with hidden agendas to make money and not caring about their country.
    Obamie still believes in global warming and believes nuclear is more greener than coal. What an idiot must those be to believe nuclear is greener than coal? I would say yes to those countries that do not have coal, its better then to make use of nuclear. Modern technology have precipitators built in to take most of the carbon out the smoke stack or simply inject steam.
    I hope someone with brains will come into power, lighting up your coal-powered power stations and so aslo giving work to the people.
    Then there is also the Fisher-Tropps convertion the South African use since the 1960’s and make petroleum directly from coal. I do not understand a country so powerfull still make use of diesel trains,many towns still have over-head electric wires but they wont invest in the country???

  8. Sandy are coming and “it’s our fault”. People are brainwashed by unholy beings like Alex Jones and David Icke. Sure they too are against the climate change nonsense… only to gain trust amongst “truthers” to speak bigger lies. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing!

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