9 thoughts on “44 inches (112 cm) of snow in Ulm Montana”

  1. Dale, if you return to this post, and all the rest of you, check your local weather records for the 1950’s. Your weather occurring now should mirror that timeline fairly close. That is if the government hasn’t corrupted the records.

    1. Ok Bill, if our weather here in south east Texas is to allegedly mirror our weather from the 1950′s, then why are they labeling last month’s temperatures as record highs here. I’d also like to mention the asinine comments made just this morning on the Weather Channel. They’re now blaming all the extreme weather that is, and has been happening in the north east on fossil fuel burning. What a crock!!

  2. Well we had a record warm October in southeast Texas, and we are starting a record warm November too. And still no rain!! At 0600 on Sunday it is 76 degrees outside. Highs the last couple of days have been in the mid to upper 80’s, not uncomfortable, but 8 to 10 degrees above average this time of year. Supposed to finally feel a little like fall again tonight for a few days. We’ll see. Not going to hold my breath. At least I’ll get my annual taste of winter in January when I visit my in laws in Wisconsin!!!

  3. “We are getting some impressive reports of total snow amounts south of Great Falls. Ulm is reporting 48″ of snow over a 2 day period.” As reported by StormTracker Weather.

  4. Well, it’s not so much that it’s snow that’s caused by AGW, it’s the “unprecedented” amount of snow…..

    I can see the CC spin doctors working it now.

  5. I live in the Arizona highlands and enjoyed an unseasonable blizzard today. Noon high around 33. We get snow right after or right before Christmas usually.

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