Blast of winter for Canadian Prairie provinces

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Winter-like storm brings major snowfall

The storm system that blanketed parts of Alberta with up to 11 inches (30 cm) of snow earlier last week dumped similar amounts on Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and brought freezing rain to northwestern Ontario.

As of Sunday morning Regina, Saskatchewan, had about 30 cm, while Saskatoon reported a more modest, but still significant, 6½ inches (17 cm).

In Manitoba, Winnipeggers were digging out after 9 inches (24 cm) of snow fell on that city, and much of Manitoba’s southern highways were listed as partially or fully covered.

Edmonton recorded a little more than 30 cm, while Calgary had 22 cm.

I’d sure prefer global warming

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3 thoughts on “Blast of winter for Canadian Prairie provinces”

  1. I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba and it’s hardly the wide open wilderness that Loquamur suggests it is. Yes there are often Polar Bears in Churchill because Churchill lies directly in the path of Polar Bear migration! Yes there are roads which “end” in Northern locales because it is VERY expensive to lay roads over muskeg. There are a LARGE array of Winter Road systems and in summer waterways and aircraft are widely used. Every town and community has access to phones, radios, computers and televisions. We only have to check with The Weather Network or other weather stations to know exactly how much snow/rain each and every locale has recieved. There is snow on the ground throughout Manitoba but towns and villages are hardly being buried under it. We are actually quite civilized here.

  2. Let me remind everyone: “Northern Manitoba” is a formally defined region coverying nearly everything north of Winnipeg — over two-thirds of the entire province, with just over 5% of the populus.
    Wikipedia calls it “wilderness” (think of The Pas, the town where the road ends…it just ends!). The land where polar bears roam free (think of Churchill, the town famed for these big fellas).
    WHO KNOWS how much snow has fallen up there already?!

  3. I’m in Regina. We got smacked hard with a lot of snow. It shut down the city for about a day and a half- two days.

    But believe it or not, it is now melting. Yesterday and for the foreseeable future (next five to seven days) temperatures are set to hover around 0*C. It’s like spring again.

    Totally wacky weather, all over the “map”! We are stepping from one extreme into the next.

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