Britain faces coldest winter in a century

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In the first taste of what promises to be one of the UK’s coldest winters in a 100 years, long-range forecasters warn that tonight’s cold snap heralds a freezing winter ahead.

According to the Daily Mail, temperatures could plummet to minus 3°C this week and as low as minus 20°c (4°f) in some areas through December and January.

With snow already falling in the Pennines, authorities fear that blizzards could close roads and shut down rail networks as winter takes hold.

Hey, Prince Charles. How’s that global warmin’ workin’ for ya?

See photos of winds so strong that they push water back up a cliff.

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14 thoughts on “Britain faces coldest winter in a century”

  1. Next year it will be the coldest in 200 years and the year after the coldest in 300 years and then in will stay low for quite some years!!
    2014 we will be entering a Dalton or Maunder…….

  2. I’d rather be committed to the Daily Mail any time than the left wing trash that scream their sensationalist stuff on the FALSE belief on global warming, which could get millions killed.

    The timing might not be right all the time with long range forecasts, but it’s much better to err on the side of caution than to be caught with your pants down naked out in the damned country when an unexpected blizzard, zero visibility and deadly sub-zero temperatures hit you in the face.

    That reminds me once again to mention that liberalism is a mental disorder….

  3. Don’t think the weather forecasters can count years!!
    Because in 1987 in February we had a really severe winter, huge amounts of snow, temps down to -25 night and only rising to around -7oC during the day.
    Although other parts of this winter were not so cold, this spell in February where for 2 weeks solid we had snow and such cold temps that the snow in some areas was still hanging around in June.

    Although the spell was short, it was brutal, so this year needs to be worse than that for an extended period to be classed as the coldest winter in a century in my books anyway!!

    Mean while here in Japan temps for this month were I am have been running about 1.5oC below average.

  4. We were supposed to be getting colder temps now with temps going down to -20c in some locations during a long cold spell lasting at least a month. The forcast clearly show atlantic weather returning and no real sign of anything really cold.

    1. Well it was -10 here this morning and snow forecast for tonight. There might be a rise in temperature this week, but it’s not going to be warm or even mild.

  5. I just spent an enjoyable few minutes on one of the warmist propaganda sites, It seems the Canadians are cutting government jobs and some of those nobel climate scientists who brought us AGW are being excessed!!! The tone and tenor of the article were hysterical, in every sense of the word.

    It’s heartwarming to see there are already schisms in the new religion; the scientists clearly stated that Hurricane Sandy was not in their climate models, meaning that it wasn’t caused by warming. The politicians and the mainstream media believe differently. It won’t be long before the only scientists left on the warming side will start putting on serious faces, wearing long robes, and conducting silly rituals.

    The high priest of AGW, Phil Jones, recently admitted that it might get colder, because of ‘natural variability,’ before it gets warmer. That’s simply heresy. Phil will be lucky if it doesn’t get a lot warmer for him.

    My take is that the scientists see the lack of sunspots as the handwriting on the wall. And you don’t need to be a prophet to read what they’re saying.

    The real crimes are 1) they’ve stifled debate on how the sun warms and cools the earth – what the exact process is, and 2) they’ve wasted precious time and money on irrelevant subjects, while a climate catastrophe threatens.

    1. Those sunspots are going to be the absolute dead giveaway. Dalton, Maunder, Sporer here we come!

      #1 casualty of cooling will be the European Union, as the freezing UK withdraws completely over all the wacky EU land-use, farming, and food rules.

    1. Well Goerge Osborne was very honest on the Andrew Marr Show this morning and confirmed the committment to getting welfare payments down. Perhaps 20,000 is just a start.

  6. Piers Corbyn warned em yet again.
    was looking at some speccy flood snaps in wales etc yesterday, heres a link.

    yet we still have the lunatics at Doha trying to scare the witless some more to panic them into financial ties and stupid eco moves that will cause further damage death and misery as it keeps cooling.

    Living in hope of seeing Gore strong hansen mckibben robin williams and flim flannery here in aus and the rest all facing charges of knowingly causing harm and deception.

  7. Sadly the Daily Mail and the Express have both recently admitted that it exaggerates its weather related articles because they see a 10% increase in sales ever time they do it.

    I’m a big believer in global cooling but I haven’t become so by reading the UK tabloids, despite being British.

  8. TBH the people in the UK have the advantage of knowing which are the in papers and which are the useless rag bags better recycled as bog paper LOL. The Daily Mail is a cheap, sensationalist, right wing bag of rubbish which always predict nothing but chaos eg Obama is a Muslim. TBH I dont care who Kenyan Barry is. All I know is that I must research elsewhere if I want to know the truth.
    BTW CU 22nd December. The Mayan calendar may end but the wretched world wont LOL.

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