Coal company to lay off 156 workers in Utah and Illinois

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Just when we’re going to need the coal the most.

Blaming Obama’s “war on coal,” Ohio-based Murray Energy Corp. said Friday it would give pink slips to 102 workers at its West Ridge Mine in Utah and 54 at its underground mine in the southern Illinois town of Galatia.

“The American people have made their choice,” said Robert Murray, the company’s chairman, CEO and founder, who lamented the country’s direction and insisted that “the takers outvoted the producers.”

Murray, who vows that the coal industry “is being destroyed,” said U.S. coal production this year could plunge by hundreds of millions of tons, and that the Obama administration’s energy policies will lead to the closure of scores of U.S. coal-fired power plants by 2014.

During his 2008 campaign, Obama said builders of new coal-powered plants will go bankrupt from emissions standards he would enact, and electricity rates would soar.

St. Louis-based Patriot Coal filed for bankruptcy in July, while St. Louis-based Arch Coal Inc. announced in June that it would lay off about 750 Appalachian coal workers.

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12 thoughts on “Coal company to lay off 156 workers in Utah and Illinois”

  1. That’s the price we pay for voting either stupid or sitting around on our lazy butt and not voting at all. Elections have consequences. And now Americans will pay a deadly price for it. Unemployement will now skyrocket with this lunatic in the Whitehouse another 4 years, regretfully. Americans shot themselves in the stomach in 2008 and in the head in 2012.

    Layoffs are already happening – and that’s just because of the election news:
    Ding Dong – your jobs are gone !
    “Rush Limbaugh – Thu, November 15th, 2012 Morning Update”

  2. Sad news. I live in Louisiana, so there are no coal mines anywhere near me, however our state is the largest oil/gas producer in the nation if our offshore production is calculated with our onshore totals, so the importance of energy production is very familiar to me. On the note of the emissions from coal-fired electrical stations: I’ve worked in 3 different coal-fired power plants across the Gulf Coast in the last few years. At Plant Daniel in Pascagoula, MS the emissions from the stack are literally invisible….the coal burned is Powder River Basin coal from Wyoming and is top notch (Clean) coal. Again, at Plant Watson in Gulfport, MS, the stack almost appears to have nothing coming out of it at during peak hours.

    My examples are clearly subjective information and hardly scientific. Nonetheless, the fearmongering we hear from some defies the reality of simply visiting these sites to see for oneself. Both plants had 2 coal units, and 2 natural gas units. These plants are also in the sights of the anti-industrialization, traitors (who are currently conspiring for unknown groups/entities to cripple our nation and thus subjugate the people).

    The amount of capital invested in the construction and maintenance of these facilities is amazing, especially the first time you get to work in one. To think that some groups are actively working to destroy this enormous amount of capital that our nation and the world itself needs so badly, makes me sick, but also alert that their motives need further analysis.

  3. I agree with Frank its our own fault. We elected this socialist demon.
    How many Republicans didn’t vote this time? 3 million?
    This was Obama’s election to lose. We (conservatives and Republicans) handed it to him.

  4. We are getting what we deserved. We sat on our hands while a better organized, better funded and motivated party whipped our butts. We have to learn how to fight like our opponents as they do. If they call us against the environment, we have to call them against jobs. If they call us against the poor and the middle class, we have to call them against companies making more and new jobs so the poor and the middle class can do better. What do we normally do? we say, that is not right and we don’t explain ourselves and drill it over and over again like they do until the people understand. Until we learn how to fight, we will sit back and take it as we are doing it now. :(

  5. same in Aus, we have the greentards shutting down coal fired powerplants instead of promoting retrofitting clenaer tech for much cheaper costs.
    meanwhile the powercos upped the cost per KWH to close to 3x what it was with more rises coming.
    govt reckons they over spent?? on posts n wires, which is ludicrous cos the developers pay the cost as required, and if the cut production the wires wont BE used as no power to run through em.
    our insane PM thinks this is a smart move of course. avg price per unit aus is around the 30c pkwh, some more some a tiny bit less,.
    and we produce stacks of coal here.!

  6. Robert Murray claimed he would fire/layoff his employees if Obama won. I expect other coal mines to close because of the EPA emission regulations. (CO2) Unfortunately, they could close as many as 353 coal power plants, or some 59 gigawatts of electricity. (About 6-7 percent of all US power) “I see power shortages and high cost electricity on the horizon!”

    Worse yet is the recent headlines: “Climate Change: Cap-and-Trade Is Coming to California”.

    If they push this through and other states follow, then the USA will become a “Third World Country”!

    And the real “Kicker”: It won’t stop the cooling or the CO2 increases!

  7. California has started the “cap & trade” regulation of emissions – we should have fun this winter.

  8. This is a war against humanity, it´s called “climate change”. The ones behind this war couldn’t care less about nature or animals. Their homes are filled with elephant tusks and Tiger furs. Al gore are a man of sin! Hell awaits them!!!

    1. There are those who believe in GW who are well intentioned (as unbelievable as that may sound) and that is why sites like this are so important, to help people review their “beliefs” while we still have some time to think.
      The new climate has basically started a new phase in 2008 and all evidence show an acceleration of the process in the years ahead.
      The problem are the politicians who take advantage of the lack of knowledge of so many to push agendas that have nothing to do with taking care of Earth and the environment, but with the global control by a cabal that has been planing this for many decades.
      Very dark powers govern their minds and lead their actions.
      For while, we do what we do and try here and in other places to bring enlightenment to as many minds as possible.
      I stopped believing in GW and start to see the depth of the hoax in 2006, others can do the same now.

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