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With clear skies last night (Nov 11), almost 20 records were shattered in S and Cent. Alta, the coldest being Three Hills at a frigid -31C (-23.8F)!

Reader Eric Stephens saw this on his local TV station – Calgary CTV News – with weatherman Steve Rothfels.


Thanks to Eric Stephens for this link


4 Responses to Cold records shattered in Alberta

  1. Rick Fanning says:

    “I think I’ll go out to Alberta, weather’s good there in the fall” from “Four Strong Winds” by Ian Tyson.

  2. John Smith says:

    Thats cold but, how come the weather network never reports on record cold temps? Here is what they have reported on the past few days. I post on a lot of the stories too and half my posts get deleted.

    Record warmth in Atlantic Canada


    Toronto sets new heat record


    Climate Change to Stop the growth of Panda food. (I put a good comment on this one)


    Climate Change to end coffee beans by 2080


    • Robert says:

      In the article about Toronto setting a new heat record, the article concludes, almost as an afterthought, “Meanwhile, parts of the Prairies are still digging out from a blast of winter that brought up to 30 cm of snow to Alberta and Saskatchewan, prompting several accidents and road closures.” Some afterthought.

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