Record Snowfall making headlines around the country

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So much for global warming.

Nor’easter slams into already Sandy battered areas with record snowfall
Adding insult to injury and after seeing signs of recovery from last Monday’s Hurricane Sandy, a Nor’easter storm battered the same areas on Wednesday bringing a storm surge that included strong winds up to 70 mph and 13 inches of snow with police

Nor’easter brings record snow to Northeast, 8 days after Superstorm Sandy
Washington Post (blog)
Snowfall totals from Nor’easter (NWS) The powerful Nor’easter is pulling away from New England, leaving behind record snowfall totals from New Jersey to Maine. New York City’s Central Park picked up 4.7 inches of snow, the earliest 4 inch snowstorm on

Edmonton auto body shops ‘chaotic all day’ after massive snowfall
Vancouver Sun
EDMONTON – Edmonton police say roads are faring better following the city’s near-record snowfall, despite frigid overnight temperatures that left surfaces slick and icy. The number of crashes recorded so far Thursday morning is down by half compared

Record snowfalls, new power outages, flood warnings as storm slams Northeast (blog)
New York’s Central Park saw 2.8 inches, which the NWS said beat the previous record of 0.1 inches in 1878. Full NBC coverage of Sandy’s aftermath. A record snowfall of 2 inches was set at Newark, N.J., breaking the old record of a trace amount set in 1981.

773d LRS ready to tackle the snow head-on this year
Sourdough Sentinel
11/7/2012 – JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska — As the temperatures begin to drop, our windshields will begin to freeze over. As darkness takes over our days, we wonder if we are in store for another record snowfall. We are all uncertain, but

Nor’easter Dumps Record Snow on Sandy-Weary Northeast
NBC Connecticut
Nor’easter Dumps Record Snow on Sandy-Weary Northeast. Transit and air traffic in the New York area were snarled by record snowfall and gusting winds. By Colleen Long and Frank Eltman.

Weather Journal: Nor’easter Brought Record Snowfall – Metropolis
A fierce early season nor’easter is bringing record snowfall to Greater New York, aggravating recovery efforts a little more than a week after superstorm Sandy’s…/weather-journal-noreaster-brought-record-sn…


Record snowfall totals were recorded across the area: New York’s Central Park A record – Windsor, CT Patch
Photo Gallery: A Look Back at January’s Record Snowfall. A look at Windsor’s record snowfall in January 2011. NEWS; Julian McKinley; Wednesday, January 26 Time-Lapse: Athena’s Snowfall
Several people set up cameras to record snowfall as Athena blanketed the east coast. The following cameras were set up in New Jersey, New York and…41/…/time-lapse-athenas-snowfall-32083>

Record Snow as 200,000 More Power Outages Strike Northeast US
NBC reported record snowfall totals that were recorded across the area: A record snowfall of 2 inches was set at Newark, N.J., breaking the old record of a…/record-snow-as-200000-more-power-ou…Nor’easter slams into already Sandy battered areas

Nor’easter slams into already Sandy battered areas with record snowfall. Adding insult to injury and after seeing signs of recovery from last Monday’s Hurricane…/noreaster-slams-into-already-sandy-battered…


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9 thoughts on “Record Snowfall making headlines around the country”

  1. Shouldn’t this say, Record Snowfall making headlines around the World?

    Regarding the weak solar cycle, the real issue isn’t the cooling effect of less solar radiation but the cosmic ray effect. The clouds dropping all the record snow are not coming from evaporation but from cosmic rays.

    The magnetic fields of both earth and sun are not shielding this planet adequately enough to deflect the high energy particles that create clouds. Read ‘The Chilling Stars’ by Henrik Svensmark, whose work was confirmed by experiments last fall at CERN.

    1. Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery
      The Antarctic climate anomaly and galactic cosmic rays
      I think that to say that the magnetic fields of the Sun and Earth “shield” us from interstellar radiation is only approximately correct.
      I believe the fields themselves are defined “organically” (self-consistently) with the galactic radiation and that is one of the causes of the cyclical nature of some phenomena of long duration, like the ice ages on Earth, some components of the radiation of the Sun, spanning sometimes thousands of years, etc.
      I see the work of Svensmark as an important step to understand these cyclical phenomena, which unfortunately is greatly neglected by modern “science”.

  2. Soon it will become impossible to ignore the weather. However there will be those that manage to stick their fingers in their ears, make loud noises and say ‘I can’t here you lalalala I can’t here you’.
    I will not shed one single tear when the big life guard in the sky kicks them out of the gene pool for horseing around.

    1. Thanks for the link!
      The ability of Leif to change his mind about the present solar cycle, in agreement with the observed facts, only makes me admire and respect him even more as scientist.
      He used to say that the cycle C24 was comparable to C14 (at the beginning of the XX century) but the data was clearly showing important differences and (IMO) a lower trend.
      Also, the Livingston-Penn effect seems to be pointing to what they’ve predicted in their original paper: that the sunspots would virtually disappear within a couple of years.
      Leif’s chart show this very clearly,
      The only period when a phenomenon like this happened before (that we know of) was during the Maunder Minimum, therefore Leif is concluding according to the observed data and the available theory, and that’s is the hallmark of the true scientific mind.
      Now, if the analysis of Phil Rockke is correct,
      which I believe it is, then this is just another evidence that the new Ice Age, the full blown one, is knocking at our doors and will probably be fully manifested in a couple of decades.
      The information in this site is very important, but very few a really paying attention.

  3. The lamestream media presstitutes will, of course, ignore or downplay this weather event because it runs counter to the “runaway global” warming scare story.

    Instead of worrying about non-existent global warming, we should be preparing for another Little Ice Age. With the sun experiencing the weakest solar cycle in more than a century, global temperatures eventually will decline. We can only hope we’re not headed for another Maunder Minimum, which would shorten the Northern Hemisphere growing season and lead to widespread famine.

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