Severe Snow Storm Hits Northern Japan – Video

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“Winds up to 152 km/h. Snow accumulating 60 – 66 cm (25 inches) in the mountains,” says reader Argiris Diamantis. “It looks like more snow is on its way.”

Northern Japan was blasted by an intense snow storm on Tuesday causing widespread havoc to residents in Hokkaido and Northern Honshu. Winds gust up to 152 kp/h in Japan’s northernmost prefecture knocked out power for at least 40,000 residents throughout the region including the capitol Sapporo where many homes sustained damage as the heavy snow caused roofs to collapse.

The consistent snow and gale force winds also created white out conditions, making driving extremely dangerous.

Video below shows what it was like to drive in one of these snow squalls. If you’ve never driven in the snow, you’ll want to watch this.)

Hokkaido’s sea effect snow is legendary, as cold air coming from eastern Russia flows across the relatively warm Sea of Japan assisted by the Siberian high in the Northeast Monsoonal Season. This cold over warm creates an unstable atmosphere and the result is a persistent banding of snow that lasts most of the winter. Some of the world’s most notorious ski slopes are located in this region, and the world famous Sapporo Ice Festival.

This links to the video about driving in the snow:


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  1. Getting kind of jealous watching that, especially as the similarities between Japan and the UK i.e both northern hemisphere islands in between a large continent and a large ocean, you’d think the UK would get a similar type of weather in Winter but it doesn’t. I’ve seen the snowstorms Japan gets and we never get anything like this here. All we seem to get is rain or freezing cold and dry

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