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China has experienced the biggest snowfall in 52 years.

Snow caused power outages in 57 villages, brought down thousands of trees and killed numerous domestic animals.

Temperatures fell by as much as 14 degrees below zero in some areas.


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6 Responses to Snowfall paralyzes life in China

  1. Alex says:

    in about 2 weeks Europe will get this too :|

  2. Perdavid says:

    The ‘climate meeting’ in Doha are going batshit. Halleluja!!!

  3. Ian S says:

    we can only hope …. (get your christmas shopping done early!)

  4. Jay Curtis says:

    Still waiting for snow here on Colorado’s east slope. We’re getting endless days of sunny, dry and mild weather (highs in the ’60s). Looks like a repeat of last year.

  5. Kenneth Lund says:

    and it’s only November !

  6. Argiris Diamantis says:

    Xinhua 2 december says another cold front is on its way, bringing new blizzards to the region.

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