Low Temperature Record Set In Central Texas

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The official Central Texas temperature dropped to 30 degrees on Oct 28, two degrees below the previous record low for that date of 32 degrees set in 1957. (Yes, this is for Oct 28, 2012, not November 28.)

It was one of only seven October freezes on record and the fifth coldest temperature ever recorded in October at Waco Regional Airport, the National Weather Service said.


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3 thoughts on “Low Temperature Record Set In Central Texas”

  1. Evidently the last time I attempted to make a comment it wasn’t within the approved ideology. I saw it with “waiting for moderator” and then it disappeared. It doesn’t change the facts. I think this was an anomaly. September, October and half of November was warm or extremely warm compared to average temperatures in southeast Texas. And we are back into extreme drought again. This was the 3rd driest November on record. At 0855 it is 75 degrees on December 1st. This on the day of meteorolgical winter according to the meteorologist in Chicago. Droughts are in keeping with global warming or climate change. Again, global warming is real, just not anthropogenic. Hurricane season is over, and again we dodged another veritable bullet. But according to the weather experts it was another above average year. I do question the veracity of their observations of what constitutes a named storm or not sometimes.

    1. Well Kenneth… I’m sorry if I step on anyone’s toes, but I’ve been somewhat frustrated by the way the weather’s been acting here in south east Texas. We’ve mostly had record highs and I honestly can’t remember any record lows for the last decade or so. And I really should know since I’ve been keeping an ongoing record for the last 43 years here in our area. Record lows just don’t seem to occur anymore around here and last week the weather was ridiculous. I was outside trying to work on a new front porch that I’ve just about completed building and I must say it was downright stinking hot for this time of year. But I do want this global warming bunk to be nonsense and have been preaching against man made global warming for years. So I’m still hoping we’ll also see a change in our weather down here and the sooner the better.

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