UK bracing for coldest winter in 100 years

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“Britain will grind to a halt within weeks as the most savage freeze for a century begins,” says this article on

“Temperatures will fall as low as minus 20C in rural areas, forecasters warned last night, while heavy snow and “potentially dangerous” blizzards will close roads and cripple rail networks.

“We are looking at some of the coldest and snowiest conditions in at least 100 years,” said James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather. “This is most likely to occur in the December to January period with the potential for widespread major snowfall across the country.”

“Parts of the North, Scotland and eastern England are likely to experience a run of well below average temperatures, which will include some potentially dangerous blizzard conditions at times.”

He warned the South faces a bout of “unusually heavy snowfall” in December.

Leon Brown, meteorologist for The Weather Channel, said snow could arrive as early as next weekend, with temperatures falling to minus 5C in the North.

“There is a 30 per cent risk of some snow over lower levels in Scotland on Friday.”

“We are looking at January and early February for winter to really bare its teeth,” said Jonathan Powell, of Vantage Weather Services. “Extreme low temperatures in rural areas, especially in the North where minus 20C is not unlikely, with the possibility of significant snow events.”

I think we’ll be praying for global warming … and for the wind turbines to keep turning.

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34 thoughts on “UK bracing for coldest winter in 100 years”

  1. James madens forcast for last summer I thought was very good .what impressed me the most was that he got the warm spell of to a tee at the end of August.the thing is that when you sensationalise a forcast its much worse if its wrong.i think he should take leaf out of the mets book and do the old, urm…..its gona be hot but may be cold forcast.

  2. Hey extreme cold and snow….well aint that what they all say.Ive never heard if it getting as low as -20.Unless we turn out to be a moscow.If it does become that cold,that will be rough,i remember last year for a few days it went to about -9.But -20 christ.How will i take the dogs out at night….. duvet is only a tiny toddle.Ive been waiting for british gas to come round for 7 years to put the heating on….even sorted a new system put-in a few month back,but the pipe for gas to be brought to my place has been broken for so long.Parkway green said recently they will be round today monday,did they turn up still waiting,and it now is getting much colder.Fukin-hell not anothher freezing cold kitchin,3 bedrooms,hallway,ect the living room has a coal fire,so thats ok.Ill see to it getting POKED. lols……ow well maybe there will be no tornado say the bbc.Maybe that creap jimll fix it will be christmas scrooge looking for gils and lads.Now where did i see our witch,burn him alive and then put his ashess down a dirty old smelly drain.Full of shit and piss ok uk here we go snowing in manchester at xmas ow shit…Its true,what the dss paying out.Cool.

  3. As the winter gets colder and colder, the EU is busy assessing “carbon credit” taxes on air travelers. Someone ought to run those corrupt bastards out of town on a rail.

  4. Nick,
    Obviously you are a typical liberal global warming/climate change believer. The government funded so-called ‘scientists’ can’t do anything except model model model. Computers and the best programmers can’t come close to predicting anything outside their building. They ignore everything else in nature, the SUN, clouds, orbits of the planets, the OCEAN, FORESTS, WIND, etc. The models are based on a flat earth with no other outside influence. It’s just carbon dioxide and the little humans that exhailed it that in their narrow minds is causing the earth’s climate change. Get a life!! Warmists don’t create ‘models’. Warmists don’t belived in the politically driven, governmentally bought and paid for false science that butt-head and bought scientists create so that government can tax and regulate us to death. That’s all this is, another reason for the government and UN to tax and regulate the people to death. One more point…
    First there was Global Warming. When most of the people didn’t believe it and the scientists couldn’t really prove it they created this nonsense called ‘climate change.’ Well of course the climate is changing, it’s been changing since the beginning of time idiots!!! Now we have really cold weather and the global warming/climate change idiots are telling us that global warming is causing global cooling. Tell me something…
    If it gets warm again should we say that global warming is causing global cooling and that’s causing global warming?

  5. BertieFox, you (and various others) are just saying this to try and get your thoughts out there and to say ‘told you so’ if it happens!
    Truth is, the sunspot cycle (if used alone) is still weak with low solar flux, in turn it would point to colder conditions, but to be honest there are many other factors here.
    Conditions are not pointing to high pressure over europe either, that would suggest a mid latitude block, but there are no signs of such a thing as yet. But what there are signs of is disruption in the lower stratosphere and also now in the upper stratosphere too, this would lead to blocking around the arctic towards the end of this month into december, followed by milder windy conditions for western europe for a while and then possibly renewed blocking later in december.
    You are just remembering last winter (february) and somehow presuming it will happen again to an extent.

  6. Speculative nonsense, There are so many variables to uk weather, this makes it near impossible to forecast 5 days ahead let alone 2 months.

    My advice watch the BBC weather outlook. At least it’s sensible

  7. Are we in for the coldest winter in 100 years? No!
    This story comes from the same newspaper that told us we were going to get a summer long drought and the coldest May for 100 years. Didn’t they also tell us we were going to get a wonderful Tory government that would cure the recession?
    The sunspot cycle suggests that this winter should be milder than usual, though the Arctic melt has put a lot of energy into the far north which has shifted the jet stream south. This means more Atlantic depressions heading over the UK, but much more intense high pressure in continental Europe. So it could be either especially mild this winter, or with occasional extremely cold snaps. And I don’t need to claim wonderful weather forecasting knowledge to confidently predict that!

  8. “These longer range forecasts for December and January have not come from the Met Office and a look at our current 30 day forecast provides perhaps a more measured assessment of our weather prospects to the middle of December”

    “The science does not exist to make detailed forecasts for temperature and snowfall for the end of this month, let alone for December or even the winter as a whole with these types of forecasts only able to provide an indication of how our weather might change, or be different from normal, (i.e. warmer, colder, wetter, drier) across the whole UK or even Europe”

    They claim they can accurately predict to 2100, but can’t get two weeks right!

    The British Meteorological Office has a new weather-forecasting super-computer built at a cost of 41 million pounds sterling (approximately $65 million) . The computer is touted to be more powerful than 100,000 standard PCs, is capable of 1,000 billion calculations every second, and uses 1.2 megawatts of energy to run – enough to power a small town. The head of the Met office claims that this new computer “will enable the Met Office to deliver more accurate forecasts, from hours to a century ahead.”
    The new super-computer will, however, allow the Met Office to make their mistakes faster.

    1. I think the saying ‘it’s not what you got, but how you use it’ applies well here. A super computer with the same rubbish climate model based on the same rubbish calculations will still make the same rubbish predictions… just faster XD

  9. Piers Corbyn has published a picture of the Jet Stream, that has gone south in a wild way, a typical LIA pattern. If it stays like this, extreme cold weather will hit Poland, Germany, Italy and even Africa, while the UK remains relatively warm.

  10. I’ve been telling rob for over a year not to post daily express links here. In the UK the daily express is well known as baseless scare and hype rag which doesn’t bother with any evidence before printing a story.
    I don’t understand his affinity to this laughable rag. Why when there is hard evidence of snow and cold all over the world would rob feel the need to use the fiction from this toy newspaper?

  11. Thanks for those comments Nick. In my opinion they shouldn’t have been called little ice ages but rather the age of extreme weather.
    Down in Sydney where I live there were competitions from around 1810 to 1830 as to who could grow the biggest pineapples and sugar cane. You wouldn’t even attempt to grow those in Sydney in the 20th Century. But this period was also marked by huge storms, droughts and heat waves. Makes you think doesn’t it?

  12. Maddens record has been very poor last year and on some sites has been the focus of much ridicule. We never got a cold winter last year apart from a cold spell in February. There are currently no signs of this impending cold spell and I’ll believe it when I see it. For it to be coldest for 100yrs it would have to be colder than December 2010. This seems to be over exaggerated as usual.

  13. The spell is not going to last or extreme cold is not coming for the end of the or start of Dec frosty yes for a few days then mild southerlys take over for the start of December the latest climate models are now suggesting I like to see a good freeze but I can’t see happening now

  14. I usually take sensational reports from the press as just that, I think what they are describing is basically Winter, and I do not think it is unusual to get -20 most years in remote Scottish Glens, although not for long periods. I think the record was -28 in Altnaharra in Scotland

    1. People said the same thing about hurricane Sandy…”Media sensationalism!”

      Turns they should have taken the warning seriously.

      Normalcy bias is hard to overcome.

    2. In January,1982, a temperature of -29.2C was recorded in Shropshire but didn’t receive official recognition.

  15. The daily star paper also mentioned the met has been watching this and warned UK government that this freeze is coming as early as October also daily Mail covering the same story this is first time all three papers covering this its normaly only the Daily Mail the rest of the papers does nor cover this type of story so it have some heavy truth and the climate models some of them is pointing at this freeze developing

  16. well the shut down coal isnt going to help. the wood biofeed will be battling to keep feed up and resupply is iffy?
    wind is?
    a dead loss I think.
    at least with luck…they might have enough salt for the roads this time?
    now tell me how pensioners in old damp draughty homes without funds for wood or power or with power out, are going to survive??
    and the livestock they dont have shelter for??
    harvests were crappy so enough hay to both feed out and to build minishelters with , will be thin on ground I hazard.
    I DO hope the had cru mob manage to get OUT in the invisible snow to play, and to experience the absence of cold at -20…fools!

  17. I’m not sure we should be considering the newspapers’ sensationalised reporting of weather FORECASTS in these columns. The reason is that forecasts are so often wrong (and newspaper reports of forecasts are usually totally unbalanced!) and that undermines the credibility of Ice Age Now.

    Which is not to say that we won’t have a severe winter here in the UK. The reports speak of -20C (-4F) in rural areas. I live in a rural area and we had -20C two years ago. I would not be surprised to see worse this winter.

    The only long range forecaster I’ve found to be reliable is Piers Corbyn of I don’t want to give his forecast away – and he has only published up to the end of December so far. But let me hint that I am expecting the rest of November and December to be milder than the alarmist reports above, though with some very challenging weather. January onwards could see Siberian conditions – or they could be mild too. Mild winters DO occur during Little Ice Ages (LIA), as do hot summers. But they are heavily outweighed by cold weather.

    And exceptionally destructive weather in any season during a LIA – heavy snow, severe frosts, heavy rain, flooding, severe storms, giant hail, cold daytime temperatures. These can make winter very tough and the growing season very short, with disastrous harvests. BUT that is not to say THIS winter won’t be mild – or it could be the worst in 400 years! It’s just that I don’t think reporting newspaper speculation on a few forecasts helps us much either way. I’d rather discuss actual events when they happen.

    I’m also very happy to see reports of theories and discussion of how well they fit the data. If the Warmists ever produce a decent model I’d be very happy to see it discussed here – obviously their models so far have been pants! But I’m open minded enough to want to see reports of any successes they can muster.

    And I’m very happy to see discussion of how good particular forecasters are. That way we can learn whose advice to value and whose advice to ignore. For instance, I wasn’t very impressed with James Madden’s forecast last winter. But in fairness I didn’t study it in detail, and have not studied his previous record much either. So if someone can review his record on here I for one would be very grateful, and would be very happy to revise my opinion If I’m doing him an injustice, because my opinion is based on limited data in his case.

    In summary, I find newspaper speculation worse than useless because it is unreliable and designed to be sensationalist – when it is (almost inevitably) wrong it harms Ice Age Now’s reputation.

    And we need to get away from expecting constant cold or severely cold weather in a Little Ice Age – that’s not been the lesson of history, and again any milder spells immediately undermine Ice Age Now’s credibility UNLESS it’s been made clear that such mild spells – even whole years – can be expected in a LIA. Those same variations will happen in a full blown Ice Age as well, though obviously in a different part of the temperature scale! – it’s all relative.

    Whether we have a cold or a warm winter here in the UK, I hope it’s a sunny one. The last 2 days of drear here in West Wales have been, well, dreary!

  18. —I’ll believe it when I see it!. The Daily Express has been forecasting this for weeks and so far, luckily, it hasn’t happened. Yes, there has been some snow in POS (Poor Old Scotland) and in the north of England but not much.

    1. Sensational journalism that’s what it is. Less of the patronising poor old Scotland!

      Due to decades of naturally rising temperatures as well as the tabloid press assisting the Anthropologic Global Warming charlatans by sensationalising their tails of doom and gloom the general public can’t comprehend the meaning of winter.

      Those born post 1975 would be too young to notice the few harsh winters of the late 70’s whereas adults would notice that the winter struggles to work would be less frequent or heating their homes would become little less of a chore thanks to milder winters and the now standard installation of central heating within the home. Pre 1975 and children would just remember the fun of playing in the snow whereas adults would remember the frequent often treacherous commute to and from work or the shops for provisions. We have become complacent. We have fallen under the spell of the press fuelled AGW charlatans.

      Since the mid 80’s through the 90’s ‘till quite recently gone were the mornings of frost on the inside of the steel framed windows as well as the lorry drivers lighting fires under their fuel tanks to thaw out the diesel or even roads and ditches strewn with vehicles which had slithered to a rather undignified halt due to the freezing conditions. This was winter. Harsh, cold and unforgiving yet we managed. Scottish winters on the west coast were rarely difficult but temperatures of minus 15 degrees C or lower in the highlands were common place.

      Yes, I have to admit that nowadays the slightest snowfall does bring the country to a standstill yet this is not because the winters are any were near as severe as previously mentioned. This is
      because drivers who passed their test post 1985 or so have rarely driven in icy conditions and panic unfortunately at times with disastrous consequences. Older driver have become complacent or even just the fact that any driver young or old can drive like a lemming unfazed by the treacherous driving conditions. Furthermore unlike Europe we are not legally obliged to fit winter tyres therefore even if some of us did fit them we are still at the mercy of those who didn’t.

      In addition to this due to the UK being in a more temperate climate thanks to the effects of the Gulf Stream as opposed to Europe central government at Westminister (London) seem to be of the opinion that extreme cold events are rare. Therefore they don’t perceive investing in infrastructure such as localised early warning systems which sense ice forming or heavy snow clearing machines such as snow blowers and the like to keep the roads clear a priority. This in turn means that local government ie., County Councils in England and Regional Councils in Scotland have to make do with basic gritting and snow clearing equipment like snow ploughs.

      Finally, this really infuriates me. During the summer you’ll get some Wally who’ll say, “Oh, it’s warm.” And my response is, “It is summer. It’s supposed to be warm!” And “Oh, it’s awfully wet.” “Yes! It’s the west coast of Scotland, it’s meant to be wet.” Or you guessed it. In the winter, “Oh, it’s cold.” Dah! Of course it is………… It’s winter. It’s supposed to be bloody COLD! If this newspaper article rings true… Well, it is winter after all.

      1. I think you are right. I was born in the 1940’s and know what you are talking about. Yet nothing is ever mentioned about the effects of the ‘weather modification programme’ currently underway, (and has been for decades actually). We are being given the temperatures/rain/sun/snow that has been decided for us in advance. One of the objectives is to gradually eliminate local farmers and affect wildlife so we can’t produce our own food. Then the major corporations like Monsanto can take over…

        1. Although I hadn’t mentioned ‘weather modification programme’ you did and it just makes you wonder if programs like this are contributing to or exacerbating naturally occurring fluctuations weather phenomenon? This site actually ran a two part article on such programs.

          I was born in Scotland in 1965 and I recall my parents mentioning a heavy snowfall in and around the Glasgow area on the second Friday in July a few years before I was born. I dismissed this as them getting their dates mixed up. Years later, one of the staff at college recalled this whilst telling us about her honeymoon. Seemingly she had phoned home whilst basking in high temperatures in Inverness in the north and her father telling her it was snowing in Lanarkshire. A few years after leaving college the subject came up again in conversation and the old gentleman said that he had been on a building site on the south west coast and they were sent home as it was so cold.

          Now the thing is at the time it was dismissed as a freak weather anomaly which I dare say it was but was it inadvertently caused by one of these programs that you mentioned? I have seen snow and sleet fall and settle on the first and second of June before however, never this late. As I previously mentioned it was a freak weather occurrence however since then there was rumours that the RAF had been instructed to carry out cloud seeding experiments south of the border in the guise that if successful the process could be used to assist drought ridden areas around the world. Strenuously, denied as far as I can gather.

          Here is the links to the two part article.

          Part One

          Those aren’t just raindrops falling on our heads (Part 1)

          Part Two

          Be aware! Geo-engineers are ‘playing God’ with our weather – Part II

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