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“As of now, current snow and ice cover remains impressive,” says Caroline in West Virginia. “It is already WAY above average.”



15 Responses to Worldwide snow cover WAY above average

  1. John says:

    Not to shabby as its not even middle of November yet!

  2. Perdavid says:

    And yet, this is nothing compared to what will come!

  3. prestigio says:

    instead of trying to blame this
    on global warming

    why don’t we try blaming
    george W bush

    we probably have enough people
    who would believe that

    after all
    isn’t everybody
    a democrat

  4. Loquamur says:

    Remember the recent outrageous records:
    – 800+ inches at California ski lodges, early 2011.
    – July 4 snow skiing on Rocky Mt. slopes in 2011.
    – 16 feet of snow in Romania this past February.
    – Extensive swaths in Eur. & Asia of 10+ feet of snow this past winter.
    – Record rainfall amounts everywhere in N. hemisphere, 2+ yrs.
    – Cold & snow records in S. hemisphere, 2+ yrs.
    – Record early snow arrivals fall ’11 & fall ’12 throughout N. hemisphere.
    – Confirmation of a CHAIN of active underwater Arctic volcanoes off of Siberia (ending any logical suspicion of ice-melts from atmospheric causes there).
    If the pieces aren’t already falling into place for you, I suspect yer lookin’ at the wrong puzzle.

    • F. Guimaraes says:

      The oscillations in Arctic ice will end when the summers stabilize at cooler averages and this will probably happen when the AMO shifts to its next cool phase.
      This will probably happen in a couple of years, then the Arctic ice will start to grow all year long, as the Antarctic already does.

  5. frank says:

    Did you see the greenies are pushing for carbon tax aGAIN. Thank all of the people who voted for dems. You will put us in the next ice age even faster. :)

    • Johnthe1st says:

      A manufacturing group in California is suing the state over a cap and trade law they passed. They will lose. Then they will leave. California loses again.

  6. Harold says:

    This should be enough to make anybody cool toward warming.

  7. Mirco Poletto says:

    Not so bad for global warming!

  8. Laurel says:

    the cooler wetter snowier non rising seas non vanishing ice, incresing ice, you name it.
    NONE of this will impinge uponm the goracles converteds till they freeze!
    who would be deniers in truth then:-)
    we sceptics WILL have the last n longest laugh, its coming, and damn! i AM going to enjoy it heaps:-) :-)

  9. Alex says:

    Now they are saying AGW is responsible for the above average ice sheets in the antarctic.

    oh please…!

  10. Argiris Diamantis says:

    On this map some parts of Mongolia are still green. But not anymore, since the first heavy snowfall of the year blanketed the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator and was followed by a cold snap that sent temperatures to a chilling minus 28 degrees Celcius. http://www.bta.bg/en/gallery/image/429113
    With winter starting like this, January and February are likely to be quite horrible.

  11. C. Peter Davis says:

    And Winter doesn’t even officially begin until December 21! This will be one deadly winter as far as avalances, hypothermia, vehicular accidents and entire mountain villages being buried under RECORD amounts of snow.

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