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“By any measure, world temperature is declining,” says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn, who also discusses the facts and fictions surrounding climate change, and so-called melting of ice in the Arctic.

(Excerpts from video) – “The warmists, and the BBC, like talking about the Arctic to back up their delusional climate-change theory,” says Corbyn, of  www.weatheraction.com.  “They do this rather than talk abut the real weather that people experience, because what people have experienced in Britain and Ireland, is the opposite.”

“Furthermore, they now have a policy of talking about anything other than temperature, because temperatures are not rising … the world is in fact cooling … even though CO2 has been rising.”

“By any measure, world temperature is declining.”

“We are shifting towards a Little Ice Age.”

“This is because the jet stream is moving south, and has nothing to do with global warming. Their propaganda says warming is cooling. This is absurd.”

“The fact is that the jet stream moving south is a sign of global cooling.”

And when it comes to the Arctic, there is more ice in the Arctic now than there was in the minimum of 2007. This is according to official NOAA records.

“The claim that Arctic ice is shrinking is actually false.”

“We are headed towards a Little Ice Age … and the current climate propaganda is pointing us in the wrong direction.”


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23 Responses to Astrophysicist – We are shifting towards a Little Ice Age – Video

  1. Jack Hydrazine says:

    Saw this:

    Ice Seals Get Endangered Species Protection

    “Our scientists undertook an extensive review of the best scientific and commercial data. They concluded that a significant decrease in sea ice is probable later this century and that these changes will likely cause these seal populations to decline,” Jon Kurland, protected resources director for NOAA Fisheries’ Alaska region, said in a statement.

    A study published earlier this year in the journal Geophysical Research Letters warned that while the mid-winter snowfall rate is expected to increase slightly by the end of the century, Arctic sea ice is expected to start forming later in the season. This means that heavy snow falling earlier in the winter will drop into the ocean instead of piling up on the ice, the researchers said.

    Drawing on 10 different climate models, the researchers predicted that the area of the Arctic that gets 8-inch accumulations of snow will drop by almost 70 percent during the 21st century. This would significantly reduce the area where Arctic ringed seals can build sufficient caves. Earlier snowmelts and increased rainfall will also threaten to dissolve the seals’ caves before the pups are ready to venture outside on their own, the researchers said.

    • Robert says:

      Uh huh. They’re basing their decision on 10 different climate MODELS. How about looking at what is happening in the real world?

      • F. Guimaraes says:

        All true scientific analyzes, all observed facts of global significance, all analyzes of previous cycles (including the CO2 cycle during glaciations), all of them say that the world is cooling now.
        The only place where global cooling is not happening is in the imagination of the creators of the “models”, they could at least have invented a lie with some resemblance to reality.
        Thank you Robert, for this precious web-site. It’s becoming more and more important with each passing year!

      • Italics Mine says:

        Because there’s more gold in make-believe.

    • Joseph dance says:

      To much ice is not good it looks.In the 1970s and 90s at the Hudson Bay and Beaufort Sea, seals suffered under the extensive ice and the population fell dramatically.http://www.nipccreport.org/articles/2012/may/15may2012a4.html

    • Theo says:

      Hey sorry Jack but Hydrazine almost sound like a tablet for memory lost??

    • Squildly says:

      “They concluded that a significant decrease in sea ice is probable later this century…”

      Yeah, “probable later this century“, sure, sure, and the Mayan’s predicted the end of the world on 12/21/2012 too … give me an F’ing break. Anyone really take these jackalopes seriously anymore?

      I like how all of their predictions are just out just far enough so they have no accountability.

  2. Robert the Philippino says:

    He is being very nice by saying it’s only the Little Ice Age while all the charts are suggesting a full blown Ice Age!

  3. John McC says:

    Here in the north of Ireland we have had a run of cool summers and higher than normal rainfall. However, Belfast has experienced no snow at all since the bitterly cold December of 2010, even though it lies at almost 55 degrees north latitude. There has been a trend towards some fine weather in March/April to be followed by what can only be described as a summer monsoon.

  4. Juergen says:

    Yes, Ireland was effected a lot this year. It was too cold and too wet and the sky was most of the time covered with clouds even in dry times.

    The lawn mower was used less than normal.

    The birds, mainly crows, were fighting over food a lot. It looked often like another Hitchcock movie.

    The cherry tree was effected by frost damage and by the crows that picked even on the green cherries and ripped them off the tree. I found only one(!) cherry that survived everything.
    I also noticed that the number of birds covering trees before flying south was noticeable lower.

    I was heating the house for a day or two even in June this year.

    The winter of 2009/10 and 2010/11 killed all the palm trees in the back gardens of my neighborhood.

    It looks like that the climate in Ireland is changing but not for a subtropic one.
    We hadn’t a strong winter last year, as we were lucky that a warm front over Ireland held the cold front from the east back. Even this year we’ve seen the same picture already, but the winter has just started.

    Happy New Year!

    • John McC says:

      In 2010 we had the coldest December in Ireland for over 100 years. I remember being astonished at recording a temperature that was lower than that recorded at Alert in the high Arctic on the same day! In my lifetime only January, 1963, was colder. Yes, most palms were killed by frost that month. Only those growing adjacent to the coast
      managed to survive. There is a little book called ‘Ice Age Ireland’ which covers the severe winter of 1739-40. The human suffering caused by such conditions was staggering and a warning to all should such winters return in a new ‘Little Ice Age.’

  5. Theo says:

    Fantastic and thank you for this video!!

  6. AndrewS says:

    The last few recent U.S. snowstorm tracks dumping copious amounts of snow as far south as Kansas, Arkansas, and even the northern edges of the gulf states Louisiana and Mississippi, are direct evidence of the jet-stream shift to a more southerly latitude. If this holds for the next few years, we’ll know that Piers is correct in his analysis. http://www.weatheraction.com
    I suspect he is correct. Stay warm and be prepared!

    New cold front pushing south is forecast in the next couple days.

  7. alex says:

    Happy new ice age !!!

  8. annonymouse says:

    Robert, Thank you for this enlightening article. Piers Corbyn always has important words to say.

  9. John the 1st says:

    Well there it is.
    Happy new year to all of you.

  10. JUSTIN says:

    Here in Britain i was expecting a nice cold winter. So far warm and very wet, i forget what snow looks and feels like!!!!. Last winter was very mild but dry. And in the south of England 2010 It was only cold and snowy for December and that was it. I really love the cold and snow, but it seems here in England our winters are just the same as normal… Wet Mild and Windy. I really want our Winters to get nice and cold. But just seems to be going the opposite! In America send some snow our way please…

  11. SNOW says:

    Add dr roy spencers satellite to the rss from 1998 to the present and you see there is no trend yet,its more flat than anything.The arctic temp is up in the winter due to stronger winds according to the bond event guy,what ever his name is? I wish he would comment more on iceagenow.

  12. Theo says:

    Hey Justin

    Have patience!!! It wil come your way and tons of it…

  13. Charles says:

    Here in northern Virginia, we had a very cold winter in 2010 with record snows followed by a mild winter in 2011. Apparently, the jetstream that dipped south into Europe last year and dropped lots of winter — pulled up and left much of north america free of winter last year. This winter so far has been almost snow free in northern virginia but points north have been getting snow.

  14. jbird says:

    Things seemed excessively warm in Yucatan this past week – up to 90 degrees in the jungle at Chitzen Itza and, on the coast, ocean temperatures up to 80 degrees. It was hard to leave and return to nighttime temperatures here on Colorado’s eastern slope in the 20s. At least the sun is out, and temps are nice during the day.

    I think a climate shift to ice-age conditions is probably more about a change in the temperature gradient between the poles and the equator, not so much about a global temperature decline. During colder conditions in the northern hemisphere, the gradient becomes steeper, and is more noticeable in subtropical and tropical areas than in the higher latitudes.

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