Beijing on blue alert for blizzard

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Northern China has been hit by blizzards for weeks. Nothing about this in the MSM.

Heavy snowfall began hitting Beijing during the evening of Dec. 13.

The heavy snow blocked traffic on Friday morning due to low visibility and slippery roads.

The capital has issued a blue alert for blizzard.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands for this link

5 thoughts on “Beijing on blue alert for blizzard”

  1. the only story on aus media is samoan hurricane..and repeat bleats re trees/food crops destroyed.
    yeah..normal scenario and tropicals regrow fast!
    countdown to some dork saying carbon done it…

  2. It will be interesting to see if they follow the pro-warmists or not. If they check the facts and compare it to the IPCC models they will realize that this world’s climate has its own agenda. Wait! That’s going against the mainstream and therefore anything that comes out of MSM will always say, somewhere that AGW is to blame.

  3. MESSAGE FROM MSM: News that does not agree with human caused global warming (AGW) will not be announced until Agenda 21 is fully implemented.

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