Blizzard rolls across southern Sweden

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“Unless you absolutely have to go out, you should stay at home and if you really must go out then you should count on longer journeys than normal,” said Therese Fougman, a meteorologist at SMHI.

Swedish meteorology agency SMHI has issued a class 2 warning for the Skåne region in the south of Sweden, advising residents to stay indoors as harsh winds combined with heavy snowfall make for perilous conditions.

The Skåne blizzad is expected to bring up to two decimetres (20 cm, or 8 inches) of snow before tapering off during the early hours of Monday.

SMHI also issued a class 1 warning – meaning weather conditions that can involve some risks and disruptions – for Halland and Blekinge counties, two other southern regions where snowfall, windy weather and between five and 15 centimetres of snow were expected on Sunday.

Trains between the towns of Helsingborg and Ängelholm were cancelled because of the blizzard.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands for this link

3 thoughts on “Blizzard rolls across southern Sweden”

  1. Put them in a snow clearing chain gang.

    I knew last week that Europe was going to get blasted now but I didnt see the monster thats coming to Sweden at the weekend with high winds guess I´d better supplies in.

  2. As we now enter the ice age, the time has come to arrest these arrogant UN climate agenda people and sentence them to 98 years hard labor on a chain gang. Every one of them needs severe prosecution for the treason, conspiracy and lies they have committed.

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