Blizzards continue sweeping through North China

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Inner Mongolia has been among the worst-hit areas, where heavy snow has blocked more than 1242 miles (2000 km) of roads, threatening the livelihood of local herdsmen.

Chao Xing, Instructor of Yihegaolesumu Border Police Station, said, “As soon as winter comes, the snow gets heavier and the roads get blocked. This brings a lot of inconvenience to local herdsmen, so we go to the spot as soon as we get a call.”

This part of the road is now covered with snow, but the police just cleared it three days ago.

Narenmenghe, Deputy Director of Abagaqi Transportation Bureau, said, “Our two trucks are just NOT enough. There are over 620 kilometers. We’ ll have to work for a whole week to cover it all”.

Truck driver Ma Jiangbo hasn’t gone home for five days.

These local herdsmen have driven an extra 200 kilometers to bypass the snow. Now following the snow remover, they couldn’t wait to get home.

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  1. the mongrels taking money for warmist shite..could do well to help the poor folks freezing and starving animals in need, but no- theyd rather spin warmist lies! and say people in warm well watered islands need it more.
    gives me the irrits bigtime.

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