Britain – Snow Continues As Mercury Plunges

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Forecasters warn of more snow after temperatures plunged as low as -6C  in many parts of the country, from central Scotland through to Cumbria and Buckinghamshire.

Sky News weather producer Jo Wheeler said there would be “significant snowfall” (15cm) in the Scottish mountains and the Pennines later.

She said: “There is also the possibility of seeing between 1cm and 3cm of rain, even at lower levels for parts of the East and North East.”

Edinburgh, the Pennines, the Peak District, County Durham, Yorkshire, Norfolk and East Anglia are all expected to be affected.

The Met Office believes the freezing temperatures will last into next week, possibly followed by more snow.

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27 thoughts on “Britain – Snow Continues As Mercury Plunges”

  1. I’m from India and that to from southern part of the country, where we have generally 30 degrees here when its winter time in the west. Right now, Its freezing cold and below 11 Degrees. I know not much for you guys, but i have never ever in my life experienced that much cold plus wind blowing and raining.

    In India people are very poor and not much protection like heater, clothes from cold. If mercury goes below 5 and stays there for even a week, expect more than 100 million souls to just die of cold and hunger.

    Ice Age will wipe out the entire community in warmer parts of the world as we are not used to cold here. I think people in Siberia will be the ones left, while the rest perishes off without knowing how to hunt, survive in the ice age.

  2. Oh and one more thing, even during a mild winter, Scotland and northern england get at least a couple of snowfalls, even if they only last a day or two.
    Currently 90% of england is snow free and quite mild too!

    1. I mentioned this earlier, but here in south east Texas I’m so frustrated by the way the weather’s been acting. I really want this global warming bunk to be nonsense, but for some time now we’ve mostly had record highs and like I’ve stated in the past, I’ve been keeping an ongoing record of temperatures for over 40 years now. I honestly can’t remember any record lows for the last decade or so and they just don’t seem to occur anymore around here. Today the weather is still ridiculously hot and we’ve had record highs for the last couple of days. Honestly, it’s so hot that I don’t even want to do any outside work around the house. But I also want to think that we are close to entering a cooler period in time and do hope that this will occur sooner than later.

  3. This is extremely normal and not news at all.
    Whilst i believe that we are likely to enter a cooler period in our climate (already kind of entered it) i don’t think cherry picked news reports of ‘normal’ weather made to sound abnormal are the way forward because the people on the other side of the fence (the warmists) will just accuse the ‘coolists’ of trying to find news to support their ‘agenda’.
    Im sure that in the next few years people will see the truth about the cooling taking place, but until then news reports like this should just be forgotten.

    1. Exactly my point Jim. The weather here in Sheffield right now is not even particularly cold for the time of year and papers such as the Daily Express and Daily Mail tend to produce sensationalist weather headlines on a yearly basis. They should not be used as a basis of support for cooling as this just undermines the cooling argument.

  4. Who says it is always cold during any ice age -“little” or otherwise.

    I’m certain latitudes up or down to about 35 degrees will always be habitable.

    As Robert always says the available agricultural land will be the major problem.

    We should be designing indoor agricultural techniques ready for deployment – this could function in either cold or hot conditions.

    Instead – like fools – we are investigating controlling the weather under the influence of foolish statements like that made by James Hansen when he said Obama has only four years to fix the climate.

    I guess that failed but he has another four.

  5. Last night around 11.30 the bbc said the snow in south west scotland had turned to rain, it hadn’t. Trust their forecasts when they can’t get the present right?

    1. I agree, about lunch time today in Kilsyth we had tiny water crystals falling for 30 minutes, not a drop of wet rain and temps weere never above zero. Snow is still on ground and slush is now solid crusty ice.

  6. I mentioned this on Piers Corbyn Weather Action site, there is a skiing club in Scotland and for the past 40 months they have been skiing every day, now you have to go deep into the Mountains to find the snow, but it must prove the Sun is starting to Hibernate. Cairngorm ski centre opened on the 1st of December on time for start of season.

  7. I believe Met-Office predicted a mild and wet winter for UK back a few months ago. There was no melting of snow today in Kilsyth, roads turned to slush due to traffic but now its dark temps are down to minus 5c so slush is now lumpy ice. Sean Battie of stv weather has given minus 7c for scotland tonight with a mix of rain and snow. Just a reminder for all, Met- Office forecasted summer to be a barbecue one, not here in Scotland did we see it, one week in spring i think was nice, then wind, rain, hail, wind , rain, hail

  8. I know that the Met Office does a “long range forecast” for each winter, I believe sometime in September or October. Does anyone know what their forecast was this year?

    1. Met Office says: 1. It is impossible to accurately forecast weather more than 5 days ahead. 2. The UK is in for a very cold winter, starting in December. My favourite forecaster (because he’s the only one I’ve found to be reliable long term and long range) is Piers Corbyn of He says if the Met Office are saying December will be very cold, their track record suggests we should expect the opposite! See Weather Action for discussions on this.

    2. As a whole, the Met Office are suggesting a somewhat milder winter than normal in the UK but with a number of cold spells, such as around 25-31 December.

  9. I am an avid follower of this site and a strong advocate of natural cycles being the driving force of climate rather than AGW and recognise that there has been a distinct change towards colder winters since 2007 in Britain. However, articles such as this one point only to typical British weather at this time of year and add nothing to the debate about climate.

    Just as the AGW people only ever highlight the evidence and articles that point towards man made global warming, this site only seems to highlight the evidence that points towards cooler conditions. Given that the overall trend of evidence is pointing towards cooler conditions, it would be better for the site to provide articles about ‘heat’ without the constant stream of negative comments that are always associated with these articles when they are printed. After all, there are places where record temperatures and warm winters are being recorded, just as there are places where record cold is being recorded.

    Whilst I am a huge supporter of this site, articles such as this do not help with credibility as the conditions here in the UK are not unusually cold.

    1. Well said Steve! Much as I support Robert’s work, it would be nice to have actual weather reports (rather than forecasts and hyped newspaper articles) on one site so we can know what’s going on and make our own minds up. But I guess Robert and others feel they have to actively counter the propaganda of the global warming lot. It’s a pity our climate has become so contentious.

      1. The bottom line is: this site is saying that we’re about to enter a new Ice Age, it’s not only that the “warmists are wrong” it’s presenting an entire set of evidence that point in this (ice age) direction.
        To “debate” the pros and cons of GW and AGW ideas there are other sites, which don’t really take a position like, e.g., WUWT. Even “real-science” of Steven Goddard has a point of view that “nothing new” is happening now and the hype about GW now is just the “other side of the coin” of the “hype about ice age” of the 1970’s, but essentially the same coin.
        As far as I can understand, Robert is not saying this here, he is clearly advocating that we’re witnessing the end of the present Interglacial and it may take a little longer or less but it will not take many 1,000s of years for another ice age to manifest.
        Other people are connecting the dots in a similar way as Robert does, as “Weather” in the following thread


        In addition Robert is giving us here lots and lots of evidence that show that all these analyzes are not merely theoretical, but have plenty of facts to corroborate them and the evidence is increasing year after year.
        IMHO, it takes a lot of courage to go against the MSM and political agenda everywhere like Robert and others are doing and for me it’s a relief to come to a place where, at last, the truth is being publicized even if the majority of people (in the world) is not yet hearing it or prepared to handle it.

  10. We had -8C (17F) at 8.00 AM a couple of mornings ago! But then we do live in a frost pocket in an otherwise mild part of the UK.

    December in the UK will probably be very mixed – some parts very mild, other parts arctic. But which parts will be mild and which arctic? The best guide I’ve found: Piers Corbyn and his Solar/Lunar Action technique (which uses natural cycles, combats the Global Warming myth, and confirms we are in a Little Ice Age) is probably the most accurate long range forecaster. He’s constantly improving his method and thus his accuracy – still only claims 75% accuracy but these are long range forecasts and he’s usually more accurate than that nowadays because of his latest improvements. And 75%+ is still way better than anyone else can manage so far ahead –

    And for those needing to drive on cold winter roads – where the cold severely impairs the wet grip of summer tyres, let alone in snow, ice and hail – read the reviews and get 4 winter tyres. You still have to drive sensibly, but they should keep you going and ensure your safe arrival. If everyone fitted winter tyres the roads would be both safer and less clogged by the stuck and the crashed.

    Stay warm! And safe. Nick

  11. We had a couple of hard frosts down to -4ºC over the week end, but it’s + 10 and raining this morning in Southern England. Lets not forget that Scotland is the Northern part of Britain. The whole of the UK is not exactly snowed in……. yet.

  12. Funny, they reckoned it would warm up after this, it now looks like more snow is due mid-week sometime.

  13. Hi Robert and fellow Natural Cycle Believers.
    As of 2145hrs it started snowing quite heavy in town of Kilsyth in Scotland, in 30 minutes almost 10mm.
    For past 4 days we have averaged minus 5c so snow is lying on roads as well, if temps dont pick up through night it will be dangerous going to work in morning. God and Mother Nature will son let us
    humans know the limit of our strenghs. Ice Ages are a Natural Cycle.

    1. I agree humans will be tested by God and natural forces and not everyone is going to pass the test.

      1. I agree too, this is very serious and the changes will happen pretty fast, I believe in more 3-4 years will be living is different climate already.
        Will the lies have stopped by then?

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