Chile and Argentina Issue Alert over Copahue Eruption

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“They might get a white xmas … ash not snow,” says reader Laurel.

The governments of Chile and Argentina have issued volcanic activity alerts in areas close to the Copahue volcano, which started spewing ash on Saturday morning, local media said. Copahue volcano lies in Argentina, but is on the border with Chile.

Although Copahue volcano is in constant activity,  residents became alarmed when it began spewing massive plumes of ash and smoke to the height of up to 1,500 meters (almost a mile).

The two governments issued an orange volcano alert typically assigned to volcanoes with increased likelihood of eruption.

“Australian news just reported it’s now a RED alert,” says Laurel.

Though no evacuation was ordered, many locals have already left their homes as a precaution.

Increased seismic activity was also registered in the area.

Though Copahue last erupted in 2000, its activity intensified in summer.


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  1. Hi folks. Does anybody know what the Pacific NW was like during the 1,000AD warming period?

    And by the PNW I mean SW Canada/Washington/Oregon and parts of Northern California as well possibly.

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