Dozens die in Poland “cold snap”

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More than 60 people have died of the cold weather in Poland since October, say police.
Another 41 have been killed by carbon monoxide inhalation from coal or other ways of heating their homes since temperatures started falling.

The Interior Ministry said the death toll from sub-freezing temperatures that set in in December was 49 people so far, compared to 19 in the whole of December last year. Another 15 people died of cold in October and five in November.

In most cases the victims are homeless people, or people under the influence of alcohol that fell asleep outside.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Not a word about this on Dutch television,” says Argiris.

6 thoughts on “Dozens die in Poland “cold snap””

  1. Steave, the newspapers know this. They just don’t publish it. We have two major news programs on Dutch television. One is the commercial RTL News: the day before Christmas they had a short story about homeless people dying in Ukraine, low temps in Russia and then massive flooding in Britain. They mentioned the cold in eastern Europe now for the first time this winter. The other major TV news is the public broadcast (like in Britain the BBC): they had only the story of flooding in the UK, not one word about what is going on in eastern Europe.

  2. I’m curious why Dutch TV doesn’t have a word about this news. Are they biased against eastern Europe?

    1. They’re biased against the cooling climate, which is getting stronger year after year, despite their bias.

  3. “In most cases the victims are homeless people, or people under the influence of alcohol that fell asleep outside.”

    A lot of these countries don’t have the infrastructure, like homeless shelters, to allow people to get inside and get warm.

    That storm that went through the US this week knocked out power to thousands in Quebec and, Ontario

    More than 26,000 people in eastern Ontario and western Quebec are without power after a winter storm dropped more than 20 centimetres of snow on the region Friday.

  4. I am Polish winter in Poland is no joke. My mom said when she was little when Poland was part of USSR that it would be so cold her mom would have to bundle up her entire face with a scarf so that only her eyes were not govered -this was the only way people could go outside.

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