Dozens die in Ukraine “cold snap”

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At least 83 people have died in Ukraine from a cold spell that has been gripping the country, officials say.

Temperatures as low as -23C (-9F) and heavy snowfall this month have left the capital Kiev and most of the country under a thick frozen layer.

The severe weather is also affecting neighboring Bulgaria and Romania, where six people have reportedly died.

Meteorologists warn that temperatures may drop even further.

Nearly 100 towns and villages across the country remain without electricity, and Army units have been deployed to help clear the snow on major motorways.

Last winter, more than 100 people died from the cold in Ukraine.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Not a word about this on Dutch television,” says Argiris.

6 thoughts on “Dozens die in Ukraine “cold snap””

  1. Try keep a count on the number of deaths for Europe and Asia and so far that winter the number is up to! 199. We still have months of January and February and possibly March.

  2. Cold is a snap. warm is the end on the world. Too crazy for me. All storms have names now. And they are super storm!

  3. Here in the lower 48 some places will have there top 5 warmest decembers on record,but up in alaska and NW canada its been cold for even there standards.The lower 48 is getting colder and stormier so dont give up on winter just yet.

  4. Judging by what I at least am seeing this global warming we are having is killing large numbers of people in the NH by freezing them. It seems to me that much of the temperate zones are covered in snow apart from the UK where it has rained almost continuously since a drought was declared in the spring. The depths of winter are still six weeks away so it could get much worse.

  5. This is what Sharp says about it on
    “The winter conditions in the NH breaking records with the press doing their best to dampen it down.”
    He is right, nothing about this item in the Dutch MSM.

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