Heavy snow across Europe – More on the way

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Severe weather warnings issued in 20 counties as traffic grinds to a halt on several major roads.

Wintry weather has caused disruption across parts of Western Europe. Several cities have been affected, with Amsterdam amongst the worst affected.

Dozens of flights into Paris, Munich, Geneva and Stockholm were cancelled on Friday.

Roads near the city of Mainz in Germany were in near complete white-out conditions on Friday afternoon. According to the German Meteorological Service, a further 10 to 15cm of snow is expected. Temperatures could dip as low as minus 16C in the north and east over the next few nights.

Meanwhile, heavy snow also caused problems across a large swathe of eastern France on Friday with up to 10cm being recorded here.

Further east, a new round of heavy snow hit St Petersburg, Russia, and neighboring areas early Friday and looks set to continue right through the weekend.  In Pskov Oblast, 12,000 lost power due to the heavy snow.

More major snowfalls are expected further south over the next few days, with the heaviest snow likely across the Balkans into southeastern Europe,

As much 39 inches (100cm) of snow is forecast over parts of the Dinaric Alps, across the Great Hungarian Plain to Carpathian Mountains by the end of the weekend.


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  1. We all know that according to the climate fascists, Co2 a trace chemical causes the warming, which causes the snow and ice, which in return, obviously reinforces the warming…..you know the settled science of weather, with Dec 10th 2012 the warmest ever Dec 10th in 4.6 billion years; or since the eco-fascists invented their data models [pick one].

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