Heavy Snowfall Warning Issued in Korea

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The snow began accumulating with such speed in Seoul on Wednesday morning  that it forced the Korea Meteorological Administration to issue a heavy snow advisory for the region.

Two thousand traffic police officers have been mobilized around the city to keep traffic moving during the evening rush hour.

The Seoul city also began an all-out snow removal operation and over six thousand workers have been spraying salt on the streets since the afternoon.

Elsewhere in the nation, the northeastern Gangwon Province can expect to see 15 centimeters when all is said and done and Jeju Island will continue to see snowfall until Thursday afternoon.


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands for this link

2 thoughts on “Heavy Snowfall Warning Issued in Korea”

  1. so if this is closer to tropical sth..then how are the poor folks in the nth korean areas doing? with a lot less heat light and food availabe at the best of times.

  2. The snow here in Korea is beautiful! From what I have gleamed from the locals, the last ten years or so have seen little snow during the winter.
    It was predicted for all day snow, but just a brief shower this morning.
    The streets and sidewalks are ice covered and slippery.
    On the bright side the children are loving it. lol

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