Huge Snowstorm to traverse the United States

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Chicago could end up being buried by snow if the storm tracks through central Illinois, a path that cannot be ruled out, says

Beginning today, the snow will spread from the Sierra to the southern Rockies, reaching Denver Wednesday. Snow will also streak eastward to the central Plains, potentially dropping as far south as the northern Texas panhandle.

Blizzard conditions are possible across eastern Colorado and western portions of Kansas and Nebraska on Wednesday, moving into Northeastern Kansas to Iowa by Wednesday night with the harshest conditions spreading from Iowa to Wisconsin on Thursday.

Snow amounts will steadily increase northeastward from Kansas and eastern Nebraska to Michigan with the highest amounts likely to be in the 6-to-12 inch range.

Winds on the storm’s backside could fuel severe weather across the South Wednesday night into Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Huge Snowstorm to traverse the United States”

  1. According to Joe Bastardi’s recent “tweet” “GFS has snow in Houston on Dec 26”. Snow in Houston, Texas is a big deal.

  2. I wonder what January and February will serve this haunted western world of global warming delusions. I laugh out loud against the Greenies!

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